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  1. Dagenham in Trouble

    A Dagenham supporting friend of mine has said they are in serious financial difficulty. He normally has his finger on the pulse, so not just a wild rumour. Anybody else heard anything?
  2. Football League Show

    Not sure if it's been mentioned elsewhere, but for those of you that enjoy the show and getting their 1st fix of Southend's matchday highlights... I've seen that the Football League Show on currently on Channel 5 has been dumped by them at the end of the season, and from next next season will...
  3. Am I the only anti-Poweller?

    I feel like the only one who is struggling to be inspired by this dutty rumour.
  4. Speedy Password

    Interesting site.....http://www.speedypassword.com/articles/how-secure-is-my-password-test-your-password/ Bung your SZ password in and it'll tell you how quick a hacker could get into your account and start spreading the rumour that you're in love with Drewe Broughton.... 16 minutes here...
  5. fbm

    Shay Given anyone?

    Anyone seen this tweet from Wordsworth? Quick, start a rumour... https://twitter.com/a_words_4/status/868471645555523585
  6. RHB

    Sheffield United and Lenny

    The Echo is reporting that there has been an interest from a Championship manager speaking directly to PB regarding Lenny. PB stated that it would take a substantial bid for the club to be interested and he really wants to keep him. The Echo believes the interested club is Sheffield United...
  7. RHB

    We've lost two on the trot - What to do?

    First Bolton and now Charlton, two defeats and the wheels have fallen off, what the **** is going on? What can I do to advertise my total state of upset and disappointment. I know, I'll start a thread about Striker options on the bench that way I can really get posters...
  8. Does Uncle Ron know?

    Rumour has it that PB has thrown tantrums that have seen the back of several key players over 2 or 3 seasons, and that critical decisions about starting line-up and substitutions have sometimes not been dispassionate but rather a reflection on PB's relationship at the time with individual squad...
  9. RHB

    Adam Barrett to Orient on loan?

    Today's Echo reckons that Andy Edwards wants Adam on loan for the remainder of the season. He's asked his Chairman and now we sit and wait. This featured as a rumour on here a while back, it now has the Echo stamp of truth.
  10. Ricky Otto

    Players going out on loan

    Today it has been announced that Steve Smith has brought the majority share at Bishops Stortford FC. Steve was Kev Maher's assistant at Chelmsford and they are very close. I would be surprised if we don't see a couple of players go on loan there. I also heard a rumour a few months back that when...
  11. Mark Stevart

    2016-17 kit rumours

    Anything about next seasons kits and designs rumoured as this always causes high debate
  12. amsemp

    £2m to Fletcher Moss Rangers?

    http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11667/10189045/marcus-rashfords-former-club-denies-manchester-united-cash-request Latest rumour mill suggests Fletcher Moss Rangers have asked for a £2m donation from Manchester United to upgrade their facilities and safeguard their future. FMR were the...
  13. Shrimpergarry

    Glen Rea

    Someone said that Glen Rea was at the game on Saturday, I wonder if there is a chance of him rejoining us when the loan window re-opens? Obviously we're a defender down since Prosser left, and Rea gives the advantage of also being able to play in the DM role too and he obviously knows the club...
  14. Ricey

    F1 2016

    Thought it's about time to get this started. And with no better way to start it with a brilliant rumour. Renault will be dumping crash happy Maldonado and replacing him with recently released Kevin Magnussen. Apparently the £20m that Pastor normally brings has dried up and they weren't going...
  15. manor15

    Latest Rumours Noel Hunt to Dundee United on loan

    According to CP, he's had a call from a Scottish reporter. Surely just a rumour and nothing more? They may well target him but can't see us letting him go.
  16. Nicky Maynard

    Heard a rumour that Nicky Maynard is a possible target for us, would have thought wages may be a stumbling for us but this guy does need to kick start his career after not playing loads of games since 2012........................ just a rumour I heard but it was from someone close to our very...
  17. Latest Rumours Hull to bid £2 million for Dan Bentley

    This is a friend of a friend rumour, but there may well be some truth in this. I can't see Martin turning this down. If he does go, I'd rather it was sooner than later so Brown can find a replacement.
  18. Tommy2holes

    Latest Rumours Coker to Ipswich

    On the Ipswich Town forum that they are about to make a bid for Ben coker. Hope there is no truth in it as he is class and would be a huge loss
  19. Ben Clarkson

    Have heard a rumour that Ben Clarkson could be leaving to join Bath Rugby team.
  20. Latest Rumours Summer transfers

    According to this article we're one of a number of clubs being linked with Exeter midfielder Liam Sercombe - http://www.exeterexpressandecho.co.uk/Transfer-Rumour-Exeter-City-8217-s-Sercombe/story-26438502-detail/story.html