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  1. Time to discard the coloured cards

    For a while now I have thought that a yellow and a red card were insufficient to determine the severity of numerous types of fouls in games; after Saturday at Gillingham I feel even stronger that something needs to be done. Why can we not have a RANGE of punishments shown by a value rather than...
  2. Any Army, ex army on here? Can you tell me why?

    Just watched a programme on the Afghan war. So they are out on patrol, and have a fire fight with 4 taliban. The kill 3 of the taliban and the other escapes and they can't see him. So they call in the Apache helicopter. They fire one smoke flair to show where the taliban fighter is, and the...
  3. Shrimperzone Holiday

    I'm gonna have a break from this forum. I am as disappointed as anyone else about how this season has self imploded, league status is and should always be the most important thing and ultimate goal at the start of any season !!!! However, we are not going down., nor are we fighting off...
  4. Westcliff Shrimper

    Recommendation for a pen to autograph a home shirt

    Afternoon all, SBS Junior has outgrown his first Southend shirt, and I want to get it autographed and framed for him. Does anyone recommend a type of pen (preferably silver coloured ink) that can do the job? Ta all, SBS
  5. DTS

    DtS cooking corner (Coddled Pork)

    Ladies and Gentlemen Tonight Mrs DtS is in for a treat. As she has been out all day I am doing dinner. Now being the busy IFA that I am I cant be spending hours cooking so I am doing an easy dish. As I know as least two people have tried DtS Cooking Corner reciepes in the past I thought I might...
  6. Typical night at the Community Stadium

    Saw this on Football 365. Always nice to have a chuckle at the neighbours...
  7. BoyWonder2

    Charlton's Youth Team Ban Yellow Boots

    Saw this article on the BBC website today in amongst wasting time at work: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/c/charlton_athletic/8715379.stm I quite like that idea. I play Sunday league football and the amount of red/blue/yellow/pink/silver boots that I see is staggering. I'm a...
  8. Fight In Tottenham

    Anyone see crimewatch last night? Absolutely shocking. In Tottenham High Road, a few guys are hanging about after a night out, some are sitting down, looks like they are waiting for a taxi. One is staggering about and clearly drunk, he steps back without looking and knocks into a coloured...
  9. IloveShrimp

    brushy the other side

    Ok, so i have read all of the posts declaring outrage at the Paul Brush dismissal, and the rose coloured spectacle brigade who would have been following him over the WWI trenches. But We have been in free fall for ages. As far as I am aware Paul Brush was the defensive coach. how many clean...
  10. Bielzibubz

    If you were born in the 50's, 60's or 70's

    Doesn't this just some up what it was like growing up and exactly what the kids of today are missing out on? First, we survived being born to mothers who smoked and/or drank while they carried us and lived in houses made of asbestos. They took aspirin, ate blue cheese, raw egg products, loads...
  11. Benfleet A1

    Films that mapped your youth.

    I have got Quadrophenia on the box at the moment which never siezes to entertain me but it got me thinking. When it came out the mod revival was in full swing and as an stroppy short haired, button down Ben Sherman, Staypressed strids and Hush Puppies wearing trend setter, 'Quad' was my bible...
  12. ldnfatso

    Question Wallsall Away kit advice???

    What happened to the OS advice of which coloured kit they was gonna be wearing for away games?
  13. BaileytheQuitter


    I have always been very skeptical about spirits/ghosts etc. But last night I was up North and went to a Church which is abandoned and apparently haunted. Now joking around we all went to have a look around the church. I took a picture of two of the girls we were with and thought nothing of...
  14. I am thinking of buying a new bed...

    Ladies and Gents, I like the idea of the mattresses that mould to your body shape and they seem really comfortable. I have cream coloured walls. I was wondering if you could tell me which bed you find more appealing. Bed 1 - The dark more sophisticated look Bed 2 - Slightly different...
  15. Drewe Broughton

    Watching the egg chasing over the last couple of Saturdays in Crete & met a guy who was a physio/personal trainer. He said he'd been doing close season work for a couple of years with some footballers (loose description I know), one being a Drewe who'd played for MK Dons, near where he lived, &...
  16. Slipperduke

    SZ Novella - Chapter Seven

    Chapter Seven - A Mystery Wrapped In A Riddle And Clad In A Southend United Scarf Ricey knocked once on the door of Osymandus' cottage. With a loud creak that seemed unnecessarily dramatic, it opened slowly to reveal a gloomy mess, lit only by a handful of candles scattered about the room...
  17. Slipperduke

    Prove You're Not A Cheat

    As Cristiano Ronaldo lay on the frozen turf at St James Park watching a chorus line of tiny birds circling his head, I wonder if he had time to ponder the irony of his situation. After years spent convincing referees that he had been fouled when he hadn't, he now finds himself being cynically...
  18. Thorpe Groyney

    Does The Big C Make You A Big C?

    I'm just in from my daily walk. Despite the cold my face is burning up. Although the wander was a modest one, to Southchurch Park, the seafront and then back home, my body aches all over and I'm far too tired for a bloke of my age to be. You see, people, I have cancer - and I'm fare more...
  19. Slipperduke

    Nervous Gunners Slip Through

    Cesc Fabregas is the youngest Arsenal captain since Tony Adams and, appropriately enough, the new era began much like the old one. The Gunners were tentative and unsure of themselves, but recovered their composure to sneak a victory. One nil to the Arsenal? Meet the new boss, same as the old...
  20. seany t

    My pathetic attempt to keep West Ham a two-bit club*

    I've been art directing a set of flyers and posters for a certain football TV company. A bit like Sky, but a bit more yellow coloured, if you catch my drift. This afternoon, I had to make a call on what players to use to promote their televised football fixtures. Now over this festive period...