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  1. Choosing a best man

    Well hello folks, back from my travels - and if you're not already aware via the magic of FB, my missus Zena said yes to me when I proposed in a piazza in Sorrento, overlooking Vesuvius and the bay of Naples. Now I've got two very good mates and I'm stumped how to choose between them, 'cos I'm...
  2. Vange Shrimper


    Has anyone else been having problems with 02 over the past few days? I received text messages 3 hours after they were sent yesterday and I've just got a text message that was sent to me at 8.30 last night! Just asking to see if anyone else has had something similar happen or if it's just my...
  3. Dave of the Match

    Broken Camera

    On my Sony Ericsson K770i the camera doesn't focus - anyone had a similar experience? Green to anyone who helps!
  4. BaileytheQuitter


    I have always been very skeptical about spirits/ghosts etc. But last night I was up North and went to a Church which is abandoned and apparently haunted. Now joking around we all went to have a look around the church. I took a picture of two of the girls we were with and thought nothing of...
  5. Latest Rumours Brace yourselves....

    Just a roumour, but..... Around the corner (let's say two weeks from now) there's a big truck loaded with lots of cash.. The truck has 'Stobart' on it, and things are about to change around here.. There must be others on here who have heard similar whispers??
  6. chadded

    Can't think of a title for this, but theres a question in the post.

    I might be wrong, but I seem to remember a while ago there being a teddy bear or other similar item SUFC related getting sent round all the exiled shrimpers to have a photo with it, and see what obscure places we can get pics of it... get what I mean? Anyway, I'm off to the Falklands for 6...
  7. Interpol Shrimper

    FAO : Ron Martin

    Thistle fans half club's debt Quite an interesting sotry this & similar to a suggestion I advocated in all the furore about the tax bill last week. Like I said then, I'd wager there are at least 5 or 6 Shrimpers out there (maybe not posting on SZ!!!) who could stump up say £100k each in a...
  8. MrB

    Sportsmen who've divided opinion

    With the current discussion about Steve Harmison and the pros and cons of him being reselected for England it got me thinking about other sportsmen who've had such wide ranging opinions about their selection for the national team or similar. From a footy point of view, John Barnes and Matt Le...
  9. Michael McIntyre

    so, is he fun or not? At first I thought he was funny, then I decided he wasn't (and instead was just annoying), but then I watched some more of him and found him pretty decent. It seems quite popular to hate him just because he's on TV all the time (similar to the Frankie Boyle backlash really).