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  1. The cheek of Labour !

    Labour loons go into meltdown over the Google tax which roughly equals 3% ! Yet under Labour they paid ZERO ! Over a decade with the mad left and they allowed the bankers to take the wee,plus big companies paid zero tax. They are at best comical.
  2. The Zones Zoner New Years Honour List.

    Ok very simple just put forward a zoner for an honor and put why,nothing too rude as the mods will go into meltdown. POSTER OF THE YEAR. Sonic of course,came back in to the fold this year and is more bonkers then ever,gives me a run for bad spelling and grammer and every post is a gem. Plus he...
  3. Uncle Leo

    General Election

    Well I suppose we ought to give them their own thread. I don't think they'll suffer the meltdown some are predicting - in fact, compared to Labour in Scotland, they will be a roaring success. Some good news for Clegg today... 593431043828494336
  4. fbm

    TFI Monday

    I bet the Mods all breathe a sigh of relief after a weekend! There always seems to be a plethora of arguments, provocative posts, insults and subsequent banning orders, which seem to be all the time now whether we win or lose (more when we lose, obviously). It does all get a bit tiresome...
  5. Bristol Rovers wow!

    Rovers charge up to £28 for a matchday ticket ! Conference football ain't bad but that price is too much,Noticed Barnet charge £24! Football in meltdown.
  6. South Bank Hank

    British Lions series win

    So the news and Sports channels are going into meltdown as they always do after any kind of tub-thumping victory. As an only occasional fan of egg running, I'm all over the kudos and looking around me for any Australians to rub it in with, but it does all seem a little over-the-top. To any of...
  7. Financial meltdown

    Anyone bothered about this?
  8. Shrimp and two veg

    Essex Pike Anglers Club.

    Alright folks, i used to be shrimp and two veg on here until login decided to meltdown on me. Anyway, in case anyone has ever enjoyed pulling out the toothy critter called pike, we have some great nights talking about this very subject once a month. You don't need to be a P.A.C. member to attend...
  9. Lord Football

    Food For Thought.

    I've been a bit quiet on here for a while, frankly the whole political arena is depressing. Even so, I've busy doing what I do. I thought I'd share some thoughts.... The Recession The recession was caused, in essence, by the collapse of the banking industry that took a gung-ho approach to...
  10. manor15

    Group C Summary

    Group C Played Wins Draws Losses For Against GD Pts USA 3 2 1 0 4 3 +1 7 England 3 1 2 0 2 1 +1 5 Slovenia 3 1 1 1 3 3 0 4 Algeria 3 0 1 2 0 2 -2 1 Group God: Landon Donovan carried the American side, scoring their vital, last minute winner to secure qualification to the knock out stages...
  11. We Never Wanted the World Cup, Anyway...

    Well, you could see that coming, couldn’t you? Just as soon as the English World Cup bid gets off the ground, the English tabloids have set about dismantling it from afar. The news that Lord Triesman, chairman of the 2018 bid, has claimed that Spain and Russia are colluding to bribe...
  12. Jay_Shrimper

    Articles Typed Up (For those who don't have access to them)

    For those of you that do not have access to the Echo, I have typed up some of the sections in the paper. I hope these are of interest to someone, and also hope it's OK to post them here. If there not - remove them.. I have posted them in the Echo thread, but people might not see them in there...
  13. Slipperduke

    FM2010 (iPhone) Review

    When I was young I used to dream, not of a career in professional football, or of great riches or even of a date with Kim Wilde. Nay, those were the dreams of weaker folk. I dreamed of a portable 'Tracksuit Manager', that mid 1980s Spectrum classic. I dreamed of whiling away long car journeys to...
  14. On the 3rd of November 2003.....

    Ron Martin sacked Steve Wignall. We had just been beaten 0-1 at home by Northampton, and we were 23rd in League 2. Simple question: If at that point someone had offered you: 6 successive years of mid-table League 2 football, financial stability (players paid on time, etc) and the foundations...
  15. Pellegrini In A State Of Pjanic

    When Manuel Pellegrini took the reins at Real Madrid, blank cheque book in hand, I doubt very much he expected his only shot at silverware at this stage of the season would lie solely in a sprint to the finish with Barcelona... Courtesy of Miralem Pjanic, that is exactly the situation. Lyon...
  16. Rusty Shackleford

    X-Files Special: The Teflon Ron

    Reading through many of the posts regarding our current financial woes, one thought has struck me over and over again: How the hell does Ron Martin do it? Mr Martin has been proven to be a liar. That’s a fact that cannot be disputed. I was thinking of prefacing that with an ‘IMHO’, but I...
  17. What Becomes of the Broke and Shafted

    Someone great once said that Football isn't a matter of life or death, it's much more than that. Which would explain the pain felt by those when their football club is ripped away from them. As a Southend United supporter, I've had the good grace of never witnessing non-league football and...
  18. Slipperduke

    Slithering To The Brink

    The swelling band of English football clubs in crisis has a new member and it's my own team, Southend United. Late on Monday night, Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs (HRMC) cancelled a planned Winding Up Petition and elected to pursue an Administration instead. Put simply, the club were flicked...
  19. Question McCormack and Laurent

    Anyone else notice Macca go into meltdown yesterday after Laurent missed the sitter? I thought it was BS really, because Macca was arguably one of the WORST players on the pitch yesterday. Even my mate said "Macca's taking the **** having a pop at anyone, he's been ****". In truth, It was a...
  20. Slipperduke

    Success? No Chance

    At opposite ends of the country, two ill-fated and short-lived eras are coming to an end. In East London, the unintentionally hilarious reign of Bjorgolfur Gudmundsson is already over. In Newcastle, Mike Ashley has desperately slapped a GBP100m price tag on the front of St James Park in the hope...