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  1. Tangled up in Blue

    "There are no unemployed people"

    http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-42043710 The Chancellor's latest gaffe in an increasingly disaster prone goverment.
  2. 3 tickets still wanted for unemployed family

    Can anyone still help at short notice
  3. Benefit Society !

    The Tories intend to freeze benefits for the unemployed and so called needy . I discovered recently a family I know receive £2,400 every 4 weeks excluding their council rent,Add the rent costs and they are on 3k or take home £750 each and every week! How many of us take home £38,000 after...
  4. Question Luggy

    Does anyone know what our ex-manager is up to and where he's living right now ? I'm guessing unemployed and Scotland , but have no idea really , so just wondered if someone better informed could shed some light.
  5. Blue_Wes

    Joe Yoffe set to challenge FIFA's transfer window.

    Surprised this hasn't been mentioned yet. Seems ex-Southend trialist Joe Yoffe is set to take FIFA to court and challenge the transfer window. He currently ply's his trade in Iceland, where due to the adverse weather they endure, the season (and subsequently many player contracts) ends outside...
  6. why i believe that an untargeted slashing of the welfare budget is a false economy.

    I'm going to argue the unpopular. I'm going to argue that the current plans to reform the welfare budget should be scrapped because the problems they cause will cost more to resolve than they will save. I'm not going to argue for no reform. I hate the current system and agree with much of the...
  7. Tangled up in Blue

    Workfare schemes

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-21426928 Should we be sending unemployed graduates (and others) on benefits to Poundland for unpaid "work experience?" Personally I don't think so. Over to you.
  8. TrueBlue

    Unemployed Price

    Been to Bury before and they had this and also noticed this at Orient You pay concession price if your unemployed i.e by showing your signing book when purchasing a ticket. Personally I think its a good idea having been unemployed its a fight to be able to afford to go to games but in the...
  9. TrueBlue

    What the hell!!

    Taken from the Echo site... http://www.echo-news.co.uk/news/9809011.Lottery_grant_helps_unemployed_Bangladeshi_community/ Lottery grant helps unemployed Bangladeshi community 5:44pm Tuesday 10th July 2012 in News UNEMPLOYED members of the Bangldeshi community across Essex have taken up a...
  10. callan

    Lets save Spain

    Being deeply concerned by other posters comments regarding the current economic state of Spain as the Euro implodes on itself, I do not intend to stand idly by and watch things get worse. What is needed is a 'robust plan', put together by Zoners to save this once mediocre country from poverty...
  11. blues_r_best

    Even Bigger News than the Ipad 3

    SimCity V!
  12. TrueBlue

    Football Manager Experiment

    Started a new game unemployed went on permanent holiday and leaving computer on over night see how far I can make the game progress
  13. pringlejon

    Average Rating

    I wanted to do this last season, but uni work prohibited me. However, now i'm an unemployed bum i have a bit more time. My plan is to collate all the ratings given to individual players from the match report and ratings thread to give an average mark per player per game, and then after more...
  14. Hotman

    love it

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1285323/Downing-Street-fly-flag-England-World-Cup.html?ITO=1490 english in charge of england. brown would have probably had a romania flag for the romanians, serbia flag for the serbians, and liverpool flag for our own unemployed
  15. Unbelievable.

    Tories in power for less than half an hour and already a Scottish family is unemployed and homeless.
  16. Clinton Baptiste

    £42k a year benefits!

    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/7585500/Family-on-42000-a-year-benefits-because-they-are-better-off-unemployed.html Sums up the shoddy state of this country. But who can blame people for being so selfish and greedy when our MPs are just the same.
  17. Tangled up in Blue

    Blair: Gaza's great betrayer

    It's more than a year since Israel launched its immoral attack on Gaza and Palestinians are still living on the verge of a humanitarian disaster. So what has Tony Blair done to further peace in the region? Virtually nothing, argues the historian Avi Shlaim Comments (98) Buzz up! Digg it Avi...
  18. Tangled up in Blue

    Out of recession?

    Business Recession Out of recession – but how did we get there and what happens next?Despite tomorrow's good news Labour fears economy may slip back again by the time of a May general election Buzz up! Digg it Patrick Wintour, political editor guardian.co.uk, Monday 25 January 2010 22.10 GMT...
  19. duncan bulgaria

    Scousers join ferrari

    SCOUSERS JOIN FERRARI "The Ferrari F1 team fired their entire pit crew yesterday." This announcement followed Ferrari's decision to take advantage of the British government's 'Work for your Dole' scheme and employ some Liverpudlian youngsters. The decision to hire them was brought about by a...
  20. DoDTS

    Memory Lane Episode No 2 Season 1931-32

    Here is the second article about Season SEASON 1931-32 as was printed in the Southend v Millwall programme. DoDtS Extracts from the “Forgotten Years of the Kursaal”By Peter William Baker Researched from the Southend Standard No.2 A PROMISING START After finishing fifth in the League in...