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  1. At training.....Latest report.

    At training today....5th Sept. I was able to go and watch training today. They played an 8 v 8 with the youth goalies in goal. All the injured centre backs and Hendrie weren't there. Cox was almost back to his best, Smashing them in, I just hope he can bring that to the 1st team games...
  2. danburyshrimper

    Lessons to be learnt mr. Brown

    I went to Braintree v Lincoln last night & was so impressed with a few things that the Cowleys have set up at the Imps -- simple enough things that Phil Brown + his coaching team seem to be blatantly missing out on. First of all the intensity of the warm up . The difference between between...
  3. Harry Bullocks

    Question Best leg room in west stand!!!

    Hi Guys n' Gals Looking to buy a half season ticket for me and my son in the West..... being an old bas*ard, looking for a bit of leg room Can you advise where is good, view wise and noisy ( for Son) Many thanks Harry
  4. * ORM *

    Husband needed

    I apologise for the length of the post but I'm curious to see if anyone fits the bill. ​** This marriage advert is clear, legit & real. ** When the true fate brings someone special related to your soul, distance is not an issue with cars & airplanes. I am looking for a true nice...
  5. DoDTS

    Away game to forget

    Is there an away game which you wished you hadn't gone to, or one that you can't believe that you actually went to the bother of going to? For me I can't believe that I went to Burnley on 31st December 1994 in the Peter Taylor era and it was not a classic season, it had started with a 3-1...
  6. Massimo Giovanni

    Pre-Match Thread Southend United v Tranmere Rovers

    Another BIG home game for us and an equally important game for the visitors. There have been suggestions that Rovers will "park the bus" however they may recognise the need for 3 points. The pitch looks good, the weather is fine & we need a large and correctly noisy support. IMO the team picks...
  7. Mis-spent childhood?

    Feeding those 10p's into the noisy, bleeping world of 1980s arcade machines? Halycon days my friends :thumbsup: http://www.theguardian.com/technology/quiz/2014/oct/10/video-retro-games-arcade-classics-quiz 8/10
  8. Mad Cyril

    Bank pub recommendations

    Can anyone recommend a decent real ale pub near Bank station in London. Preferably one that is not too noisy.
  9. Jam_Man

    Airport Noise - Worst Spin ever

    I live by the airport and do hear the planes but have no issue at all with them. Good for the town. However read this. http://www.echo-news.co.uk/news/9795214.Claims_of_noisy_jets_at_Southend_Airport_are_rejected_by_council/?ref=mr Wtf? If people think the planes 20,000 feet up are loud...
  10. If You Was Captain!?

    If you won the toss at the start of game would you shoot towards the north bank in the second half? I know i would as thats where our noisy fans are based and it stops crewe shooting infront of there fans second half
  11. Jack The Flag

    The Blue Voice Atmosphere v Torquay

    TrueBlue asked me to write this and a video of today will be uploaded tomorrow. Today atmosphere, well what can you say! :happy: It was superb, we sang our hearts out for 90 minutes and it seems to have paid off. TrueBlue kept it going along with Smiffy fabulous drumming skills, One note ...
  12. Irish_Shrimper

    Interview with an Exile: Part 6 - A Century United

    This week, Tom (A Century United) from all the way up the top of Scotland answers the questions. Below is a picture of him amongst the starting 11 for the League 2 Playoff Final. The woman in white sitting on the number 1 forgot her boots that day, thus why Duncan Jupp got the nod. 1) How...
  13. DoDTS

    My Life as a Shrimper PREVIEW PART THREE

    MY LIFE AS A SHRIMPER PREVIEW PART THREE This is the third short review of the newly published Book “My life as a Shrimper” The story of my personal journey supporting Southend United. We had been relegated after six years in the second tier but if we thought life would be easy we were...
  14. Smiffy

    Singing Section - Donny Home & Away

    Just a little reminder... For the home and away leg, we will have a "Singing Section" this will be located in Block W and X of the West Stand (Home Leg) Unconfirmed for (Away Leg). So you noisy one’s that are scattered all around Roots Hall, now have the opportunity to congregate in one area...
  15. Smiffy

    The Blue Voice: Destination Championship

    This article will be in the Vale programme, so you guys have the pleasure (or not!) of reading exclusively first!... I have highlighted in RED the main points of interest. Apologies for the length. The lads have performed miracles in the second half of the season and have secured a...
  16. How cool are you ????

    1. Do you conceal the love of your life from everyone and simply dissappear on Saturdays ? 2. Do wait quietly during football conversations saying nothing until asked - before quietly dropping in the fact that you support the greatest team on earth ? 3. Do you share your passion with a few...
  17. Slipperduke

    'You'll Never Walk Alone'

    The parties went on long into the night. For the third time in four seasons, Liverpool were through to the final four of Europe's most prestigious competition. Rafa Benitez had asked and the Anfield faithful had provided. The old stadium was rocked on its foundations by the noisy supporters and...
  18. Slipperduke

    Avram Grant

    Avram Grant arrived here at White Hart Lane looking for the win that would set up an unexpected assault on the title, but when he left shortly before midnight, the only thing that had been assaulted was his own reputation. The Chelsea heirachy continue to insist that the Israeli coach is the man...
  19. Slipperduke

    Avram Grant

    Avram Grant arrived here at White Hart Lane looking for the win that would set up an unexpected assault on the title, but when he left shortly before midnight, the only thing that had been assaulted was his own reputation. The Chelsea heirachy continue to insist that the Israeli coach is the man...
  20. Vange Shrimper

    Thursday Pub Quiz Pt 5 (Bit late today!)

    Usual rules, usual person banned. Enjoy :) 1. Which Japanese word translates into English as "empty orchestra"? 2. Which phrase was first used in a novel by William Burroughs in 1962 and is now commonly used to describe a type of music? 3. Who first coined the words "madcap", "hobnob" and...