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  1. Cricko

    Zone Update Members

    It has come to our notice over time and more prevalent now, that certain posters are only here to **** off the majority with their views and not just join in with daily banter and threads. I think we let most go, but when it comes to disruption of these forums we have to make a stand. Those...
  2. Devonshire at it again !

    Cannot fathom out why AD has never had the chance at league level,taking Braintree almost there was a minor miracle,now Maidenhead nicely placed in 7th after a solid start,wouldn't shock me if MU reach the PO.
  3. iFollow

    Pleased to report that the new iFollow live streaming (for internationally based fans) is working nicely for today's game . . . shame about the score so far!
  4. Shrimpergarry

    Glen Rea

    Someone said that Glen Rea was at the game on Saturday, I wonder if there is a chance of him rejoining us when the loan window re-opens? Obviously we're a defender down since Prosser left, and Rea gives the advantage of also being able to play in the DM role too and he obviously knows the club...
  5. Uncle Leo

    Best cover versions

    This tweet from a fellow Southend fan yesterday got me thinking... 582938081956929537 My answer was Lonnie Donegan's version of 'Rock Island Line' and also Blur's 'M.O.R.' which isn't officially a cover of Bowie's 'Boys Keep Swinging' but comes very close to the mark. Countless others though...
  6. ryansm05

    March: Make or Break?

    Four of our six games this month are away (Wimbledon, D&R, Burton and Bury) with tough games at home to Wycombe and an unpredictable Cambridge. If we can get through this period with 11/12 points and taking something at Burton, we could be set up nicely for April and the final game in May...
  7. Cricko

    Fixed Forum

    As we are only 100 days away from the Election and it is getting more use each day this forum is now a "Main Forum" rather than a sub forum. Please all play nicely. You can all get your points across without resorting to name calling.
  8. leeblue

    Browns replacement

    So as we have another brown out thread raging along nicely I thought i would ask, if not Brown then who? I have a few names off the top of my head I would plump for 1. Alan Devonshire, last season with Braintree was simply brilliant. 2. Justin Edinburgh 3. Martin Ling I am primarily thinking...
  9. gpd

    "Plastic sir?......That'll do nicely."

    So it was a draw.....34 chairmen voted for....34 Voted against....4 abstentions. I wonder how Ron voted...and what are our thoughts on playing on plastic? Would it make for a better game? Would we be better off because of a fewer postponements? Would there be more injuries to players - certainly...
  10. Cricko

    Zone Update Personal abuse and turning The Zone into a playground.

    This has to stop chaps and ladies.. The Zone is becoming farcical with all the childish abuse and tit for tat rubbish. We should all be free to debate issues and opinions etc without every thread turning into a pantomime and ruining these forums for the majority. The same few people are...
  11. Ref Watch ........ Northampton A

    With wins in competitive matches between Southend and Northampton tied at 43 apiece, we head to Sixfields for a fixture which has produced 21 goals in the last four outings (and we got 12 of them !!). The referee will be an official we have not seen for some while, in fact not since he called...
  12. Away at Northampton from a Cobblers perspective!

    Morning all! Not on here to cause any drama, hopefully just give a little insight into our team to make sure your a little more clued up for tomorrows game:thumbsup: First and foremost well done on your season so far, you (Phil Brown more so) has surprised me by making you a solid playoff...
  13. Evening Echo

    Southend United manager Phil Brown: West Ham and 3G have set us up nicely for Mansfie

    IT’S been a good week for us in terms of preparation for Saturday’s game at Mansfield Town and the players have benefitted from the excellent facilities they’ve been able to use. More...
  14. danburyshrimper

    Shaping up ...

    ...................................BENTLEY......................... WHITE.........PHILLIPS..............PROSSER.....COKER ATKINSON.......LAIRD.............TIMLIN.......STRAKER ................EASTWOOD..........CORR....................... SUBS: LEONARD,BARKER,PINNOCK,NJIE,SMITH,AUGER,TATHAM...
  15. Who Wants Our Club Dead?

    There is a concerted campaign going on to drive Ron Martin out of business and deny him the chance to build Martin's Mall at Fosset's Farm. So what? Martin has a reputation for making enemies and saying what people want to hear while doing things they'd rather he didn't. Not many people would...
  16. Ayrshire Blue

    Paint Wembley Blue Promo

    Some of you may or may not know I am working with the club on it's official 'Road to Wembley' DVD. I've come up with this trailer to help push the club's #PaintWembleyBlue Twitter hashtag. I hope you enjoy and it's sets you all up nicely for the big day...
  17. Razam

    Anyone good at writing Business Proposals *cough-begging letter-cough*??

    I know the likelyhood of anyof these taking over is very remote, but....
  18. Your seat and why...

    Had a quick troll through the archives to see if this had been covered before, and there doesn't seem to be anything from recent times...so a few questions about where your seat is is at RH. Your seat...where are you seated? Do you like your position and why? Would you change it? If/when we...
  19. southchurch

    The Accrington Fans

    Unlike a lot of shrimpers the Accrington board seems full of confidence:- ''hope I am not getting ahead of myself, but I can’t remember the last time I felt so positive heading into a new season. Things behind the scenes seemed to be more professional and organised than ever before. The team...
  20. OldBlueLady

    Player Sponsorship 2011/12 - Sean Clohessy

    Just want to say a massive thanks to Susannah at the Club, and Sean for a most enjoyable visit to B&L today. Also to the organisers of SZ's sponsorship of Sean for drawing my ticket out. All worked out very nicely, watched training (Prosser didn't take part so can only assume he's not going to...