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  1. Today's debate - former 'war hero' gets 15months for owning a gun

    Too harsh/too lenient/just right? The amount of people going crazy about this seems completely out of kilter with my view - he owned an illegal firearm, his SAS past is irrelevent (except for the fact that he's a highly trained killer, someone I'd rather not have an illegal firearm). Anyway...
  2. Cricko

    I am confused

    RM did say that with the Wembley money coming in we would break even this season..I don't know how much we took or get from ticket sales but if we sold 31,000 and had say £10 out of each ticket that is 310k.The merchandise must of raked in 50k. There must also of been at least 1000 new season...
  3. TrueBlue

    A Simple Opinion Poll

    Simple poll a yes or no is required none of this but who else is there crap I just want the club to see an opinion rating on shrimperzone whether we want Ron Martin running/owning/destroying etc... whatever you want to call it.
  4. Razam

    Anyone good at writing Business Proposals *cough-begging letter-cough*??

    I know the likelyhood of anyof these taking over is very remote, but....
  5. C C Csiders

    Musical Guilty Pleasures

    Cleanse your souls by owning up to the songs/music you secretly love, but would not dare tell anyone about: Mine are: Leave Right Now by Will Young Grandad by Clive Dunn Amsterdam by Jacques Brel Plus a lot of Coldplay songs!
  6. Cricko

    Breaking News Today's Echo - Who owns the Blues?

    Who own's the Blues.... It seems that Sainsbury's are not far off from owning the lot with the loans they have shelled out and the controlling interest they will have if debts are not repaid. The article is far to long (4 pages) to post it all here but the main points as I see it are. Rm's...
  7. Cricko

    Down Down Deeper and Down

    Ok we are down..is this a new beginning or a total mismanagement of our football club..IMO we have been sent down the river for a pocket full of gold. I cannot remember when in my 40 odd years of supporting SUFC when I have felt so low....we have such a great fan base as this site shows..and we...
  8. Ground into oblivion !!

    Why do many people believe that having a new ground ,will make us a better team.The rent will be out of our control,into the hands of the greedy property developers.The projections given by RM will not make too much difference.I only feel doom and gloom at this moment in time.Will someone please...
  9. Medway Blue

    Why don't I feel Christmassy yet?.....

    .....because I've realise what a ******* Santa is, that's why. I mean, aside from the dubious idea of an elderly man entering the bedrooms of sleeping children and emptying his sacks, what else does he do? Think about it: 1) Parking offences - how many parking tickets must he pick up with his...
  10. TJC

    Question Questions for the consortium

    Thought we could gather some questions that would be useful to ask the consortium about their intentions. Not that they will get asked or answered, but just a gathering of thoughts/concerns etc. To start the ball rolling: If you are just buying the club for £1 with no assets, what are you...
  11. sufc_tom

    Police dogs die in car

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/nottinghamshire/8129826.stm I hope the people who left the dogs in the car get the 6 months in prison and the £20,000 fine along with it. Now most likely, the people involved will get a telling off and told to be more careful about what they do. No prison...
  12. DTS

    Question Should you always bring food/drink to a gathering

    Last night Mrs Dts and I hosted a BBQ for Mrs DtS friend who is a girl (Thought best not say girl friend or I will get all the Brighton jokes) and her fella. So the girls can discuss table plans. Really like her fella. Good lad who likes a beer. Mrs DtS mate is a good girl, massive set and...
  13. Rusty Shackleford

    An Interesting Idea

    Found this on one of my favourite blogs - Old Holborn I believe that one of the key factors in the “hell in a handcart” decline of the UK is the absence of a justice system that punishes a criminal. There are too many instances to mention and I don’t see any real chance of anything changing...
  14. Slipperduke

    Chelsea v Everton

    Chelsea hauled themselves to within two points of Manchester United with a 1-0 victory over Everton that I would be tempted to call dour, if it hadn't have preceded the least informative press conference since Rafa Benitez told us nineteen times that he was concentrating on coaching the team...
  15. Yorkshire Blue

    Southend United players and their pets

    Recent(ish) signing Charlie Mulgrew is a big fan of tropical fish, which made me wonder what pets our current players have. We all know Freddy had some horses to pull his caravan, goalkeeping legend Paul Sansome had a hamster called Hammy but what of our current crop? I know of the following...
  16. Anyone got an unwanted BANJO?

    I'm looking for a banjo - to fill my life long ambition of owning a banjo can anyone help?
  17. Bluetonic

    Things that aren't cool

    I was in college earlier, sipping a Capri-Sun, when I realised that there is no way anybody drinking said beverage could look cool in anyway. Firstly, the drinks shape and packaging is notoriously ugly, and it has always seemed like a child's drink. Following on from this I thought of other...
  18. Signed First Team Football

    The princes Trust have a signed football from the southend first team which we would like to sell to raise funds for our team challenge. The team challenge is to help disadvantaged young children. We are going to take them out next week so we would like to sell the football hopefully before...
  19. DTS

    Best practical joke you have played?

    Mine must have been about 7 years ago. I was working for Yorkshire Building Society at the time in a small branch outside Brighton. My old boss was called Greeny. Really nice bloke if not a little weird but me and him got on great. He was always coming in with hooky goods he had for sale or...
  20. Mad Cyril

    Favourite ever item of clothing.

    Simple question: What is the best item of clothing you have ever owned? Mine would be a Carlsberg Special Brew T-shirt which I obtained after calling the consumer helpline phone number on the side of the can and spending 20 drunken minutes pleading with the woman who answered the phone to send...