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  1. Mohave Shrimper

    Best YouTube Film Ever (Star Wars Fans Only)

    I give you Star Wars Uncut http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ezeYJUz-84 :Worthy: The whole of Star Wars New Hope made up from 15 second fan films.
  2. ShrimperZone's greatest posts - 2012

    Shamelessly stole this idea from another board. If you feel a post is worthy of consideration as a 2012 great post, then quote it in here. At the end we could have a poll or something...
  3. fbm

    Direct football - the associated benefits

    Reading Jack Sampsons interview in todays Echo, it's clear he only came to us because of our league position. I quote - "I had a few different options and a few clubs came in for me but one look at the league table will tell you why I chose to come here." Now I know that many have moaned about...
  4. DTS

    Question How do I convert a Jpeg into a PDF

    Ladies and Gentleman. A cutomer has sent me some doucments as a JPEG which Ineed to convert into a PDF or a TIF? When I open the document its opens up in Microsoft Office 2010????? Can one of you computer geeks thats was playing with networks and stuff when i was out with girls help please...
  5. Cricko

    Good Blog from Old_Holborn

    Taxing Festive Cheer - a new lowI do hope you all enjoyed the festivities over Christmas. Perhaps, like I, you drank a fine wine with friends, or smoked a cigar with your Cognac to celebrate one of the few remaining holidays the taxman allows us revenue producing drones. No sooner have we put...
  6. DoDTS

    Memory Lane Aldershot game off Old News

    Not to make light of the fiasco of yesterday, history tends to repeat itself, the game at Aldershot is certainly proof of this as the following from the 1949-50 season proves: Div.3 (South) Saturday 19th November 1949 Aldershot v Southend United Abandoned. This match is best forgotten, it was...
  7. Shrimpers are Magic


    Did anyone else notice how thoroughly cheesed off Johnson looked at the half time kick about with the other subs. To be honest I had to look away as it was too cringe worthy.
  8. Spartan

    You do know Brighton are top of the Championship ?

    Have a look at the table. I'm wetting myself here. Gus Poyet :Worthy:
  9. Two wingers

    Now that we seem to have two wingers worthy of the name, could we afford to play both wide players, espcially if clubs come here and play five in the middle with only one up front, my thinking is its possible we could be slightly outguned with only two central midfielders. Personally id like to...
  10. CSBLUE

    Yellow away shirt - wanted !!

    In need a yellow shirt for a 5 aside team - I saw the club reduced them to £20 in preperation for the new away strip but have now sold out :'( Alas i turn to the SZ faithful. Does anyone have the old yellow away shirt in size MEDIUM they wish to sell for say, £15? :Worthy:
  11. Rusty Shackleford

    Health reforms 'will benefit most vulnerable in society'

    In a letter published in The Daily Telegraph, 42 family doctors, who together lead 1,100 practices across England, call on the Government to press ahead with the Health and Social Care Bill, and not withdraw support for Andrew Lansley, the embattled Health Secretary. Read the full article here...
  12. Yorkshire Blue

    Eng V SL

    Was really looking forward to this summer's series against Sri Lanka but Sri Lanka have pretty much named a second string bowling attack. Murali has of course retired (as did Vaas a year or two back), but Malinga is being kept back for limited overs cricket, as is Angelo Mathews and there is no...
  13. Breaking News Please Support in aid of the Bobby Moore cancer fund this match people

    Tuesday May 3rd 6pm at Roots Hall In aid of the Bobby Moore cancer fund the first annual Ivor Samuels memorial Cup between Southend United Old boys V Westcliff Wanders. To raise funds for this worthy cause and celebrate the Life of Southend fan and good friend Ivor Samuels (aged 45) who died...
  14. Bexley Blue

    Latest Rumours Tilson still not seen his money?

    Thought this was worthy of being in the main forum for now, rather than in the 'Ex-Shrimpers' forum where hardly anyone will see it. A little birdie told me recently that Mr. Tilson still hasn't seen any of the monies that he is owed by the club. That includes wages for 3 months before he was...

    PL Weekly Points Round 38

    Finally FINALLY the PL bursts into life with an absolute hatful of points being earnt, really there are too many performances worthy of mention i'd be here all night but i do want to offer congrats to Brettie Angell, S2tc and Lucky Luca who haven't shown their best form being honest, all are...
  16. Homer

    New Modified Car Club for essex

    Hey there, :welcome: Join up to the newest upcoming and gorwing Modified Car Club of the South East. www.essexpistonheadz.co.uk Click into the forum which is FREE to join and get involved, the forum includes all sorts of information that you might need to know whether its from parts selling...
  17. If Only

    Oh wow: :Worthy: http://www.southendunited.co.uk/page/Gallery/0,,10444~2276624,00.html Oh that picture of Barker (bottom row, middle) ! What I'd do if I ever saw him in the flesh!! I'm jealous of those that have been so lucky...
  18. chadded

    Best ever individual displays

    Following on from Yorkshire Blue's thread about inept displays, I thought I might as well start one about towering displays of immenseness. Off the top of my head, I have to nominate Freddy Eastwood's debut, on Sat 16 Oct 04. If scoring after 7 seconds of your debut isn't enough, he finishes...
  19. Benfleet A1

    Now I Know What the Helmets For.

    Since joining my new company things have moved along in the recovery world for me. My gaffer is one of these chaps who wont ask you to do something he wouldn't or couldn't do himself which is in sharp contrast to the last lot. He loaths paperwork and if the true is told, sitting in his office...

    PL Weekly Points Round 15

    I can only assume the high scores enjoyed in the week were a false dawn as it was back to below par this time around .. S2tc makes a rare appearance at the top table, along with The Big Shrimp who emerged from a poor trot of form to share the lead this week .. though being honest 7 isn't really...