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Life President
Jan 21, 2007
There has been much said on here over the last few days and there does seem to be two/three camps.

The First is i will support my club through thick and thin and buy my season card with ron martin there or not and i dont beleive that chanting martin out will help anybody and just makes the fans look stupid.

The second is i love the club but have had enough , but im still going but genuinely beleive that Ron martin should get all the abuse we can muster and dont care if some of the other fans dont like it.

The third is the i used to go but refuse to go anymore and put any money in the pocket of ron martin and will not be returning until the new ground is underway or Ron has left the club.

The one thing we did have amongst our fan base in recent times was unity. That for me is the biggest obstical that we have had to face. There is a defenite devide appearing and one that is alienating both side from each other and i would not be surprised if the fans turned on themselves at some point in the near future.

We are now at the cross roads that i hoped in time we would avoid.

We are in the car and in the rear window are the good players we had and promotions and cup runs and ofcourse tilly and brush with all our smiley faces waving at us .

The turning to our left is one of hope and optimism. Play-offs and possitive news of our stadium and a real future for southend united.

The turning to our right is relegation sub 4k crowds and Ron being removed by sainsbury's having not paid any money back and being nowhere starting the stadium.

Make no mistake at all. Things have come to ahead. HRMC will need paying soon an agm is on the way and questions regarding the stadium will need answering not just by us and shareholders, but more worryingly sainsbury's who have the ability to end us!

Just so you know im camp 2. I cancelled my seaso DD last month and when that runs out i wont go again while Ron martin stays or things change. By my reckoning i have paid until jan/feb so we will see what happens by then. Ive been going nearly 20 years and have never felt so bad and emotionless at the way the club feels right now.

What i cant understand if im honest is why people pour scorn over those that shout abuse at Ron martin.

Ron martins way of running the club of the last year has made me feel physically sick and anxious.

If me shouting abuse at him makes him feel uncomfortable and makes him squirm in his seat then im all for that as its all that i can do. Why should we chant before or after? Whos gonna hear that?

Did it have an effect on the team saturday? No we were already 2 down and dead and buried.
Also we do support the team and have backed the blues over the last 2 seasons when the performances have not deserved the support. Saturday was a mixture of paying good money to watch bad bad football and felling powerless as we lurch from one disaster to the next .

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