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  1. Benfleet A1

    Bon Scott or Brian Johnson

    Been chatting with the daughter on the merits of bands who replace the original lead singer and we agree that it rarely works. AC/DC being one of the few exceptions to the rule. So for those of you who like AC/DC, whos best, Bon or Brian? Said daughter went for Bon and I agree. You lot?
  2. Is relegation a real fear

    Now Bentley has gone and Payne Worrall .Bolger and a few others Plus the loan players Barnett and the Brighton lad whos name escapes me .And we have only brought in 2 players .1 defender and a wide man .1 Who can you see scoring the goals sure not of side Moonie And a youngster with no first...
  3. leeblue

    Start to the season

    Well here we are after the first few games of the Brown era. The ethos certainly seems to that of a hard working physical side that likes to play football when in possession. Many posters on here (including myself) had concerns about the back four as well as the possibility of our front two not...
  4. Tonight Friendly

    whos going? Will it be a youth team?
  5. Whos going to Rochdale tomo

    Me, dont know why but I am! Looking forward to seeing the rest of my new 30,000 mates tomo again. Cant wait
  6. yogi bear up the cagire

    A re-signing which could bring back a bit of bounce to the squad?

    http://www.southendunited.co.uk/news/article/010213-look-whos-back-632465.aspx With all the concentration on the Transfer deadline, this important bit of info may have gone un-noticed? I suppose this could stiffen up the lads resolve a bit! :smile:
  7. FarmdogSUFC

    Question Whos going Northampton

    Quite simply, just wondering roughly what sort of numbers we will be taking. Me and 3 others are going by car so that's a massive 4 already. Who else?
  8. leeblue

    selection headache for crewe ?

    With halls fantastic display last night, mohsni showing composure along with solid defending, great for sturrock to have such depth in his squad, do you think he will tweak things for crewe, I just can not see hall on the bench again tbh, but at whos expense. Grant can stay on the bench for now...

    Laser Eye Surgery

    I'm off to London tomorrow for all my pre-op checks before having laser surgery on Tuesday Must admit to crapping myself a little so having a round of golf in the morning to take my mind off it Anyone here whos had it or thinking about it ?? i'll report back after assuming i can see :Scared2:
  10. Whos under contact, for next season

    Hi Havent been around for a little while now, but does anyone know, who is under contract, for next season? pls direct me if this has been posted already?
  11. So who's going to Lincoln on Saturday and where's everyone drinking?

    I will be there with my wife and best freinds and meeting up with the rest of the gang. I will be in the rittz (wetherspoons) from around 10.00.
  12. Whos going to torquay

    i live in devon and will be at torqauy with my mate who is a torquay fan(a rare breed) will look out for you and try and have a chat, i wont run across the pitch though!!!!!!
  13. Tommy2holes

    We are at a cross roads ....

    There has been much said on here over the last few days and there does seem to be two/three camps. The First is i will support my club through thick and thin and buy my season card with ron martin there or not and i dont beleive that chanting martin out will help anybody and just makes the...
  14. DTS

    Southend Under 11's

    On Sunday I went to watch Southend Under 11's (I think) in a match vs Brighton. I have been promising to go and watch Southend's number one (Lucky Luca) for a while but for the past two seasons it has been rained and then snowed off. Lucky enough though this Sundays game was on. The Mrs had...
  15. Jack The Flag

    So who is attending protest Friday?

    Right there has been confusion into if people are attending Friday or not, Even if the game is cancelled lets hold a protest someone with banners like yestoday. So whos attending to get this **** out of our club?
  16. Pressure - Carlisle at home ...

    wonder how the players will handle the stress ..... and who will step up to the mark .... Francis has . and whos available - Macca ? and my sudden inspiration is stick scannel up top with Vernon ... can't wait for next two games .... can we even dream of getting out of this ?
  17. Benfleet A1

    Kids Just Don't Know Their Born

    While having a wonder around the shop today it suddenly struck me just how little kids know of the real world and what they are missing out on. It started when my missus mentioned our niece and how it must cost her mum a fortune so she can wear all the clobber and make-up yet she hasn't two...
  18. whos with me

    if we go down and sack tilson i will not renew my season ticket.. i dont hink anyone could do better in current circumstances look who we nearly got instead brian talbot another failure on the merry go round ian atkins the same tilly is the only man for the job for me what ever division we are...
  19. Jury service

    Right people, whos done it, whats it like, what do i wear?...ive heard its veryy boring?!?!?! I start my first day of Jury service a week today, only good thing is 2 weeks off work and company still paying my wages :) What can i expect?
  20. Winkle

    Geezer Birds or Effeminate men?

    Right, me and the beloved was discussing her unusual attraction for effeminate men............Before you all start, I do not fall under this catergory as I eminate copius amounts of testosterone on an hourly basis. She however has this attraction for effeminate, if not totally gay men and when I...