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  1. Forget Colu we are playing the Real Scum tomorrow

    Lets not forget how Milton Keynes came to get a Football League club. It was stolen from Wimbledon. What happened to Wimbledon is one of the most disgraceful incidents in the history of the Football League. The Football league did nothing to stop the move and infact they encouraged it. I know a...
  2. The Brit awards 2006

    For me, the Kaiser Cheifs, Coldplay and KT Tunstall are about as bland and uninspiring as modern music gets. The music industry will have us believe that each year, the Brit awards represents a hotbed of homegrown talent ~ the best British music from the previous 12 months ~ but to me last...
  3. Trafalgar

    Nelson: "Order the signal, Hardy." Hardy: "Aye, sir." Nelson: "Hold on, that's not what I dictated to the signal officer. What's the meaning of this?" Hardy: "Sorry sir?" Nelson (reading aloud): " England expects every person to do his duty...
  4. Possibilities of Freddy leaving

    I have just had a thought, I reckon that if Wycombe refuse to sell nathan tyson to the likes of hull city, wolves, and southampton then freddy will surely be a second option for these clubs.
  5. fbm

    A cautionary note

    All last night and this morning I have had good old SUFC on the brain. The club are starting to move upwards with a momentum that, at present, looks difficult to stop. The boards are alive with positivity and vibrancy. Today is a good day to be a fan. Yet bubbling under the surface all is...
  6. Smiffy


    Taken from This Is Essex Website.. SOUTHEND United striker Freddy Eastwood has again expressed his desire to stay with the Shrimpers - but admits his future is in the hands of the Roots Hall hierachy. The 21-year-old forward starred for the Seasiders last season, banging home 24 goals to fire...
  7. shrimperman

    crocs coming but...

    will it get into the stadium? i know beachballs are obviously acceptable due to the nature and size but my croc is quite a bit larger. you dont think they will refuse his entry by any chance. also any chance of name - he has been sitting in the loft ever since he gained entry to my house but...
  8. sufcintheprem


    Just been on the phone to Natwest and I'm pretty much fuming at them. Step one: I pay cheque to the university for £984. £1,090 available in account. Step two: University withhold cheque for a week and a half with no warning. Step three: I got to Bath and Bristol spending thinking somehow I...
  9. Persistent Standing

    Reading through the Shrimpers' Trust liaison meeting notes, I have come to the conclusion that Geoffrey King somewhat misses the point about persistent standing in the North Stand. Despite the Trust representative informing him that "our experience at away matches was that stewards...
  10. fbm

    Micky Mellon

    Weren't we after him a few seasons ago? However, judging by Tillys recent comments, he thinks midfield is strong enough, so I doubt there will be major changes in that area unless any midfielders refuse the contracts they've been offered and whizz off somewhere else
  11. Napster

    Oh dear- Man U sink lower

    United bans signed memorabilia Daniel Taylor Tuesday April 6, 2004 The Guardian Asking a footballer for his autograph might be a simple enough request but in the case of Manchester United it might lead only to disappointment. The world's best-supported club has declared a ban on signing...
  12. Napster

    Groundhog Day

    My favourite film... Sunday February 1, 2004 The Observer (Today) is Groundhog Day. Perhaps your diary does not remind you of this celebration; mine lists nothing between Epiphany and St Valentine's. Maybe because the 117-year-old Groundhog festival takes place in Punxsutawney, western...