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  1. Just realized I never introduced myself

    Hi all, I'm 30 odd posts in already but I didn't introduce myself when I joined which was rude so here goes. From the age of 2 until nearly 7 my family lived in The Hague so, when we came back to live in Saarfend, I knew nothing of english football. A school friend showed me book that had...
  2. Aquarium & fish giveaway

    Need a bit of help....I've got a few tropical fish that I need to shift (including the tank & equipment) but obviously I want to give them to a good home rather than flush them down the loo. Can anyone recommend a website or a service, as a few I've tried have been bollox? Alternatively if...
  3. RHB

    Post-Match Thread and Ratings Southend United 2- 0 Brighton U23s

    I suspect this will be quite a short thread. It was really a game of men against boys. Brighton were a skilful team and passed and moved very quickly but their end product was very poor, Teddy had very little to do, but what he did have, he did well. John White proved again that he is Mr...
  4. yogi bear up the cagire

    Midi blog

    I see the blog section appears just to deal with football, so I've stuck mine here. Don't know whether it will interest anyone but it was good therapy, unwinding after an exhausting weekend. MIDI BLOG Today is one of the few days I can sit in front of the computer with absolutely no guilt...
  5. Getting a new bathroom

    Hi all, We're thinking it's time to upgrade our bathroom. It's old and worn and although a reasonable size it doesn't have a separate standalone shower (which we'd love). In one corner there's a chimney breast coming through, and attached to this is the old airing cupboard which now houses the...
  6. Memory Lane Tank says hi

    :loyalsupporter: Old geeza felt compelled to join at news of Malcolm (Harry) Roberts sad death, life goes by far too quickly and I hope to keep up with friends old and young on here! Now Southend Airport has flights from Spain, I hope to meet in the Spread in the near future! Up the...
  7. Mad Cyril

    Gary tank commander.

    Has anyone seen this? A woman at work insisted I watch it and gave me the DVD. Good reviews online but I have never heard of it.
  8. Rusty Shackleford

    White Poppies

    Wonderful piece from the Telegraph on White Poppies: At the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, I am sure the thoughts of all Telegraph readers will be with those British and Commonwealth Service men and women who fell in the defence of our liberty. But spare a thought, too, for the...
  9. TrueBlue

    Personal Add

    Right getting bored of being single now so with that in mind any woman fancy a go on a man with a stomach that's a petrol tank for a love machine and 17 stone to ram it home with - message me!!!!! I like football and cheese on toast I dislike socialism Need to find a good woman before I have...
  10. Napster

    Tommy happy with win

    TOMMY HAPPY TO REGISTER FIRST WIN Posted on: Sat 31 Jul 2010 Assistant manager Tommy Widdrington was happy to register his first victory since moving to Southend United at the start of July on Saturday. Bilel Mohsni's 26th minute header was enough to claim a 1-0 victory against Eastbourne...
  11. Ron Manager

    Songs that can make you cry

    Don't know if we've done this before I not, I half suspect we have. Pretty sure if we have it was a while ago...so here we go (again, possibly) - For me...Tank Park Salute by Billy Bragg
  12. ldnfatso

    Only a man would attempt this!

    Pocket Tazer Stun Gun, a great gift for the wife... A guy who purchased his lovely wife a pocket Tazer for their anniversary submitted this to a forum: Last weekend I saw something at Larry's Pistol & Pawn Shop that sparked my interest... The occasion was our 15th anniversary and I was...
  13. Legalise drugs article.

    Taken from the New Scientist, fascinating article that I totally agree with. I know it's an age old topic on here but it's a slow day. Far from protecting us and our children, the war on drugs is making the world a much more dangerous place. SO FAR this year, about 4000 people have died in...
  14. MrB

    BT20 - Season 13

    Almost had a disaster in the wee hours, rested a couple and TIEd thinking I'd have an easy game and I'm guessing they must have GFI'd and racked up 163 against me. Fortunately we had plenty in the tank batting wise and 92 from 48 balls from Sandy made sure of the win. Tomorrow's game is a...
  15. Aberdeen Shrimper

    Allergies and allergic reactions??

    Do you or anyone you know suffer with any allergies or allergic reactions?? If so, what have you done about preventing these from happening or tackling them when they are triggered off? I have suffered with 9 attacks in the last 5 years and they have all followed the same patter. These being...
  16. steveo


    Ive got a nice Koi pond in the garden but fancied having a tank indoors. I know absolutely nothing about fish but understand there are freshwater types or marine salt water types. I have a spot where the tank would go, approx 5 foot long, 1 foot wide and up to 4 foot high. Any fish experts...
  17. OldBlueLady

    I'm in cold water!!!

    Literally....it seems I have no hot water. Now, we have economy 7 bloody rubbish storage heaters, so although the system did 2 baths last night it should have had ample time to replenish. Ok, admittedly daughter has been cooking this afternoon and probably had the hot tap running as she...
  18. Jay_Shrimper

    Damian Scannell

    Waste of space. Get rid of him. Did f*ck all today and is as slow as a tank. Why betsy didn't start is beyond me. Useless.
  19. Pale Blue Dot

    float tanks

    any of you lot ever had a go? im thinking of heading up to this gaff at some point http://floatworks.com/about
  20. Goldfish!

    Anybody out there on the Zone have any goldfish? I've had mine for around 10 months now and yesterday gave the whole tank a good old clean out and I couldnt believe the amount of crap that was in the gravel. Gave the tank abit of a refurbishment and after having a think, I'm interested in...