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  1. Leonard

    Just a quick one in regards to Leonard's recent contribution over the last month or so. I understand this is a player who is meant the backbone of the squad however today confirmed he really is not fit for league 1 level. he was shown up by a very average Yeovil team and to be honest I'm not...
  2. Needing help

    I am a Huddersfield Town fan and I collect autographs of former players that have played for us over the years. I've been trying to get every player that played for the team in the past 60 years. I literally need about 30 now and I am trying to fill in the gaps. I am after the autograph of the...
  3. Napster

    An international XI

    What's the best XI we can come up with who have literally played one game at Roots Hall, and lost? For starters: Shilton Mark Wright Gascoigne Rooney Lineker Ronaldo
  4. Tommy2holes

    Housing market

    Great if your a seller and awful if your a buyer. I'm getting married this month and looking to move out of our two bed rented flat into a 3 bed house. Can't afford to buy with most places like £250k+ and saving 25k is beyond us at the moment and rentals are just crazy. 3 bed houses in dumpy...
  5. Tommy2holes

    Roots Hall

    I was looking around the Hall on Saturday and it's not in good shape a all. A thought crossed my mind that regardless of the new stadium the old girl probably is coming to the end of her life. Realistically how long before its an unmanageable situation? It's quite literally crumbling. I'd say...
  6. Heavy Handed Stewarding

    Not that I'm overly bothered but did anyone else see the heavy handed steward literally body slam a Gills fan back into the North Stand after they encroached the pitch after their equaliser?
  7. RHB

    If you want to save a few quid (literally)

    I was walking down the high street past Bargain Buys on the corner of Cliff Town Road yesterday. In their window they had large boxes of Finish PowerBall dishwasher tablets, 110 tablets for £8 (Tesco currently charge £8 for 38). That is a pretty hefty saving compared with mainstream Super...
  8. Luton fans

    Was there any trouble?
  9. Worst people in the world

    It's these lot, isn't it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPnnxc1Dfm0 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muggle_quidditch I can get my head around them taking a ball game from a fantasy book/film series and playing it in real life, but what is with the broom stick? Why add an element of 'i'm...
  10. Removing a fridge

    All, I need to remove a fridge from a very narrow gap - in fact the old fridge was "kicked" into place as the dumbass plasterer boarded the wall when I told him not to. There is literally NO space between wall and fridge. Now I've been told I can't chop it in half with a chainsaw - has anyone...
  11. Fantasy Premier League

    Hi all, Normally I auto-renew the fantasy.premierleague.com ShrimperZone league. However, last season I think the code must have been found by a website outside of our control and hundreds of people joined. Even after spending literally hours deleting people I still wasn't sure that the league...
  12. DTS

    Question Euro Disney

    Hi All Planning on taking family this November to Euro Disney. Everyone I have spoken to literally says its a total rip off. Anyone got any tips on what has worked well for you? Cheers DtS
  13. DTS

    Question Best Loanee Defender this season

    If Phil Brown was given the budget to sign just one and assuming all three were up for grabs who would you have? I have literally loved all three of these lads. Makes me think had we had two from three of them all season we might well have gone up. I think Egan just edges the other two but...
  14. Tommy2holes

    Will blues make the play-offs

    With Plymouth gaining rapidly and blues quite literally in self destruct will we even make the play-offs?
  15. Football transfer to change?

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/25418135 Legal challenge has been made to end transfer fees. This means that contracts will literally be worthless and in theory and player can say "I'm off now", pay up his contract (or have his future club do that) and leave. I'm failing to see the point...
  16. pickledseal

    Baby Taken 'From Womb' by Essex Social Services

    Just prepping part of a lesson this story and wondered if anyone else had come across it.... Essex social services have obtained a court order against a woman that allowed her to be forcibly sedated and for her child to be taken from her womb by caesarean section. Sounds totally mental...
  17. How to spend $100,000

    A 33-year-old man has spent five years and $100,000 in an effort to look like his hero - teenage pop idol Justin Bieber Toby Sheldon is a songwriter from Los Angeles who has used Bieber's youthful features as the inspiration for numerous surgeries, including face fillers, a chin reduction and...
  18. southend4ever

    Advice Please

    I view a house. I like it. The landlord is lovely. Another couple view the house. They like it. The rent is organised through a management agency/company. Both couples go to the office to sign the contracts. The landlord decides who gets the contract. Landlord chooses me. Great. Rent for 1...
  19. DTS

    What a difference a Plymouth at home makes.

    Last seasons visit of Plymouth was probably the worst point of the season for me (I did miss AFC Wimbledon at home to be fair) and for me was the straw that broke the camels back. The side that night put in one of the most spineless displays I have ever seen. We were literally out fought in...
  20. Mystery Shopping

    Anyone do it? I signed up to one the other week and I'm pretty impressed. Had a few free meals, and a few free bets so far. For those who don't know what's involved, you basically get set a scenario which involves purchasing an item. For example, I picked up a task in Holborn today of going to...