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  1. RHB

    There but not there

    There was a chunk of BBC Breakfast time about this Charity this morning. Following on from the poppy displays at the Tower a few years back a new project has been set up to remember those that fell in the first World War. Profits from sales from the web site will go towards the following...
  2. £48,000 salary and will not contribute

    Was listening to my parents conversation about their friends daughter,she lives with them aged 26 and has a nice salary of 48k per year.She refuses to pay them anything toward food or bills and she even makes them pay for her own cat and dog which she badly wanted. Crazy stuff.
  3. Mad Cyril

    Question Local questions, local answers.

    Feel free to contribute. Does anyone know what the **** Moose Lodge in Leigh is all about? I like to think it is like Leopard Lodge from Happy Days and wonder if they have an analogue of The Grand Poobah?
  4. 95-96

    First let me introduce myself I'm Steve and I contribute to the football stats site Soccerbase, We currently trying to find out stats for seasons starting 92-93 too 95-96 and hit a bit of a brickwall regarding season 95-96. Some books have been very helpful but need your help on the...
  5. Benefit Society !

    The Tories intend to freeze benefits for the unemployed and so called needy . I discovered recently a family I know receive £2,400 every 4 weeks excluding their council rent,Add the rent costs and they are on 3k or take home £750 each and every week! How many of us take home £38,000 after...
  6. Car Tax

    With the changes being implemented in October i believe as you will no longer have a physical disc to display, my question is : Isn't about time this was abolished perhaps in favour of adding a couple of pence per litre to fuel to cover the shortfall in revenue? My reasonings behind this are...
  7. Writers needed

    Hi everyone, I manage a football website that is looking for writers. The website is new this season and we are looking for writers to create articles for all 92 clubs in the English leagues. At this stage and until the site becomes a success we are asking for writers to contribute for free...
  8. Cricko

    Zone Update Ldnfatso Collection For Flowers

    After having a chat with Naps and Steven's relatives on Saturday we asked what we The Zone members should do to honour him at his funeral. It was decided that we should send flowers from all of us. Although the date has not been set yet we feel now is the time to ask those that knew him and...
  9. Old reader but new poster!

    Hi all, there I was getting annoyed at all the new years resolution talk when I realised that the one thing I definitely SHOULD make an effort to do this year is to contribute to this site rather than simply relying on the contributions of others to get me through my commute/lunchbreak! First...
  10. The Tuesday Debate - Paid to breastfeed?

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-24908670 http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-24900650 This is research that some colleagues in my department have been working on. Basically, women in deprived areas (where breastfeeding rates are low) are paid £200 worth of shop vouchers to breastfeed. What do...
  11. Question Southend United Sticker Book/Card Collection?

    Hi all, I have come up with an idea of making a Southend United sticker book/card collection. I will be making the sticker book/card folder myself and the stickers/cards will be all of my own photos. I can then possibly sell it, after asking permission from the club of course, which i reckon i...
  12. OldBlueLady

    Ron's address on "Developments with the Council" from programme v Bristol Rovers

    Ron's address on "Developments with the Council" from programme v Bristol Rovers As this had been requested by others on the match report thread, I thought I would post this so it's a bit more easily found for those interested... Includes Capital Letters where originally written! :winking:
  13. Nice touch from Crewe

    Just seen this on their website. nice for our fans to contribute during the 6th minute. http://mobile.crewealex.net/news/article/our-thanks-to-southend-fans-758633.aspx?pd=635009604660000000
  14. Official Match Thread Orient vs Southend United

    Anyone not going to the match or the pub or casino please contribute on our important match.
  15. Calling Football Writers

    Hi all. I have started up my own blog/website which I am hoping to make big. I was wondering if anyone is keen to help write for or contribute towards? This is the link: http://footballbrains.wordpress.com/ We currently have three other writers but it was only created a month ago and we are...

    Breaking News Trust asked by club to contribute to tour AGAIN

    Bloody cheek !!!! I guess last year was a tester, only Scotland after all this year Spain Where next year ?? Florida ???
  17. Just a quick hello

    Joined the board as I'm interested in how the Blues are doing, and reading various opions of the supporters. Left Southend about 30 years ago and lived in Kent since. Been back to Roots Hall a few times over the years, and away games at Gillingham and Wycombe (when I used work there), plus had...
  18. londonblue

    Aldershot Town and the Small Claims Court

    I've just spoken to a lawyer about a claim against Aldershot. He was interested that I would want to claim the full cost of my ticket on the basis that Aldershot knew about the floodlight issue before kick off and went ahead anyway. My justification for this is that I can't be sure I will be...
  19. Ron Manager

    Greetings from a chuffed exile

    It's been ages since I've posted on here, not that I've stopped supporting of course. I still read the forum regularly but not being able to watch the team I find it hard to contribute with anything meaningful. But have to express my delight (and suprise if I'm honest) at being top of the...
  20. Smiffy

    Re: Prospects - Time to make a stand

    Re: Prospects - Time to make a stand So what with the Echo article the other week, it appears Prospects are again playing hard ball. You can in a way see their point, failed completions etc, but as a local business and not a private site for personal gain. Surely it is in their interest to go...