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  1. DTS

    but.....Mark Gower debate.

    I find this whole debate over Mark Gower a total farce. I cannot believe some of the utter b******s that I have had the misfortune to read tonight. All this talk of drop Gower, Sell Gower , Gower should never play for us again is I can only assume being said by people that have either never...
  2. Expiring Contracts

    Whos contracts are expiring this summer? does anyone know?
  3. Rusty Lee

    New Take away

    Friend of mine has opened up a new take away in southend called"Something nice", english/european food delivered to your door. I havent tried it yet just wondering of any of the ladies or gentlemen from here may of or had a menu through the door? The guy whos opened it used to work for Conran's...
  4. GregStarz

    Are you brave enough

    To start making your flags and banners for cardiff ? I have started to make a big new flag that i wanna take everywhere with me.. I designed a superb one a website but the fee of £250 put me off !! Looking good so far tho So whos brave enough ? do you already have one ? if so post your pics
  5. TrueBlue

    98 - 05 Best XI

    We can do this for every position and then we can truly see whos the best XI 98-05
  6. Bristol Rovers re LDV

    This has probably been brooched before but if it hasn't then, Hey!!! a first for breakfast cereals. Im sure there are people out there like me who hate coach travel and prefer the choo choo, so what would be the best one to catch next tuesday and whos going to be on it? Prices...
  7. DTS

    4 letter surname team

    Due to my Nazi Esque boss making us all work to 5pm on xmas eve I am stuck in the office. As no-one in there right mind wants to talk about Mortgages on Christmas Eve and in an attempt to relieve the bordem I am trying to make up a Blues team whos surnames all have four letter Eg Micheal OWEN or...
  8. One night in Leyton

    Well well well he we go people another night with a difference brought to you by MC ****y ****les as Young Run Master Barry the Dog.................................... It all started on dark dark night in stratford myself and my trusty side kick Barry the Dog , met our old mate from Australia...
  9. Alex

    whats this about someone leaving

    where has this source come from. i have read the previous thread but why do people think that some one is leaving us. when jupp and flahavan signed new deals it was not mentioned how long for. i think flahavan expired before christmas but with his good form and grieminks poor one i doubt he will...
  10. Derek Payne

    played for Flackwell Heath against us on saturday, got himself sent off too, for two bookables. Up against another ex Southend player in the next round, Andy Woodman whos at Stevenage
  11. West Stand Classic

    i normally go in the East Yellows with the chaps but for the last couple of games I have gone back to my spiritial home of 86 The West Bank, and I must admit I quiet like it in there you seem to be alot nearer to the action, and its got more of a footbally feel about it the smell of **** and Old...
  12. Notts County

    whos going on the train, andd what time is everyone catching it?
  13. worst manager ever at southend?

    looking at a recent topic on whos the worst person to ever wair a southend shirt made me wonder who the worst ever southend manager was and who the best manager ever was, my money on the worst manager would have to be ronnie whelan becuase he has to take the full brunt of the blow for the...
  14. Player of the yeart

    whos this years player of the season?????
  15. England win World Cup

    After a cracking match, and nervous end to the game, England walk out World Champions. Well done Wilkinson, whos drop kick won us the game. Every one in Aussie land believed we could only play rugby one way, but we showed them how its done. Well done to Australia, who got right back into the...