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Westcliff Shrimper

Director of Footballs⭐
Apr 8, 2004
With the lovely Mrs Dodd making her annual visit to
the Mecca of Football, a win, and playing well, was
needed - and we got both.  Kinda.

A win is a win is a win, but we had to work hard to
get it, and the level of fitness between the Blues and
the Cherries was very evident, especially in the
second half.

Other people on this list are better at match reports,
so here is my ratings, player by player:

1. Flahavan - 7 out of 10 - I thought that Flavs was
carrying an injury as he was throwing the ball out to
either full-back so often, but he did kick the
goal-kicks, so hats off to the coaching team for
realising that Flavs used to slow the game down too
much by not throwing out the ball.  Not today.  Had no
chance with their goal, and came out for a couple of

2. Jupp - 7/10 - I have had some good discussions with
Paul Yeomanson on the Jupp vs Hunt at full back issue,
and today showed his good and bad points - i.e.
excellent going forward, and always gave an option to
the midfield, however he does dive in a bit, leaving
Prior exposed.  Good game from the Scotsman.

3. Wilson - 6/10 - Didn't contribute much going
forward, but dependable as usual.  Was left exposed
for Bournemouth's goal.

5. Prior - 6/10 - Leden-footed, and possibly could
have been rested for Edwards, with 4 games in 8 days.
Did put the pass through for Gray to run onto for the
penalty/sending off.

6. Barrett - 8/10 - Mr Determination, but we have come
to expect that over the last 18 months.  Tilly said
that all new contracts would be discussed in the New
Year - lets hope AB is first in the queue.

7. Gower - 7/10 - Excellent first half, but faded in
the second, to be replaced by Petts.  Everything went
through him, and always caused problems.  

8. Maher - 7/10 - Better game from the captain than of
late.  Seems to be happier with Gutts alongside him
than Smith - left the corners to Gower, which was a
welcome change.

16. Guttridge - 7/10 - Isn't quite match-fit, and the
foul that led to his booking was the result of
tiredness, in my opinion.  As said above, seems to
compliment Maher better than Smith, and could have had
a goal before the cracker that turned out to be the
winner.  Does he score scrappy goals?

14. Cole - 5/10 - Hasn't the fitness level to play so
many games in such a short space of time, and I was
surprised to see him return for the second half.
Expect to see Petts or Bentley start against

23. Eastwood - 7/10 - Dropped deep a lot to get the
ball when he should be further up the pitch.  Replaced
by Lawson after seeming to pick up a knock, and was
unlucky to hit the post after producing a chance out
of nothing.

10. Gray - 8/10 MOM - Worked hard, gave everything,
and deserved his goal.  Simple decision for the ref,
as only Gray has the pace to get onto a through ball
like that, and was never going to be caught.  Defender
could have no arguments over the red-card.

Subs: Bentley - 6/10 - Doesn't like playing on the
right, and it shows.  Still got the first touch of a
baby elephant, but motors around well.

Lawson - 5/10 - Needs to beef up a bit, as he gets
knocked off the ball too often.  Has gone backwards a
bit (ala Kightly), but will get better.  Hopefully.

Petts - 6/10 - Same Petts performance as usual, busy
player, but not a threat going forward.  Should start
against Blackpool - if not him, then Bentley instead
of Cole.

Second in the league (on goal difference) going into
2006 - lets hope the transfer window brings us a
couple of new players.  Frank Lampard and Thierry
Henry would be nice.

A mention needs to be made about the Bournemouth
players - the right back (James O'Connor) had a good
game, as well as Andrew Surman, who looks about 12.
Worth a look Tilly?

Happy New Year to everyone.