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  1. Switzerland - help!............. (panini)

    Does ayone have a spare/double sticker of Switzerland's team photo? Would be grealy appreciated if anyone could supply me with it. My mate needs it to COMPLETE his album Please PM me if you have it. Cheers :Worthy:
  2. Napster

    Phil the Pundit

    This Brown thing is a complete non-story. The Sun is owned by the same person who owns Sky, who employ Phil to do punditry etc. So, Phil clearly does not have a problem with his employer otherwise he wouldn't be working there last night. And the story itself is old and hardly news-worthy...
  3. ian_the_girth

    Sega Megadrive I & II

    Does anyone have a fully working Sega Megadrive I or II or both they dont want anymore? Ideally with TV RF cable and power cable. Recently bought a Megadrive II from a boot sale but the power pin on the console is loose and keeps cutting off :thumbdown:. Had a look on Ebay last week and...
  4. Dan Bentley POTY Can he beat the curse?

    Just seen that Dan Bentley has picked up the Trust POTY and the Junior Blues POTY. :thumbsup: Firstly, congratulations to Dan, he's had a pretty remarkable first season as the established number 1 and I think he'll go a lot further. :Worthy: The question is can he go further with us and avoid...
  5. Moto GP 2014

    First race today, 3 Brits on the grid, including Bradley Smith starting on the front row. Proper racing, all bonkers!:Worthy:

    Could this be the start of something big.2013/2014 Season.

    Is this the start of something big again 2013/2014. The teams doing so well this season going from strenth to strenth. Phill Brown done it once can he do it again. He could also beat his old team of which he done it with. Hull city next week.:Worthy:
  7. Mr Brown's Boys do it again........fecking brilliant!

    Brilliant job boys...................roll on Man U at Roots Hall next round!:Worthy:
  8. Blueronron

    Kevin Maher

    Sorry if this has been posted before, noticed he signed for Bray Wanderers and help them stay in the league on final game of the season :Worthy:One King Kevin:Worthy:
  9. Kevin Hogg

    Is it just me?? - England!!

    I have listened to all the experts in the media say that Roy Hodgson should experiment for the Chile and Germany games as they are opportunities to have a look at different players etc..before Brazil in the Summer. I disagree and last night I feel was proof. Roy has been manager for over a year...
  10. Post-Match Thread and Ratings Newport 3 Southend 1

    Any of the dedicated travelers wish to give their comments and ratings ? We salute you all. :Worthy:
  11. Yorkshire Blue

    BBBC - the legend

    Great to see Corr:Worthy: restored as the focal point of our attack. It's no coincidence that him being belatedly restored to the line-up has seen us improve. Some stats for you: Games the legend that is Barry Corr:Worthy: starts W 6 D 2 L 2* Games the legend that is Barry Corr:Worthy: is...
  12. Memory Lane Happy Birthday Billy Best!

    For all the misty-eyed brigade on here, next Saturday 7th September, the legend that is Billy Best will celebrate his 70th birthday. It is now over 40 years since his 6 seasons of playing for The Shrimpers ended 1967-68-1972-73. In that time, Billy played a total of 247 matches and amassed an...
  13. Jamie Stuart, Damian Scannell

    Both played for Sutton Utd yesterday vs Concord Rangers at the Aspect Arena. Scannell, who recently left Eastleigh, citing lack of guaranteed 1st team football, started on the right midfield. The one time terroriser of the Leeds Utd defence was subbed at half time due to injury. Stuart, used...
  14. RobB11

    Goalkeeper wanted for Sunday League team

    Hi, my Sunday team (Disaronno Rovers 2nds, Sceptre League Div. 8) need a goalkeeper for this coming season. You do not have to be amazing, all I ask is that you are committed and can turn up every week. If anybody plays in goal or knows somebody who does then please get in touch, either PM or...
  15. New Job Needed

    I know jobs are hard to come by at the moment and I'm lucky to have one at all but was just wondering... If anyone knows or hears of and Admin or Facilities Jobs going in the area or London could you pass the info to me please . Thanks :Worthy:
  16. onlyonekingkevin

    Junior Agogo

    HEY! :smile: who remembers Junior Agogo ? well he's a free agent now and although he's 33 , anyone feel he could do a job down here next season ? also ... who remembers his amazing goal against us at Roots hall in the area final of the LDV trophy , probably the best goal i have seen . :Worthy:
  17. Uncle Leo

    Biggest load of drivel I've ever heard

    Not sure how they got my details, but some loons have sent me an email suggesting I sign a petition to protest about there being no women (other than HM The Queen) on British bank notes. Whoever wrote this needs to get out more. "Mervyn King, the Governor of the Bank of England, has announced...
  18. European music artists of any worth.

    Lets face it, most music from our European neighbours is dismal, so let's start a list of those bands/artists who's musical output is worthy of a spot for ShrimperZone's musical fascists :winking: Sweden - Abba, Wannadies, The Knife. France - Les Negresses Verte, Daft Punk. Iceland -...
  19. Tangled up in Blue

    "April is the cruellest month"

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-21991953 The coalition government's cuts programme kicks in today, appropriately enough on April Fools Day but it's no joke for Britain poor,the elderly and families on benefits in general (many of whom are actually in work). Even Frank Field described the bedroom...
  20. Question As they walk out onto the Wembley turf.

    I wonder what music the team will have blazing out loud as the walk out of the Wembley tunnel,to the roar of the supporters. I reckon AC/DC " THUNDERSTRUCK " would be great, what do you people suggest.:Worthy: