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  1. danburyshrimper

    Boo boy banter

    Most teams fans' seem to choose one or two of their own players and abuse them for anything they do. We seem to have more than most : Paul Smith , Luke Prosser + now seemingly Kevan Hurst get in the neck for almost no reason. Now anyone with a modicum of intelligence knows full well that this...
  2. Charlie Brooker ruins Ground Zero Mosque ... with facts

    http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2010/aug/23/charlie-brooker-ground-zero-mosque Brooker you swine . Fox news implodes
  3. Your Own Betting Rules

    Following on from Ux's post in the General Football Betting thread, do you follow any betting rules that you set yourself, be it from past experience or superstition? Personally, I never bet against Liverpool in Europe, never bet for/against Arsenal due to their rampant unpredictability and I...
  4. Silencer


    ....Sorry to moan BUT JFC is getting worse with each game if that is possible, at one stage I counted 6 consecutive occasions when he gave the ball away without hitting a successfull pass. That is terrible. Cant head, doesn't track or mark properly, cant pass and doesn't score goals!!! Put...
  5. wiggy

    Your fault Martin, not Brushes!

    Ron Martin singlehandedly ruins a team well capable of staying in this league and then dismisses a bloke whom with Tilly has done us proud over the last few years. How has he got the cheek to use the freshening up cobblers when the main man is still here. Scared stiff to out Tilly so goes for a...
  6. Tangled up in Blue

    Blair: Gaza's great betrayer

    It's more than a year since Israel launched its immoral attack on Gaza and Palestinians are still living on the verge of a humanitarian disaster. So what has Tony Blair done to further peace in the region? Virtually nothing, argues the historian Avi Shlaim Comments (98) Buzz up! Digg it Avi...
  7. Napster

    Help- what film is the least worst?

    Got a flight to India coming up and frankly, the choice on the flight of available films is awful. Apart from Mesrine, which film should I watch - Ive got 9 hours to kill and I can't sleep on planes 1. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince 2. Movie Cheri 3. Movie The Ugly Truth 4. Movie...
  8. pickledseal


    I thought my fellow anti-BNP friends would enjoy my friends take on BNP and UKIP leaflets for the Euro-Elections: "This evening as I settle down to more work, I choose to not not respond to the provocation of European election flyers from the UK Independence Party and the British National...
  9. Zone Update BW fiasco

    Hi all, sorry to bang on about BW but it is a point of principle. Hows this for a second email to me from BW; Thank you for your recent e-mail regarding Blues World, the comments of which have been noted. Firstly I would like to thank you for your support. We have looked into the...
  10. Slipperduke

    Football Must Refer To Cricket

    If you've been keeping an eye on the cricket recently then you'll have noticed some interesting experiments taking place in the West Indies. No, don't worry, England are still reassuringly hopeless, they'll never toy with that. It's the officials who are changing; test-piloting a new system of...
  11. Slipperduke

    Barton Pushes His Luck

    Sorry chaps, forgot to upload this last night... Well, that didn't take long, did it? Just one week after his composed, match-winning performance against West Bromwich Albion, the halo above Joey Barton's head began to slip. Like all the best horror films, the metamorphosis from man to beast...
  12. Slipperduke

    The Curse of Spurs

    The Forth Bridge in Scotland is a magnificent sight. A mile and a half long, it’s an immense, yet beautiful assembly of blood red steel bars and rivets carrying hundreds of trains a day over the wonderfully named Firth of Forth. It is said, usually by locals eager to fool a gullible traveller...
  13. Holloway - talking sense!

    From His BBC Column:
  14. West Stand PA system

    Just what's happening with the PA system? Couldn't hear a thing in the West: interesting seeing the Blue Belles doing their stuff with no music! Surely this is a Health & Safety issue? How could direction be given if the stands needed to be evacuated? This is not the first...
  15. The Artful Shrimper

    the Olympics and George W Bush....

    George Bush is on a tour of Greece with the Greek PM. is taken on a tour of the Acropolis. Bush surveys the ruins and holds the Greek PM shoulder," don't worry", says Bush," we'll get the b@st@rds that done this"