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An Interesting Idea

Aug 11, 2008
Found this on one of my favourite blogs - Old Holborn

I believe that one of the key factors in the “hell in a handcart” decline of the UK is the absence of a justice system that punishes a criminal. There are too many instances to mention and I don’t see any real chance of anything changing. Decent law abiding citizens will continue to be raped, mugged, stabbed, beaten, set fire to and burgled by an ever growing underclass of amoral thugs until they have everything they want. The Police are not interested in stopping it, the Gummint are not interested in stopping it, large swathes of pen pushing Righteous are not interested in stopping it.

I am interested in stopping it.

So I want to start a campaign that will simply scare the ****ing ***** out of all of the above. This is your cut out and keep guide to protecting you, your loved ones and your hard earned property. It will cost you some money and it may cause you a little concern, but I believe it would work.

Step ONE.

Buy a gun safe. Basically a metal cabinet that is lockable and bolted to the floor. £100.

Step TWO

Apply for a shotgun licence. You will need to do this online via your local Police Force. You will need to find one person to sign your form who knows you and some photos.


A man will come to your house and check your application, look at your gunsafe to make sure it is secure.


Buy a shotgun and some ammunition, put it in your gunsafe. (£250)


Put this in your front window.

If MILLIONS of us were armed with a simple shotgun, burglary would plummet over night. Feral thugs would have to risk their very existences every time they decide to kick someone to death for objecting to them ****ing up their car. The 646 shaved baboons in Gummint would think twice about treating the common man with such utter contempt. We would, in effect, become empowered.

A shotgun in YOUR house will give you back some of the power that the State has taken away from you. You need never load it or fire it. Just owning one will send a very loud message to ALL the ***** out there who want to **** with you that you will not take it lightly anymore. You have a means of defence. You can and will defend you and yours with lethal force if required. It will also tell the Police that you have had enough of staring down the barrels of criminals guns and are now happy for criminals to stare down YOUR legally held barrels for a change.

My first thought was that the guy's slightly mental. But maybe he's got a point.....