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  1. Breaking News Club Accounts/AGM

    Just received details of the accounts from the club to be discussed on the 27th April at the Civic Centre.Anyone that understands balance sheets your comments and views would be appreciated
  2. Question Peter Clarke

    I know we have discussed this before and I couldn't find the right thread. However, it would really nice if our Stadium Announcer would acknowledge Peter Clarke when he announces the teams for the last time just before kick off. He played over 100 games for the Club and played in the Manchester...
  3. The Big Dady

    Ken Hare (Groundsman)

    Ken Hare the Head Groundsman at Roots Hall has left the club. This followed referee Charles Breakspear calling off the home match against Bolton due to a frozen pitch on Saturday 21st Jan 2017. Ken has been with the club over 27 years loyal service, and while not wanting to go into everything...
  4. Proposed Football Rule Changes

    When I first saw this on social media yesterday, I thought it was another piece of "Fake News", but perhaps it's not. The main stream media (newspapers and Sky Sports News etc) seem to be following the story. Have Fifa & Marco Van Basten completely lost the plot? or do you welcome these...
  5. Bielzibubz

    Global Warming - Your Points of View Discussed

    Following on from the tail end of another thread and with Trumps comments in the run up to his election win I ask this question. Is global warming due entirely to man's inability to see the warning signs and act accordingly to safeguard the future. Is it, as some suggest, a naturally...
  6. British Land - New Stadium

    Very rare for me to post something, but hopefully the start of some positive news... ahead... sometimes! Last night I attended a networking event in central London for building contractors, developers etc. The regional development Director from British Land, confirmed directly to me, they are...
  7. The 'Requirement Policy' Now - Your Thoughts

    This is my first thread post, so be kind people. Towards the end of last season we were told by Phil Brown ‘I want to have my transfers done early’ and there were mentions of a requirement policy which we as supporters discussed quite heavily. I’m not saying it’s a...
  8. londonblue

    SUFC, SUFC, and SUFC

    I know I've asked this before, and been given an answer, but a) I've forgotten the answer, and b) I can't find the thread it as discussed on. Anyway, has there been any other season where all three SUFCs have been in the same division? (I think the answer was that it has happened once before.)
  9. fbm

    Latest Fossets Farm developments

    From a friend of mine "For all my SUFC supporter friends to make you aware Cabinet debated a report yesterday on the withdrawal of the CP order on Roots Hall / Fossetts Farm, as current CP order is now Null & Void. Owner has been given several opportunities to address concerns & has failed to...
  10. Jack Bridge

    Am looking for some genuine feedback from the 'Zone' on Jack Bridge. Have never seen him play and, as the U21 will be playing on Tuesday afternoons, am not expecting to see him any time soon. Am just curious exactly how close people would consider him to be to the First XI? I've heard/read...
  11. CC51DAS

    Question Least Goals - Most points

    Apologies if this has already been discussed but do any of the statto's of you out there know if 84 points has ever been acheived by scoring fewer than our 54 goals ?
  12. OldBlueLady


    Please explain to me what the current penchant for facial hair amongst you male types is all about? I don't know any women who actually like them, so presumably they're being "cultivated" purely for the owner's pleasure! To me, and to female work colleagues and amongst friends, where we've...
  13. What achievable improvements would you like to see?

    As you may recall, I attended a Supporters Groups Forum on behalf of the Zone a little while back, instigated by the Shrimpers Trust. At that meeting we discussed getting together a 'shopping/wish list' of things that the supporters in general feel could improve their experience of supporting...
  14. Is the passing game dead?

    As I mentioned on another thread, I've watched a fair few Ryman Prem games this year and have been surprised by how direct it is. It is very much headers and volleys for 90 minutes with the ball very rarely going sideways to the widemen & fullbacks where there is space. I discussed this with a...
  15. Peshawar (safe-thread no politics)

    Jesus Christ, simply heartbreaking news coming out of Pakistan. Rumours that over 100 children have been massacred. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/live/world-asia-30491113 :'(:'( P.S. No politics here. That can be discussed elsewhere if you want.
  16. Set Pieces

    As someone rightly pointed out in another thread that we seem to lack a presence in the box for corners, I thought a new thread to cover set pieces should be discussed. This season in particular we don't seem to be a threat from them. Not just corners but free kicks and throw-ons. Without...
  17. Embedded tweets

    Embedded tweets would be a really good feature for the board I reckon - I think it can be done. A lot of what gets discussed on here comes from twitter so it'd be good if tweets being mentioned could be properly embedded. Then people can click on that tweet to link back to it, see who actually...
  18. Shrimperstrust

    Shrimpers Trust News Response to questions regarding Contingency Plan

    Contingency Planning Having created a business contingency plan many years ago, I knew how complex potentially this could be. The key was in deciding what constituted a disaster and agreeing on a level of detail that was manageable but effective. Over several committee meetings, various...
  19. Shrimperstrust

    Shrimpers Trust News Supporter Engagement – Working Together

    At our Trust Committee meeting held on Monday 1st September, supporter engagement and specifically how the Trust interacts with other Southend United supporter groups was discussed at length. Firstly we would like to acknowledge that we do not have all the answers and understand that there...
  20. Favourite painting in National Gallery

    This was being discussed on the Jeremy Vine show as I was going to the tip. I'm sure it's been done before but here goes. What's your favourite painting that you must see if you go to the National Gallery. I must always see amd usually go straight to...