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  1. Fundraising for Simon Dobbin, incl SUFC Statement page 3

    Fellow Shrimpers, The man injured in the outbreak of violence on Saturday is still in a coma in hospital. However, there is a fundraising page which has been set up at: http://www.youcaring.com/emergency-fundraiser/help-support-the-family-and-simon-himself-/326399 Can I ask as many of you who...
  2. * ORM *

    Are you guilty or not guilty?

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-31855389 If I posted similar pics from HK it would be of a mother and father on the underground with a young child craving for attention or at least some interaction
  3. Pak Power

    Memory Lane Best away fans at Roots Hall

    Now we know we have a good vocal away following, and have been commended for our fans at such places as Southampton in the Championship, and Doncaster to name but two. But who do you think have been the best/ most vocal/ funniest , or memorable opposition fans for whatever reason. For me, I...
  4. Clean sheets at home

    We have now not conceded a goal at home in the league since the Bury game. I make it that we've gone 559 minutes (not including injury time) or over 6 games without conceding. I'm wondering if this is a record? Thinking back over my time watching the Blues the only similar run I could remember...
  5. OldBlueLady

    Tipping and "Christmas Boxes" - do you, and if so, who to?

    Just following on from the discussions on the free travel thread, I thought I would open it up more for discussion. Back in the day it used to be common place to give your postman, your milkman, your window cleaner and your dustman a Christmas "box" or a "good drink", in a similar way in which...
  6. Current Season Snake

    Bit quiet on here so thought I'd update the snake and we can take a look at how things are going. First thing to notice is how our season has been very similar to last years. A good run through November has boosted our season and we're 1 point ahead of the same point last season. We're...
  7. callan

    English Votes for English Laws

    Council leaders across England have joined forces to demand Westminster gives them more powers to run their own affairs. The cross-party group of 119 leaders say voters in England will not accept greater devolution to Scotland unless there is a similar redistribution of power south of the...
  8. southend4ever

    Celtic Reinstated

    Absolute joke. They lose 6-1 on aggregate and their opponents field an ineligible player for 2 minutes of the second leg and so Celtic are given a '3-0 walkover' after losing the actual game 2-0. This allows Celtic through on away goals! There was a precedent set for this which is a very...
  9. Tommy2holes

    QPR friendly

    Looks like QPR will be bringing a fairly strong squad tonight with there message board suggesting that they will field a side similar to there starting 11. Expect to see Rob Green / Ferdinand / Remy / barton / Zamora etc I would imagine they will bring a few down as well. Cant wait to see...
  10. General sale ticket idea

    A system in terms of purchasing tickets via general sale. I am a teacher and therefore struggling to get to the ticket office on Thursday. I will be able to go after school but I worry that it may be too late. I was just wondering whether anyone is going there early on Thursday and would be...
  11. Fossetts Farmer

    Panini World Cup Sticker Album 2014

    Geek alert! Sorry, the inner child in me wants to recreate my yoof before we get smashed for real this Summer. I dare say some other saddo's on here will be doing similar...(where's that sticker album guy ha ha)?! Either a few other peeps will be man(boy) enough for a thread for 'swappsies' or...
  12. yogi bear up the cagire

    Play-off watch

    Yes, I know there is still a mathematical chance we may not make the play-offs............there's probably a similar chance that Lord Lucan will appear to present the trophy at the Final. So, I thought it may be interesting to speculate who our opponents are likely to be on the weekend 10/11th...
  13. The things you will go through to see your team?

    I've read in today's Metro the story of the two girls travelling to watch Burnley away at Barnsley when their car was involved in a serious accident. They were injured and hospitalised but still managed to get themselves to the ground to watch the remainder of the game...
  14. Away Games - Badges/Shirts?

    Its possible this thread will be moved, but since going to Morecambe last month, I decided to start buying pin badges from each ground, as a keepsake (as well as a programme of course!) to say "i've been there". I know some people who used to buy the opposition team's shirt from their club...
  15. RobM

    If you were to have twins...

    ...would you give them similar names and dress them the same? Just wondered people's views.
  16. Deja vu...

    This time last year... our play off chances were slipping away, players were underporforming, fan were getting restless, Ron wielded the axe. Now, 12months on its deja vu. We all know Ron has told PB the target is promotion, thats looking less and less likely with each game. fast forward 2...
  17. pickledseal

    Car Thieving Scum

    And so where do we always return...? Having had a period of lurking (partly due to the busy-ness of getting hitched on 15th Feb), I haven't been as active of late. I'm still here. And my reasons for posting? I woke up this morning to find my car stolen, from the drive. No signs of entry (broken...
  18. Cricko

    Zone Update Ldnfatso Collection For Flowers

    After having a chat with Naps and Steven's relatives on Saturday we asked what we The Zone members should do to honour him at his funeral. It was decided that we should send flowers from all of us. Although the date has not been set yet we feel now is the time to ask those that knew him and...
  19. Shrimper2thecore

    Choosing the right Mattress

    The wife and I have decided we need a new/better mattress. We both suffer quite badly from back/neck pain as a result of our jobs, and so I think getting a decent mattress to help our bodies is a must. However, the question "What is the best mattress for back pain?" doesn't seem to give an...
  20. Mad Cyril

    Best special forces.

    As an occasional reader of Soldier of Fortune and having a Tony Soprano style penchant for military documentaries my question is which is your favourite special forces unit? Please add any supporting evidence for your choice such as any embassies you have stormed or similar.