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  1. Rootshallbloke

    The Brennan B2

    I'm thinking of investing in a Brennan B2 and moving our entire CD collection onto it. http://www.brennan.co.uk/ The starting model is around £380 and whilst that isn't mega money it's enough to make me ask if there is anyone on the Zone that has got, or used, one. Alternatively, does anyone...
  2. Working mothers.

    Much like the old man thread what did/does your mother do for a living? My old dear was Spanish and she spoke English like a french cow and worked as a machinist on canvey and then worked at matchbox in Rochford
  3. yogi bear up the cagire

    Lion killer

    This deserves to go viral, as it certainly will. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3177303/PICTURED-American-dentist-passion-hunting-killed-Cecil-Lion-bow-arrow-Zimbabwe.html His FB page...........for as long as that will stay open...
  4. South Bank Hank

    James Bond (Spectre Soundtrack)

    I've mentioned on here a couple of times that I've been trying to tempt Pinewood with a couple of tracks for the Spectre theme tune. I'm not in the music business and I don't have many contacts but I wrote and produced both tracks and did ultimately manage to get the first one (00 Inside) in...
  5. Battle of the 1990s British Albums

    After the Blur/Oasis tussle, anyone fancy a new one as is stoked a lot of discussion. So, any album by a British artist released between 1/1/90 to 31/12/99..... I'll start off with.... Urban Hymns - The Verve.
  6. Cricko


    Why do we have it shoved in our face every minute of the day on all media platforms. The news etc keep on pushing it as page one news everyday, or is it just mostly propaganda to keep the masses under control. The words always used about people who do not conform are separatist, radical, A...
  7. Mad Cyril

    Dentist recommendations for non NHS work.

    Can anyone recommend a dentist for implants? Due to complications from unnecessary work carried out in my childhood I need two new molars and they are not cheap.....

    I Think ist time for Referees to stop all the pulling and tugging going on in Games.

    I think its time for Referees stop turning a blind eye on the pulling and tugging that goes on in Football Matches know.The Laws of the game if you pull someone or tugging its a free kick.Most of this goes on in the penalty area on corners. Referees are not pulling players up for this.Rules...
  9. DoDTS

    Changes? YOU DECIDE

    While I am away (for No. 10, 11 and 12 Fixtures) a couple of proposed changes for the next session, it’s your Prediction League so I will abide by the majority decision. It makes no difference to me and very little extra work so let me have your views: A Division Three? We have now increased to...
  10. Rootshallbloke

    Top 10 guitar riffs

    Top 10 guitar riffs Title Artist Source: BBC Radio 2 Whole Lotta Love Led Zeppelin Sweet Child O'Mine Guns 'N' Roses Back in Black AC/DC Smoke On The Water Deep Purple Layla Derek and The Dominoes How Soon Is Now? The Smiths Down Down Status Quo Money For...
  11. Napster

    Finally starting a screenplay

    Finally decided to get on paper my idea for a screenplay. Written one scene already, now to get the characters names. Having some fun with this... Jason Rammell - the protagonist. Glasses, black hair, middle-aged, wiry, runs for fun. Lives alone. College professor Chris Tilson - his friend...
  12. RIP H.R. Geiger

    He who created the Alien and Aliens and no doubt some other stuff. http://www.theguardian.com/film/2014/may/13/hr-giger-dies-alien-artist
  13. londonblue

    Westboro Baptist Church's Fred Phelps Dead

    I don't think too many people will shed a tear. BBC
  14. Rootshallbloke

    You heard it here first, sort of!!

    I was at the doctors surgery today picking up a prescription and got talking to the receptionist. Not sure how the conversation got round to football but it turns out that her husband is RMs driver. The receptionist was adamant that according to her husband work on Fossetts Farm will start soon...
  15. Tangled up in Blue

    Doris Lessing dies

    http://www.echo-news.co.uk/news/national/10815074.Nobel_winning_author_Lessing_dies/ RIP to a great feminist and a wonderful author.
  16. F me, this took some balls.

    http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/nov/11/artist-nails-testicles-red-square-pyotr-pavlensky Ouchy.
  17. Napster

    New columnist for Echo

    Looks like it's Mark Phillips who volunteered for the role.
  18. Court artists

    They are generally terrible, but my god this takes the biscuit surely? Michael Scumbag who murdered Lee Rigby - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-22713349 They've drawn him like the golly (ooer racist) from the jam jars. Just awful!
  19. Evening Echo

    Southend United's Neil Harris takes a closer look at the club's Wembley bound squad

    SOUTHEND United striker and Echo columnist Neil Harris takes a light hearted look at the players who will be in action for the club at Wembley on Sunday. More...
  20. Davros


    Germany, 5th favourites at 12/1, great price, get on it, these odds will I imagine shorten once they choose their song (should they choose the artist I assume they will choose)