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  1. RHB

    The best Prime Ministers we never had

    Looking round at the various leaders of the political parties today, all of them leave me cold in terms of charisma, believability and leadership skills. I've never been a rabid political animal since I reached voting age but I do admit to having socialist tendencies in preference. It got me...
  2. CC51DAS

    Question Do you dare to dream ?

    A few weeks ago I put up a thread ' 10 games to go and everything to play for ' - well I supplied quite a few anti-depressants since then :) - thanks for the pms. This time I am not peddling some Lucy in the Sky but asking - do you think we can finish in 4th or 5th and get the advantage of...
  3. Private Messages

    Hi, I've had this issue for a couple of weeks now. I'm able to view PMs and write a reply, but when I click "send" I get the following error: I'm guessing that because it hasn't been reported elsewhere, it must be a problem at my end? I don't have the problem on other VB forums though...
  4. Uncle Leo

    Player Sponsorship 2010/11 - Prize Winners

    All, I have just done the draw and the winners of the prizes are..... .....drum roll..... 1st Prize - MK Shrimper 2nd Prize - Watermill Wino Congratulations to you both, PMs will be on their way shortly.
  5. southend4ever

    Cheap Gifts to Keep the Doris Happy

    Dear all, I was thinking when I received 2 PMs in the space of a week and had to turn down a beer before a Southend game due to prior commitments with the bird that I should start sorting my priorities. She is a good lass. However, not comparable to football. I hate that she does not like...

    Predicition League News SZ PL Inclement Weather Rules

    I've had a couple of PMs asking what happens when fixtures are decimated by the weather, do we use the Pools Panel results etc ... so to clarify We only go with actual scores, so if a match is off no points can be scored .. if 4 matches are played the bonus is for 4/4 and wildcards operate, 3...
  7. Pale Blue Dot

    so, im closing my shrimperzone acount

    Ha-Ha this is amazing. so i hear (from the powers that be) a few select posters (though i suspect its just the one) have complained about rep comments that i have left recently. rep, what a fantasic invention. a dot on a computer screen, who knew it would shake people up so much? with the...
  8. An Apology

    Dear all, Yesterday I became aware that a stupid comment I made a while ago had really offended Numphgirl (Senga) and since then caused her to leave the board. At the time I saw this as usual childish banter and nothing more. No one mentioned anything to me so I was completely oblivious...
  9. OldBlueLady

    Apprentice week 6

    Is about to start! Designing greeting cards for new "occasions" and Kevin and Michael apparently PMs - should be good. Kevin favourite for me to go tonight although really hoping one of the nasty girls go instead.
  10. * ORM *

    The puntastic thread diversion thread

    Rules No individual post can be on the same subject as any other post or can be a response to or quote from another post. No swearing, shouting, smilies, accusations, slander, pictures. Double points for any puns ! No private PMs or repping for posts on this thread. Ready ? Ok I'll start...
  11. Mr. Benedict

    Tuesday 6th November

    My apologies for the lateness, but Tuesday fixtures are finally up. The polls shut tomorrow at 9am (ish), but as the time to get the predictions in is fairly limited I will accept PMs from those who don't see the fixtures in time UP TO 7.30PM TOMORROW. Next week there's FA Cup action and a...
  12. Mr. Benedict

    Prediction League

    FAO PL participants: My apologies for the lateness, but Tuesday fixtures are finally up in the PL forum. The polls shut tomorrow at 9am, but as the time to get the predictions in is fairly limited I will accept PMs from those who don't see the fixtures in time UP TO 7.30PM TOMORROW.
  13. Players Wanted

    new team in sceptre league requires players especially a goalkeeper, we have a squad of 14 and looking to increase pms only
  14. I Hope Ches In Today

    after his superb performance last week, I hope he gets in today, remember i will be down the vic between 1pm and 2pm hoping to meet the many friends that sent me pms, but please none of that nasty lot like flying scotsman blues trader and d26u
  15. Roll Call For Saturday

    I have been deluged with PMs from really nice fans wanting to meet me before the game in Bar Vic, so will be there from about 1.30pm on Saturday in the far corner by the slots, so come in and say hello, and perhaps we can cheer the boys on to a win, I sit near the back of the east wheer does...
  16. lee_sufc

    Programme for Free

    Clearing out some **** today I found a programme for SUFC vs Sheffield United (14 October 1995). I don't want it but before I chuck it out, thought there might be someone on here who wants it. If you're interested PM me - the first person who PMs me their contact details can have it.
  17. I have 2 tickets together

    Hi I got myself 2 tickets but now cant go, Pm me if you want them ,there in the col u seats in the main stand youll be fine!!! ill check my PMs at 09.30, I want £40 for the pair regards ****les
  18. Bob Cratchitt

    It's Panto Time

    Well just thought I would plug my next production which is this weekend and is 'Cinders the true story' It is at Friars Community Centre with a cctv covered car park Thurs 8pm Fri 8pm Sat 2.30pm Sat 8pm I expect PMs galore from people wanting to book up. Also if you know anyone who...
  19. Bob Cratchitt

    SZ Server upgrade

    Well it seems that I have managed to convince the hosting company to upgrade the memory to double the original size for gratis. Which is always good news, I guess telling them unless the sort things out we will move provider was enough to get the memory upgrade or are they really closet...