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mark gower

  1. Paul Brush

    seeing the improved "condition" of Mark Gower at Swansea (i.e. seriously fit) and given the lack of inspiration (more long balls from SUFC) and increasing number of on pitch fiascos (short corners, set pieces) do you think Brushy needs to brush up on his coaching methods ..... lets not brush...
  2. hindle_666

    teams of your era!

    This has proberly been done before however i havent seen it for a while. Since you have been supporting the blues what has been your favourite and worst players. With myself being a 2nd generation shrimper i have seen many good players and many bad ones. However my old man always seems to...

    Breaking News Rons Latest Blog

    It appears the graphics didn't copy over, sorry !!! Chairman's Blog Firstly let me apologise to all those readers who were anticipating my blog yesterday. It is important that the Club do things when they say they are going to and I am sorry I could not deliver yesterday but was reliant upon...
  4. Yorkshire Blue

    Standing at the cross-roads - read this Ron Martin!

    I think the club is currently at a cross roads. We can either spend money and try and buy our way out of possible trouble with expensive short term solutions, or we can struggle on with what we've got, topped up by loan signings and the occasional more expensive signing when the right player...
  5. TrueBlue

    Question The Yeovil Game

    Do you not think that the Yeovil game was a prime example of a game that a player like Mark Gower would have thrived and 'ran the show' so to speak. The game was crying out for a long range screamer or some pace on the wing! So the question is are we lacking a flair player?
  6. Silencer

    Contracts Expiring

    ...Does anyone know how many of our players are out of contract in the Summer? I know that Peter Clarke and Richie Foran both are. Just wondering as I would'nt like to see Tilly and Ron leave it too late and lose any potential first teamers because they are nearing the end of their...
  7. Ricey

    Pre-Match Thread Ricey's Report: Huddersfield Town (H) 13/12/08

    6 Points None The Richer. Saturday's game against Huddersfield town is a definate 6 pointer for the Shrimpers. They are directly below us and if Huddersfield win they go above us, this is something we don't want to happen and why this game is of great improtance to us. I think a major issue...
  8. Magnum PI

    Ex-Shrimpers League Goalscorers Table: # Week 9

    Nicky Bailey scored and then stretchered off... Karma? Charlie MacDonald edges nearer the title with a goal for Brentford Jamie Forrester hits another for Notts County First goals of the season for Barry Conlon, Jamal Campbell-Ryce, and very pleased to see Matt Harrold get off the mark for...
  9. Crabby Shrimper

    When times were worse

    Ok, things aren't going brilliantly at the moment, but lets remember where we came from. I've been tidying some boxes this week, and stumbled across a copy of the Swansea Evening Post, dated Saturday December 13th 2003 (apologies, but this is obviously written from the perspective of a Swans...
  10. Creating a problem

    When we lost Mark Gower in the summer I knew we would struggle to score goals this year. A couple of years ago Gower and Maher created a huge amount of goals to help us to succesive promotions plus Eastwood and Wayne Gray were able to create goals for themselves with their pace and skill...
  11. ldnfatso


    I can formally announce that Mark Gower is my friend on Facebook!:D
  12. Ricey

    Transfers So Far!

    Brighton and Hove Albion INS: Kane Louis (Youth), Andrew Pearson (Youth), Dan Royce (Youth), Kane Wills (Youth), Colin Hawkins (Coventry), Kevin McLeod (Colchester), Adam Virgo (Celtic), David Livermore (Hull), Matt Richards (Ipswich, Loan), Kerry Mayo (Unattached), Gary Hart (Unattached)...
  13. Barrett's Banter

    http://www.echo-news.co.uk/theblues/3576771.Barrett_s_banter/ Barrett's banter THE new campaign starts on Saturday and we can’t wait to get out there. Pre-season seems to have gone on forever and at last we’re onto the real stuff as we take on Peterborough at Roots Hall. The...
  14. Sky's prediction

    Sky Sports have made the following prediction as to how the season will finish and made some comments: 1 Leicester 2 Leeds 3 Scunthorpe 4 Southend 5 Huddersfield 6 Oldham 7 Peterborough 8 Colchester 9 Carlisle 10 MK Dons 11 Tranmere 12 Bristol Rovers 13 Brighton 14 Northampton 15...
  15. Ayrshire Blue

    The Mark Gower Collection

  16. Ayrshire Blue

    Favourite Mark Gower goal

    With the G-man now departed to Swansea looking to further his career. I know Baileytheblue posted "Top 5 Mark Gower moments" but just wondered what everyones favourite Mark Gower goal was. He scored some belters in his time here. For me it has to be his goal against Bristol Rovers in the...
  17. Who will replace Gower?

    Ive not been on here for a few weeks now due to work ect and have not seen a post like this so i apologise if there is. Firstly good luck to Mark Gower on his move to Swansea, all thou i dont hide my dislike for him, he was a great player for us over the past seasons. But it now comes down...
  18. When you're feeling down about next season... .....

    No Darryl. No Mark Gower. Probabley no Nicky Bailey - Probabley no P.Clarke, probabley no Mulgrew..... blooody Revell stuck on the wage bill it can make the outlook seem a bit miserable ........... but I really cheer up a bit when I think of Barnard and Walker - How good are they ?
  19. Maldon Blues

    Who are we going to blame?

    Now Mark Gower has left, who are we going to blame for defeats/bad performances? I going for James walker.
  20. BaileytheQuitter

    Top 5 Mark Gower moments

    With the departure of our G-man, what moments/ goals stick in your mind...In no particular order- -Last minute goal vs Swindon this year to give us the 3 points! -His run from his own half against Brighton, before slotting the ball into the bottom right hand corner of the net. -An amazing...