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  1. Adam Barrett

    Just seen this: CRYSTAL Palace boss George Burley is set to wrap up his second transfer of the summer tomorrow - with the capture of former Southend United defender Adam Barrett. The South London Press understands that the 30-year-old centre-back has agreed terms on a move to Selhurst Park and a...
  2. Tommy2holes

    Anyone else have that feeling again?

    I said to a couple of mates yesterday that this feels very similar to the feeling I had when Tilly came in. CP loves this club. The fans love CP and all in all i think we may be in for another fairytale adventure. Of course this could amount to nothing, but i don't think so. Let's see where...
  3. southchurch

    Talk sport Mention PB

    Interested to hear Talk sport talking about Phill Brown and comparing his position to being similar to Sparkys at Stoke. i.e. - He had done well in the past and was now under pressure. The words 'Gone stale' were used.
  4. AndyT

    Memory Lane Greatest Ever Day

    Picked up this from another thread and it does seem we've done this before at some point, but not for a little while. I guess the best way of doing this is for it to be your personal favourite. It could be an obvious one, like a promotion clinching day or a famous cup match, right down to...
  5. Napster

    Ranking the Southend managers - how useful would they be in a fight?

    Saw something similar on twitter on Prem managers - let's do something for post-war Southend managers. My take: Paul Clark Rob Newman David Webb Alvan Williams Alan Little Alvin Martin Steve Wignall Barry Fry Stewart Robson Ronnie Whelan Mick Gooding Frank Broome Arthur Rowley Dave...
  6. Question Season card problem

    I got a new season card on Friday which is a surprise as I thought they weren't issuing new ones to previous holders. When I checked it they have put in me in the seat behind where I have sat for the last 9 years! Also I am fairly sure that seat is occupied by another long term season card...
  7. manor15

    Breaking News £500k Millwall bid for Leonard rejected

    Says CP. £500k + add-ons. Hardly a surprise given we're led to believe that the last Sheff Utd bid was similar. Time for one of them to stump up the cash.
  8. Latest Rumours Retro Kit

    The guy that I go to games with told me on Saturday, that he'd been into the club shop and they were running a survey on which Retro Kit we should use for next season. There were 3 choices apparently. I can't remember them all, but I think one of them was the 68-69 (?) striped version. Anyone...
  9. Proposed Football Rule Changes

    When I first saw this on social media yesterday, I thought it was another piece of "Fake News", but perhaps it's not. The main stream media (newspapers and Sky Sports News etc) seem to be following the story. Have Fifa & Marco Van Basten completely lost the plot? or do you welcome these...
  10. Suffolk Shrimper In Dorset

    Question 2016 - How Was It For You?

    Not spotted a similar thread so thought I'd start it for a bit of quick reflection before we properly get going with 2017. Have seen something similar I think in previous years and always find it interesting - we all have a common bond in SUFC but outside of that all have different lives with...
  11. Floval Flyer

    Question Post Brown management options...

    You would surely think that old Ron must be looking at available managers, in light of the fact he must pull the trigger soon... If you were in RMs shoes who would you be touting? A lot of 'out of work' managers have a better win ratio than PB, whether we can afford their salaries, or meet...
  12. Ricey

    Striking Coaches

    This seems to pop up from time to time about our strikers not having an actual striking coach. Graham Coughlan taking striking drills and having PB as our manager who is allegedly a defensive expert, who should take our strikers for the drills? Have we ever actually had a coach who would work...
  13. PB Sent Off

    After PB was sent off near the end yet again so soon after coming back from a 4 game ban will he suffer a similar fate???
  14. Question Streaming on Saturday?

    Any chance the game on Saturday will be streamed live? International weekend and Bolton being a big club for league 1 seems similar to when we played Sheff Utd last season
  15. Tommy2holes

    If you could have any teams ground as our own...

    With Fossetts seemingly further away than ever it got me wondering about all of the other great stadiums that have been built for other teams. Personally really like Rotherhams stadium design. I'd like to see something similar in blue and white with maybe a slightly bigger size.
  16. Napster

    Mooney and Cox?

    Just checked, the striker he played alongside at Orient when he scored 19 goals, was Kevin Lisbie, who also knocked in 18. Is Lisbie a similar player to Cox?
  17. Jam_Man

    Run Fat Boy Run - 'Running'.

    Im 46, until I was 30 I weighed under 9 stone, couldnt put an ounce on. Then my 30's came and now Ive peaked at 13 stone. Lost a stone a year or so go using slim plan but have put it back on, mainly because I now work from home most days so dont get any excercise whatsoever. As I was so thin...
  18. RHB

    Football boots nostalgla

    While I was watching Iceland and Hungary yesterday I was fascinated by the various colours and styles of football boot today's player wear. It also got me thinking back to what my first pair of boots looked like. When I went to infants school you weren't allowed to play organised football until...
  19. RHB

    The Brennan B2

    I'm thinking of investing in a Brennan B2 and moving our entire CD collection onto it. http://www.brennan.co.uk/ The starting model is around £380 and whilst that isn't mega money it's enough to make me ask if there is anyone on the Zone that has got, or used, one. Alternatively, does anyone...
  20. OldBlueLady

    Memory Lane RIP The Bradford 56

    31 years ago today, remember it so clearly and thinking then, there but for the grace of God. The stand was so similar in many ways to our East Stand, which was where I used to watch Southend from back then. There was rubbish underneath in exactly the same way and people smoked back then...