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The Whippet
Dec 5, 2003
i have just fired this off to C2C customer relations... i think you'll enjoy..

Dear C2C

a bemusing journey home last night...

Having been kicked off the train at Basildon circa 10.30pm we were told there would be buses soon to take us further onwards.

After an hour (and another couple of trains arriving at Basildon kicking off more passengers) a bus finally came... however, we were told by the driver that the problem had been sorted and trains were running again, and that he was going back to Laindon (of course everyone there wanted to go East).... at this point I pointed out to the bus driver that if the problem was cleared, why was there a coroners van sitting in front of him, and 3 police cars dotted about... but to no avail.

So, having walked back to the station, only to be told (by a network rail engineer... as naturally you have no staff at your stations after 10pm) that the trains were indeed, as we all suspected, not up and running again... we returned disgruntled to the bus stop to wait... hopefully.

About 10 minutes later another chap from network rail arrived, and he kindly phoned through for us, and found out a bus would soon be coming... one did arrive, but he said he would only be going as far as Pitsea... we got on... wondering how we would get further..

Anyhow... alas, we got to Pitsea, and there was another bus waiting... the driver of that other bus got off, and told the driver of our bus to carry on to Shoebury... however, the small snag was the driver didn't know the roads... and so a volunteer was asked for... after looking around and seeing half the people were to p*ssed to navigate, and the other half were understandably too hacked off by this point I stepped up to the plate.

The driver I may point out here was a thoroughly nice chap, and is not to blame in any shape or form for the shambles we had to encounter last night.

Anyhow, having guided your bus as far as Southend East (my stop), and entertained your passengers along the way (well lets face it, there hadn't been one single member of C2C staff present during our 'adventure' to try and cheer people up), I arrived home at about 1am.... ready to face my commute inwards at 7am this morning.

Now admittedly, I did volunteer to help, and in a way I quite enjoyed it... however, my job is here and now... not acting as a conductor for your buses. In respect to this, and being stranded for a couple of hours with no direction from any member of staff, I respectfully ask that my fair for yesterday be re-imbursed (I am a season ticket holder).

Many thanks for your time reading, and I look forward to your response.

David Raffaelli (aka C2C's No.1 unofficial Bus Conductor)