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Breaking News Revelling in it! 05/08/09


Revelling In It

This week starring:

‘The Legion Of Doom’ aka Osei Sankofa and Jean-Francois Christophe

Ian ‘Sideshow Bob’ Joyce

Adam ‘Right Said Fred’ Barrett

We’re all a little bit worried at the minute as ever since not being allowed to play in the Toomey Trophy, no-one has seen the (alleged) SUFC Kit Man Steve Parmenter.

We’re not worried for the kit because the real Kit Man Alf Bilby has been doing a magnificent job (as per normal) of stepping into Steve’s boots and I must say that my shirt has never smelt as fresh as when I picked it up at Stevenage last week. No, we are worried because we’ve been missing an extra player in the small sided games leaving us with lop sided teams for nearly a week now!

The Club has tried to keep it from the press and even employed Steve’s twin-brother Shaun to fill in for him at all the games since, including the team photo on Monday, but we feel the time has come to call on the Blues faithful to try and find him.

For those of you who can’t remember, Steve was rejected for the under 18’s tournament at Meet The Blues Day the other Sunday, went about filling his face with food ala Ben Stiller from the film Dodgeball and hasn’t been seen since.

Luckily, we managed to track down the last picture taken of Steve (although he may have put a few pounds on since then) and hope it might jog any witnesses’ memories
If anyone has seen him please write into the Club as Dougie Freedman is lost without his mentor!

On Monday we had our team photo taken for this season, and it’s always nice to see how many of the lads had been to the hairdressers that morning to ensure they were looking sharp for the photo.

Unfortunately Osei (Sankofa) and Jeff (Christophe) must have gone to different branches of the same hairdressers as they turned up with identical mohawks, although no one clearly went to Ian Joyce’s buffant directors as he must be one of the only people in the world to have THAT barnet!!

Adam ‘Fred Fairbrass’ Barrett was pleased to see his body double Adam ‘Richard Fairbrass’ Drew (auction winning squad member) join him in his team photo as the two follickly challenged guys were able to prove that sometimes you don’t need a flash on your camera to brighten up a picture as the glare from their scalps was visible from the end of the pier I’m told! Please also forgive us if you’ve seen the picture and most of us are squinting from the glare but it was either that or have our eyes burned out!!

On the pitch, we played our final pre-season game last week against Stevenage and it turned out to be a tale of two halves. First half, admittedly we were dreadful but I thought we really dug in the second period and were unlucky to come out of the game with nothing. But as I mentioned last week, everything is simply preparation for this week’s season opener against Huddersfield Town here at Roots Hall.

The Terriers are one of a minority of Clubs who have spent heavily over the summer and like us, they’ll be looking to get off to a good start but we know what’s required of us and can’t wait for the game to begin. We know that to be real contenders in this division we need to make Roots Hall a fortress so to speak, which is where you guys come in.

Every single one of us will be trying our hardest out there for you guys and all I ask is that everyone get behind us as much as possible, even when things aren’t going our way. Your support to us has always been immense and whilst I can’t directly speak for the others I know it greatly influences us. By getting behind the team it makes the opposition sit up and take note which in turn makes Roots Hall quite an intimidating experience for them. Without wanting to sound too Delia your support has played a major factor in every piece of success this Club has tasted and as we strive to bring more happiness to you throughout the season, any support you can give us will always be appreciated.

Now let’s be ‘aving you ha ha!

This weeks Dish of the Week comes from the Abergavenny branch of the Revell Cooking Club:

‘Welsh Rarebit’ – Basically it’s a posh cheese on toast, full of carbs! Revs’ tip – add some Worcestershire sauce on it, it really does work, but put the sauce in between the bread and the cheese for a taste sensation (well as much as a sensation you can get from cheese on toast!

Finally, I was saddened to hear the news that Alf Bilby’s wife sadly passed away last week and I’d like to take this opportunity to say that all the players thoughts are with his family at this difficult time.

Take care, and I hope to see you all there on Saturday.

Up the Blues!