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  1. TrueBlue

    Classic scam emails

    My honorable friend, Sorry for intruding your privacy, I am Barrister Coetzee Viljoen from S.C.P.M.A law firm in Lome, Republic of Togo and an Attorney at Law and acted as a personal advocate to (late) Engr. Daubert, a citizen of your country who lived and worked here in Togo, for many years...
  2. Napster

    Crawley after Rudi Skacel

    That could very well win them the division.
  3. DTS

    Question 50 Players were always meant to be chasing but never actually signed.

    1) Rudi Vata. I recall as a boy reading that we were on the verge of signing Rudi Vata the then Albanian National team captain from Celtic. I dont quite know why we were linked with him but then a week or so later I read in the echo that the manager at the time had been up in Scotland on a...
  4. Average Men do Well in the USA

    I got back from my travels this morning, sampling the best of what the USA has to offer. If ithere's one thing I've learned, is that men must travel there in thousands just to pick up women... The levels of over-achievement going on is stupid. All I seemed to see was your average run of the...
  5. Slipperduke

    The Strife of Riley

    You have to take your consolations where you can in life. On an evening when he was bellowed at by Southampton's manager Jan Poortvliet and widely abused by over 30,000 home fans, Mike Riley should draw solace from the fact that he lives in Leeds, some 205 miles away from the St Mary's Stadium...
  6. Why drugs are good

    In response to the Why Drugs Are Bad Thread... Electronica jazz-freak and well renowned acid head Squarepusher has put forward a strong case for why drugs are good! “This album started as a daydream about watching a crazy, beautiful rock band play an ultra-gig. At first, a giant fluorescent...
  7. Harold Bishop Killer

    World's Fastest Growing City

    Guess Where it is 15% of the World's cranes are currently in Dubai Currently in construction is the Burj Dubai Tower. Set to be the world's tallest building But why stop there. How about the World's biggest ski dome? Or the World's largest themepark; Dubai land...
  8. DTS

    Southend Untrue Rumors Eleven.

    Looks like Matt Lockwood is on his way then - Fantastic. :zzzzz: I was wondering if we could make up a fake rumors side to rival that of our current side. GK DF - Rudi Vata - Albanian Captain we were meant to nick of Celtic about 1997 DF - Lockwood - Been cominh here for six seasons now DF...
  9. Napster

    Oscars Nominations

    Performance by an actor in a leading role George Clooney in “Michael Clayton” (Warner Bros.) Daniel Day-Lewis in “There Will Be Blood” (Paramount Vantage and Miramax) Johnny Depp in “Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber of Fleet Street” (DreamWorks and Warner Bros., Distributed by...
  10. Yorkshire Blue

    England in Sri Lanka

    First warm-up game today in Colombo. England have actually beaten their hosts to Sri Lanka, which is promising. They've also managed to beat me out there, as my flight isn't until Saturday. Sri Lanka were last night falling to a 2-0 defeat in convict land. Needing a world record 507 to win on...
  11. Yorkshire Blue

    The NFL thread

    Got my e-mail giving me my password for the Giants v Dolphins game at Wembley. Undecided whether I'll actually go, as its a fair bit of money for two teams I have little interest in, but I've until Wednesday to decide. I think a few people on here said they might be going. Watched the first...
  12. Winkle

    A very funny story!

    This is tale I heard from a few years back from a work colleague who used to be an Ambulance driver in kent, it still makes me laugh to this day. I will set the seen as he told me! He was called out to an emergency where a Kneighbour had heard cries of help coming from the garages next door to...
  13. coogeeblue

    Chants of the week!

    CHANTS OF THE WEEK "Love, Lovell tear you apart, again." Aberdeen fans after Steve Lovell scored against Hearts. (Fraser C, Scotia). "You're not Scottish anymore!" Aberdeen fans chant to Hearts who were lacking in Scottish players during Aberdeen's 1-0 win. (Stuart Gray, Aberdeen). "We...
  14. Hattrick

    How did we all do this week chaps ? Rochford FC won 4-0 at home but stay second on goal diff. 10540 spectators had come to The Golden Cross Arena this cloudy day. Rochford tactics involved an interesting 3-4-3 combination. The following players had been chosen: Statton - Hall, Hunter, Brons -...
  15. Hattrick

    Rochford FC won 4-0 at home and stay top 16350 spectators had come to The Golden Cross Arena this cloudy day. Rochford tactics involved an interesting 3-5-2 combination. They fielded: Williams - Mavroidis, Hunter, Brons - Bergmans, Gorman, Olague, Golding, Loftus - Álvarez Cabanill...
  16. Hattrick

    How did we all do chaps I won 5-2 away and am still top of the league Liddington's Lads - Rochford FC 2 - 5 At Hotspur's Empire, 7071 punters turned up, and despite threatening clouds at the horizon, no rain came. Liddingtons had chosen a strategic 3-5-2 formation. The following players had...
  17. Motorcyclist -

    I used to ride a high performance superbike until the dreaded nerves eventually got the better of me. How cool I looked in matching leathers and a Carl Fogarty helmet but can somebody please explain........ Picture the scene..... Ducati 996 in red,  Akita leathers, knee sliders, Fogarty lid...
  18. Napster

    England win another world cup

    Great news all around From nonleaguedaily.com Lyndon Lynch, the current coach at Ryman League Premier Division club Ford United, accepted the Mussabini Medal for his efforts with the world-beating England Learning Disabilities team last week. Lynch (pictured) collected his award from HRH The...