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  1. DoDTS

    No buses on new years day

    If anyone was thinking of getting the bus to Roots Hall for the Portsmouth match there are no "First" Buses quote: New Years Day Wednesday 1st January 2014 " No service I don't know about other operators. Trains seem to be running though. DoDtS
  2. 9 and 0

    Woody has now played 9 league games and scored zero,I can understand if he was a top money transfer but he is a loaned kid who IMO cannot cut it at this level at the moment!How can this club afford to have any striker who never troubles the scoreboard operators let alone an untried youngster who...
  3. Firestorm

    Play off income

    From the FL site http://www.football-league.co.uk/regulations/20110629/npower-football-league-play-off-rules_2293633_2358924 5.2 Income from television broadcasting of any match shall not form part of the proceeds of the match. Facility fees payable to Clubs shall be determined by the Board...
  4. southend4ever

    Poxy Tripadvisor!

    I've been searching for weeks on end for a holiday. The Mrs and I are after a relaxing beach holiday. She is a student and is on a tight budget. The exchange rate of the Euro is still bad. Therefore, we have gone down the route of All Inclusive holidays. I have been on these before and I am...
  5. Pak Power

    Cost cutting measures

    Ok, so let's assume we are in administration, and, in these serious times, Let's have your best (legal or Illegal) cost cutting measures just for fun! Please NOT getting rid of the Blue belles. But any other funny, serious or downright lucrative suggestions welcome. Some, any or none of the...
  6. Slipperduke

    FIFA Spank Chelsea

    When the Powers That Be come after the English clubs, they certainly don't mess about. Last week UEFA slapped Arsenal's Eduardo with what appeared to be an arbitary two-match ban for diving and last night FIFA weighed in, smashing Chelsea to the floor with an unprecedented two transfer window...
  7. Breaking News Ron's blog 03/03/09

    I feel there are more issues I would like to share with supporters in relation to football matters, which includes acknowledging the very capable backroom staff who get little credit for maintaining a well oiled operation. That topic will be on another agenda as many fans’ only point of contact...
  8. bluebrian

    Chelsea V Ipswich

    Chelsea have already printed details of the ticket allocation for thier possible match against Ipswich on their official site. I wonder if anyone at our club has had the sense to think about this yet. Obviosuly its not possible for Chelsea fans to buy them yet but at least their club is...
  9. DTS

    Your worst stalker ever.....

    Watched some programme about some stalker who shot his ex-bird of three weeks in Harvey Nicks last night and it got me thniking about my own worst stalker. When I was 18 I worked for a company called Unijet who were tour operators who have seen been brought out by First Choice. Like most first...
  10. Bielzibubz

    BT - Screwing their customers.

    Sorry but I have to rant. Before going over to BT Homehub Broardband I had 8meg using my own router on their Option 3 package. All was fine and I was paying £21.00 a month for virtually all last year with no amendments made to the direct debit and stayed in credit. Since I went over to their...
  11. chadded

    Simon Jordan

    This guys a legend. Taken from the Observer: Forget Bruce, trouble starts with true blue Sullivan David Sullivan doesn't like his players. 'They're on £20-30,000 a week and they're not earning it; it makes you resentful,' he says, 'I've reached the stage where I don't like footballers.' Fair...
  12. Spaceman Spiff

    Great Player Sponsorship idea

    Bournemouth Official Site: 'Corporate Player Sponsorship' Sounds like a great idea to me! It all adds more money in the coffers and the 50 tickets to donate to a local school per player sponsorship is an excellent idea... The only downside is that it would limit the number of individual fans...
  13. TrueBlue

    Club Logic

    Just recently I have been trying to get off the clubs back, but after yesturday I feel like I need to express my anger at the club once more!..... Yesturday I pull up in the 'mobile disco' as it has been called anyway... I walk down past the ticket office in the North-East corner...
  14. For those Driving on M4 for the PlayOffs

    Source : Timesonline Drivers on the M4 in Wiltshire, between junctions 14 and 18 will face a £60 fine and three penalty points for speeding by as little as 9mph. Cameras in marked vans will be operated from bridges over the motorway. Police and civilian operators will use laser guns on vehicles...