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SJP Taxi and Private Hire
Oct 26, 2003
Hockley now on loan to Rayleigh
When I was 18 (younger and even more stupid then now) I use to drink on pier hill at Charlies Bar (Motels) mainly because I use to work at the Palace Hotel when I left school and I use to drink with some of the worst people in Southend, Druggys, ponce's and thieves the lot but during that time at the top of pier hill opposite the Royals car park was a small independent bookies I use to go in and the bloke use to give me at least a point more on any bet so anyway it was a typical Sunday I would go down to charlies bar with about £50 notes in my pocket and drink Carlsberg all day for £1.40 a pint anyway today on my walk round I went into the bookies that I mentioned above and went on roulette machine from £30 I worked this machine up to £500 then £750 then £1000 pound after hitting the thousand I walked literally shaking - 18 year old with a grand in his pocket? game on! I had about £70 over the grand on me so I pocketed that and look at the days football...

Manchester United v Arsenal in Charity Shield

walked out and went to the bar for a drink met some regulars and started to feel a bit flash so I said to myself **** it lets do this walked out back up the hill to the bookmakers and stuck 1000 notes on Manchester united win!

Well suffice to say Man U did win and I now had around 2000 so the day went past and got quite drunk and rang my mate Tarquin to come pick me up, he does and he drives me to the rendezvous casino, Tarquin had to wait in the car as he was still 17 so I walk into the casino and I start betting £100 here and £100 on red or black and thirds etc...

Well it was weird I was winning so much money I would take a loss then go double on the repeat bet and claw it back till I had finished I cashed up and walked out of the casino got in the car and with a big smile on my face went and threw on the seat 1 x 1000 note bundle then 2 then 3 then 4 then 5.... in the end I had just thrown 8 thousand pound on his passenger seat both our eyes lit up as it sunk in.

Tarquin drove me home and on the way back I was thinking what to spend it on, maybe a new exhaust for me car or something like that? I got home when upstairs woke me mum up this was around 12 midnight me dad was away playing golf in Ireland if I remember so anyway I woke her up and put all the money on the bed, she was so pleased for me as she knew I could pay off my first car finance with that and be a bit more comfortable each month (bless her) she wanted to put it in the safe I said no way I will keep it in my room.....

Now this is the lesson part

I laid on my bed thinking I am invincible I cant loose, lets go again?

5 mins later Tarquin is back to pick me up and take me to the casino all the way he is saying you sure your sure I told him that I am the master just 1 more time.

I get to the casino with all 8 grand I walk in and this time its stupid bet time £500 on reds or blacks or thirds at one point I bet 1 thousand pound on black, then loss after loss after small win after loss. I cashed in and walked out.

Got back to the car sat in the seat looking a broken man but Tarquin thought it was me playing a game, I pulled out a small wad of 10 pound notes....

From 8 thousand pound I had £70 left

I was very sober at this point we drove back to mine I said come on we are going out in my car I needed to clear my head so me and Tarquin drove for miles through the night till we ended up in Chichester on the south coast, nice town quite affluent which did not help my spirits we pulled up in a car park and chatted till I fell asleep, then it was Monday morning people on there way to work in Chichester, I felt so low we went to the bakery and then I drove home.

For 1 night I felt invincible it cost me all I had won you could look on it like it was all profit but when your 18 earning just over £3 an hour at work its as good as any drug I have ever taken.

A fool and his money are easily parted.
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