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Aug 11, 2008
Reading through many of the posts regarding our current financial woes, one thought has struck me over and over again:

How the hell does Ron Martin do it?

Mr Martin has been proven to be a liar. That’s a fact that cannot be disputed. I was thinking of prefacing that with an ‘IMHO’, but I don’t really think that’s necessary here. Forget the warchest claims, forget the promises of players being signed ‘sooner rather than later’ – maybe these falsehoods can be forgiven as the promises of a man who wanted to deliver, and really wanted to, but just found himself hamstrung by the global financial meltdown. I can forget these claims, but I cannot forgive Mr Martin for brazenly lying about the financial crisis at the club. As players were sold or loaned out and not replaced, he ridiculed suggestions of financial difficulties and the prospect of administration, and like good little soldiers, most of us believed him. He assured us that the debt to HMRC would be paid in full, and in good time.

The events of the last week or so have proven that he was playing very fast and loose with veracity. And yet he still has his acolytes – Martin loyalists who don’t care about the lies, the misdirection and the undeniable fact that Mr Martin’s stewardship of our beloved football club has led to the good ship SUFC being docked at the unwelcoming port of administration. His acolytes point towards the incompetence and recklessness of Jobson and Main – they remind us of the grave days of Anton Johnson. Does Ron have a sign on his desk that says ‘the buck starts here’? When does he become responsible for anything? Surely the ghost of Vic Jobson didn’t convince him to repeatedly lie about the club’s financial fragility? He reminds me of Obama, constantly blaming Bush for everything that goes wrong, and taking credit for everything that goes right.

So how does Ron Martin do it? Why are so many of my fellow Zoners convinced that he should stay around and take us into administration, with the dreaded ten point deduction? How many of us could continue to lie to our spouses about financial matters, and expect them to jump into our arms when the bailiffs arrive to repossess the house? Why do we not favour a new start, the possibility of avoiding administration, and a fresh injection of capital into the club? How many times do we need to be misled before our patience and trust are long gone?

Mr Martin needs to stop blaming the tax man for demanding monies that any other business would be expected to pay and he must start accepting the fact that he is at least partially responsible for the mess that we find ourselves in. He needs to work with the trust, the fans and the new consortium to prevent Administration and to ensure that this dreadful situation is consigned to the wheelie bin of history, never to be recycled.