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  1. Brilliant Invention Please Vote

    One of our members has invented this gadget for fixing things to the plasterboard walls of houses and needs your votes to progress onwards. Please vote to support a local genius and fellow SUFC supporter. https://t.co/QAokuCCOCZ Bladefixing t.co
  2. steveo

    Decorating issue

    Had a load of work done including some plastering but some walls were ok so I painted them with emulsion. Wasn't happy with the finish on one wall s sanded it off. when I repainted it a load of tiny bubbles appeared in the paint, anything from 1mm to 3mm diam. Sanded it off and decided to wash...
  3. Kent Shrimper

    Carpet Fitter / Painter Decorator - Commercial Premises

    Evening SZ We are moving office at the end of the month and I need some dilapidations done to our current place. We are based near London bridge and need to replace the carpet to a specific spec and paint walls / ceiling. It will need to take place between 27th - 30th as we need to hand the...
  4. DIY question

    Doing up a bedroom in our house. The chimney breast from the dining room comes up through this room. There are two sockets on the chimney breast, attached outside the wall using mounting boxes like this... We're getting the walls skimmed and so I thought I could set the sockets into the wall...
  5. Cowards and gutless

    I am still In shock at watching so called full time pros laying down and giving in without any courage or fight,Those players in front of 30000 home fans should have run through brick walls and shed blood for the cause instead they choked on every 50/50 ball,They stood and admired Crewe without...
  6. Hello All

    Hello Everyone, My name is Nick I run the Southend Timeline website, I admit I am not a great follower of Football but always look out for the Southend result, until recently I used to feature the fixture list and results on the website but a change in FA regulations forced me to discontinue...
  7. DIY/New Plaster

    Had a room skimmed, and going to paint it later today. Plasterer said to water down the first coat (50/50), second coat (80/20) and then it'll be fine for a top coat. Do I need to do anything else? Sand/wash the walls??? Cheers pubes
  8. decorating help

    just papered a wall with some lining paper (dodgy walls!), and have some gaps (some quite wide). what's the best way to fill these? My dad just suggests filling and then sanding and painting. dad-in-law recommends decorators caulk(?), but to do a coat of paint first, then fill with caulk and...
  9. Building/DPC help...

    Ok, just had a quote for some work that needs to be sorted on a house we're buying. Spoke to the guy and he reckons that it's 1 days work. Does that price seem reasonable?? Any help/advice gratefully received. j
  10. Need your walls/loft insulated for free?

    If you're with British Gas, get on the website and register quicksmart before the deal fills up!
  11. Cricko

    Australian Prime Minister does it again!!

    The Lady Australian Prime Minister decided to open up a hornets nest.I actually think she makes some fair points. "It took a lot of courage for this woman to speak what she had to say for the world to hear. The retribution could be phenomenal, but at least she was willing to take a stand...
  12. The General

    Barnet -vs- Southend - Fan interviews

    Some interesting foresight ahead and after the Barnet -vs- Southend game! Scrounger, WestRoad and TrueBlue to name but a few! http://www.winkball.com/walls/pWsenAX6prH0/barnet-v-southend-united/
  13. duncan bulgaria

    Kris Akabusi Stories

    How do you like my bit of spare time writing ....i wish !! Akabusi scaled the walls of the £756,000 Sussex mansion with all the stealth of a gekko on a Mallorcan shower wall. As luck would have it the window was open. He dropped in and slipped out of his dungerees and let the cool air caress...
  14. J

    Sunday 27th December? What you up to my friends?

    Guys and Girls, I am in a position to offer an exclusive offer to Southend Fans. What is this to do with Southend United? I hear you ask Well, my fellow shrimperzoners - if you produce a match ticket / season card / or PM me on the board - you will get a discount on your ticket. This is...
  15. J

    What are You Doing on Sunday 27th December?

    Guys and Girls, I am in a position to offer an exclusive offer to Southend Fans. What is this to do with Southend United? I hear you ask ;) Well, my fellow shrimperzoners - if you produce a match ticket / season card / or PM me on the board - you will get a discount on your ticket. This is...
  16. Slipperduke

    Wenger's Vengeance

    Try and imagine, if you will, Arsene Wenger throwing a tantrum. It doesn't really fit in with his professorial demeanour, does it? I can imagine him taking me to one side, putting a hand on my shoulder and telling me that he wasn't angry with me, that he was just disappointed. I can imagine that...
  17. superblue24

    Andy Ansah

    Picked this up off the net.....quite a good read for those who remember the legends of the early 90's... Andy Ansah’s wing wizardry for Southend United between 1990 and 1996 helped propel the club into the upper echelons of English football, as the Shrimpers bagged back-to-back promotions from...
  18. londonblue

    Sky Upgrade Help

    I currently have a very old Sky box. I have been toying with the idea of upgrading to either Sky + or Sky HD. The problem I have is that I have a non standard installation. I have a distribution box in the loft that sends the signal to pretty much every room in the house. The cabling from the...
  19. Slipperduke

    SZ Novella - Chapter 8

    Chapter Eight - The Reduced Hypertherpia of the Closed Mancharia Osymandus pulled on a pair of heavy trousers and sucked the fetid air in through his teeth. Behind him, Rick Astley's body congealed silently on the floor, but of all the contributory factors to the awful smell in the room, he was...
  20. Slipperduke

    Why Bother?

    Why are England playing Holland tonight? Does anyone actually know? International friendlies are pointless and pre-season friendlies are tedious, so why are we combining the two to create one giant 90 minute period of mind-altering boredom? Who stands to gain from this unique conjunction of the...