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Junior Blues Co-ordinator
Dec 27, 2007
Not as good an episode as last week's, but still quite fun to watch. With Lucinda as PM for Alpha and Helene for Renaissance, the two teams had to select two items to showcase at the National Wedding Fair, with the one gaining the most orders being the winner. Helene and Sara were moved to Renaissance after the Jenny and Jennifer showdown last week, and Claire swapped over to Alpha.

Helene allowed Michael to convince her it was best if they split into two pairs, both looking at gowns and trinkets/cakes, while Lucinda's team split so one pair looked exclusively at gowns and the other at all the other paraphenalia. This proved to be the masterstroke as at the end of the day, on Raef's recommendation, Alpha went for the top of the range designer gowns of Ian Stuart which then convinced Lucinda and Lee's saucy accessories owner to go with them also. This meant Helene lost out on her choice of accessories and had to settle for cake. They also chose middle of the range coloured dresses - rather tacky in my opinion!

Both teams seemed to do well on the day, with team members all pulling together, although Sara and Michael went a bit over the top in their selling cake technique. Alpha's costly gowns didn't seem to move at all, but as the Fair began to wind down, people who had looked at their expensive gowns early on began to come back, having seen nothing they preferred while looking around. They subsequently sold 3 gowns. Lee did wonders on the saucy stuff, and showed that he is rather silver tongued when it comes to selling techniques, "What size is that, an 8?" to someone obviously larger. Although Renaissance sold 5 gowns, they sold no cake so it was no surprise when those figures were revealed to hear that Alpha had won by approx 4 grand. Nick gave special mention to Claire for her selling skills, and she did, indeed, seem to be much calmer and together working with Lucinda, Lee and Raef. Lucinda did a good job as PM and was backed by her team, who really did work well together.

Helene allowed Alex (losing side 6 times!) to escape the boardroom, and SAS found fault with her, Michael and Sara. I thought it was quite a close call in the end last night and any one of the 3 could go, Sara was chosen, and to me she was probably least culpable but I think SAS had had it in for her from previous weeks. I'd have preferred either of the other two really.

I enjoyed the BBC2 show where they were on about Raef morphing into Superman and his "posh running" and I still think he and Lee are the two to watch. Claire's doing herself some big favours now, with the teams being shaken up again next week we'll see what happens. :)
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