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Life President⭐
Oct 12, 2014
It would seem I might be the only person on the Zone that hasn't turned on Michael Timlin. We even have people living abroad assuming all the negative stuff to be true. Talking to other fans and more importantly the management it appears not all agree with the overwhelming Zone opinion. Now I know we at Southend have to have a couple of players to hate each season ,as it makes a feel much better about ourselves but seeing Timlin arguing with his own fans seems rather sad to me.

If I can put a case forward for the defence.....As I mentioned the first job of a defender is to be able to defend. Timlin has been part of a strong defence and we haven't exactly been leaking goals in the last month. 4 goals conceded in 7 games, 2 of those penalties.

He had more than a good game at MK, fine at Pompey and was excellent (defending) at Walsall. Remember Walsall were one down and never managed a shot until extra time in the second half Yet you read post match reports and people mark Timlin and Demi down because they have already decided that before a ball is kicked.

Yes he has had some shocking passes going forward but they haven't cost us anything. The thing is now people look for false evidence to prove their point. Take Pompey for example. Timlin had a good start a couple of nice strong challenges then they clip a couple of dangerous balls over the top which Timlin had to deal with. To tight to go back to the keeper so as a full back you can put it in row z or better still do what he did, swivel and get a good 50yd clearance down the line. The problem was our 3 man attack were lazy and did nothing to help him out both times. Queue some groans around me and people blaming Timlin for losing the ball.

Again at Yeovil people see their 2 minute highlights and say Timlins fault for the pen 'caught out of position' etc. What you didn't se was there keeper causing us problems with a very flat kick. The bench shouted for our back 4 to attack the ball better as there was a half pace about the game. Timlin attacked and got unlucky with a rebound. If you want to point fingers look at Kightly, or dare I say Lenny's challenge.

There is not one of us who wouldn't have taken 4 goals conceded in 7 games.....Including PB. Despite an unexpected shocking defensive start, due to injuries, including Coker and Hendrie. (queue pointless Brown out posts to spoil Timlin thread) We now look much better especially with Turner coming through 2 games in 4 days. Our problems are in the oppositions half not our own.

I Personally think we all owe Timlin some slack. Time some of you stopped listening to Sky and MOTD punditry about defenders. The stuff about defenders having to be good on the ball, including CB's might apply in the PL. In L1 all you need is people who, dare I say, can keep a clean sheet. Just ask anyone from Wigan or Shrewsbury.