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  1. danburyshrimper

    Question The Ranger Ferdinand Timlin evening

    Just chatting to my mate ap leamington we were wondering if anyone knows the date and venue of this event? Reckon it could be quite spicy and some interesting insight behind the scenes at our club. Cheers
  2. manor15

    Expiring contracts

    Now we have a manager, he's bound to be looking at how to improve the squad and a number of players are bound to be concerned for their future. The below first team players have contracts which are set to expire in just 6 months, so who would you renew based on the current squad? GK Ted Smith...
  3. Players feeling.

    I wonder how the players are feeling now that the axe has fallen? Mixed bag perhaps, Timlin seemed really determined and was a bit of a PB favourite, but others seemed to like him less?
  4. Shrimper

    Pre-Match Thread Rochdale v Southend

    Putting today behind us, there are a lot of questions over the team, not including any potential signings (ha!) that might come in. For me I'd go; Oxley Coker - White - Kyprianou - Demetriou Kightly - Timlin - Yearwood - McLaughlin Cox - Wabo Subs: Bishop, Ba, Fortune, McGlashan, Ferdinand...
  5. fbm

    Fly on the wall in "the meeting"... allegedly...

    RM - Ok, who's first. Anton. How are things and how do you feel about Philip? AF - Not bad. However, I keep having problems with my legs. People keep telling me that at some point you'll realise that your legs are gone, but every time I look down they're still there. I can't understand what the...
  6. Floval Flyer

    Pre-Match Thread Southend United v Fleetwood Town

    So, another game on Saturday, Lenny gone, Nile sacked and no new signings? Hard to predict who will be in the starting line up? Depends who is in PBs good books this week I guess. I'm hoping to see Wabo get a start, alongside Cox. Wordsworth needs to be dropped IMHO, with Kightly taking a more...
  7. RobM

    Pre-match nutrition and sustenance

    Never mind Bfown in/out/ Timlin at left back blah blah, is the Fish House open tomorrow?
  8. Twelve gifts for Christmas. Or more.

    1. A hearing aid for Timlin. He was supposed to be in the managers office, not orifice! 2. 3. 4........
  9. Timlin

    Out for 4-6 weeks with an ankle injury according to CP.
  10. SUFC Podcast Live

    Mods, Please feel free to move this thread to another forum, if it's posted in the wrong place. Anyway, I stumbled across this earlier on Twitter..... and thought it might be of interest for any Shrimpers that are at a loss for things to do on a Sunday evening in London. Apparently, there's...
  11. The Big Dady

    Official Match Thread Bristol Rovers vs Southend United

    So here is the Shrimpers team to face Bristol Rovers on a cold afternoon on Saturday. Oxley, Demetriou, Ferdinand (C), Turner, Hendrie, Wright, Wordsworth, Leonard, McLaughlin, Cox, Fortune Subs: Bishop, White, Timlin, Yearwood, McGlashan, Ba, Ranger Hope they all have their willy warmers...
  12. RHB

    Pre-Match Thread Bristol Rovers vs Southend United

    And so, after a disappointing result on Wednesday, we move on to Saturday and Bristol rovers away at the Memorial Stadium. With Timlin having finished his one match suspension, apart from Michael Kightly, it looks like the rest of the squad is available for Saturday's game. Guessing the team...
  13. Shrimpergarry

    Official Match Thread Peterborough (A) - Checkatrade

    Team News: Oxley, Demetriou, Ferdinand (C), White, Hendrie, McGlashan, Wright, Wordsworth, Timlin, Ranger, Ba. Subs: Bishop, Bwomono, McLaughlin, Yearwood, Leonard, Cox, Robinson
  14. RHB

    Pre-Match Thread Peterborough United vs Southend United - Round 2 CheckaTrade Trophy

    On Wednesday the team are off to the ABAX Stadium in the CheckaTrade Trophy. Not everyones favourite but it is the second round and the only Cup we still have an interest in. Barring unknown injuries, and assuming Kightly is definitely out I reckon we will start with this 11. Oxley Demi...
  15. The Big Dady

    Official Match Thread Southend United vs Oxford United

    Shrimpers team to face Oxford United today. Oxley, Demetriou, Ferdinand (C), Turner, Timlin, Kightly, Wright, Leonard, McLaughlin, Cox, Fortune. Subs: Bishop, Hendrie, White, Yearwood, McGlashan, Ba, Ranger
  16. Timlin.

    It would seem I might be the only person on the Zone that hasn't turned on Michael Timlin. We even have people living abroad assuming all the negative stuff to be true. Talking to other fans and more importantly the management it appears not all agree with the overwhelming Zone opinion. Now I...
  17. The Big Dady

    Official Match Thread MK Dons V Southend United

    Tonight's Shrimpers team to play at the Stadium MK against some team from Milton Keynes called Dons. Oxley, Demetriou, Ferdinand (C), Turner, Timlin, McLaughlin, Wright, Leonard, Kightly, Cox, Fortune Subs: Bishop, Hendrie, White, Yearwood, McGlashan, Ba, Wabo Nile Ranger not involved...
  18. The Big Dady

    Official Match Thread Portsmouth FC v Southend United

    Here is today's team for Portsmouth FC v Southend United Oxley, White, Turner, Ferdinand, Timlin, Robinson, Wright, Leonard, Kightly, Cox, Ranger Subs: Bishop, Hendrie, Bwomono, McLaughlin, McGlashan, Yearwood, Fortune
  19. The Big Dady

    Official Match Thread Southend Utd vs Colchester Utd - CheckaTrade Trophy

    Southend Utd vs Colchester Utd - CheckaTrade Trophy Tonight's Southend United team. Oxley, Bwomono, White, Turner, Timlin, McGlashan, Wright, Leonard, McLaughlin, Robinson, Ranger.
  20. Best 11

    It’s Thursday , I’ve got a day off and I’m a bit bored , so this is my pointless thread. Assuming that all our players are fit and in decent form at the same time ( I know it’s all fantasy and I’m laughing 😂 myself as I’m typing , but please humour me ! ) , what would be your best team and subs...