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  1. amsemp

    I seem to have unintentionally acquired a cat...

    Slightly random, I know. But about 3 months ago, a cat started appearing in our back garden on a pretty consistent basis. He then started noticing when we were getting home from work and waiting for the back gate to open before darting in and sitting in/rolling around in the garden wanting us to...
  2. Breaking News New Commercial Director

    Starting around mid September, Southend United have acquired the services of Danny Macklin who will be filling the role of Commercial Director, a position he has previously held at Essex County Cricket Club. He is generally thought by most Essex supporters to have done a rather better job than...
  3. SupaBlues


    Hi good people of SZ. Just after a bit of advice. I have a huge dilemma that will shape the rest of my life. I was with my partner for the best part of 20 years. About 5 years ago I found out that I had a daughter, who was 17 when I knew, and we had also discovered it was not possible for my ex...
  4. Mad Cyril

    Question Stephen Fry - Is he a massive ****?

    I was sickened to see a programme called 'Stephen Fry - Gadget man' on Channel 4 whilst flicking channels. The question - is he a massive **** and why? You would have thought it would be pretty hard to burn through the good will acquired as Melchett in Blackadder but there you go.
  5. terry

    Harry's Eulogy

    In answer to those of you that wanted a copy of the eulogy that I gave for Harry at his funeral, here it is. Harry's Eulogy For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Terry and Malcolm had worked for me for the past seven years. During that time, I grew to know him very well both as a...
  6. TrueBlue

    Have non-playing staff salaries been paid ?

    More to the point have you been paid because I hear you ain't
  7. The Everlasting Debate

    I have pestered the wee birdie to allow me to answer the minority who still insist on tarring our manager as a hoofball purist.After watching Northampton who are undefeated having adopted a more direct approach and knowing Fleetwood, Oxford, Bradford, Torquay Rotherham and many more have...
  8. DoDTS

    How our Parents/Grandparents coped with the War.

    Here we are it’s DoDtS’s summer saga. Totally non football related, but my attempt to understand how and what our forebears had to endure through the war in a series of extracts from the Southend Standards of the times. Not everybody’s cup of tea but if your not interested then don’t read it...
  9. The Guardian, Tax Avoidance and Hypocrisy

    Giving that The Guardian is an oft referenced publication on this forum, I thought it would be worth highlighting some hypocrisy in their editorial stance. We know that they are very much against tax avoidance, especially the use of offshore trusts and entities. Surely they would never use...
  10. jamesmut2000

    Tara Brady

    I don't know whether anyone else saw this article so thought i'd post it up here now the Zone is (finally :smile:) back online. linky As I've highlighted above -how much is his significant investement??
  11. Memory Lane Southend Memories

    Some interesting stuff on this site http://www.southendtimeline.com/1970s.htm, bringing back memories of the town and some of S.U.F.C. exploits. Click on 1976 and some of us oldies will remember the Southend group Whisky Mac that won the New Faces talent show on T.V. that used to play at a...
  12. ldnfatso

    Thierry Henry signs for New York Red Bulls

    http://www.newyorkredbulls.com/news/2010/07/new-york-red-bulls-sign-international-star-thierry-henry You gotta love this at the bottom of the above article for all those thick Americans.
  13. Legalise drugs article.

    Taken from the New Scientist, fascinating article that I totally agree with. I know it's an age old topic on here but it's a slow day. Far from protecting us and our children, the war on drugs is making the world a much more dangerous place. SO FAR this year, about 4000 people have died in...
  14. Slipperduke

    Sven Will It Go Wrong?

    In 2001, in the wake of the dotcom crash, I lost my job. For 18 months, I had been the deputy shift leader of a surly band of financial journalists, charged with staying up all night and reviewing the first editions of the newspapers for a raft of corporate clients. It wasn't much, but it was a...
  15. SUFC_Al

    Saint Swiss

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/s/southampton/8136389.stm Good news for Saints. Nice business name ;)
  16. The Maharajah of Hockley

    Echo: Land sale hitch in football club stadium dream

    Probably posted somewhere else, but meh: http://www.echo-news.co.uk/news/local_news/southend/4459509.Land_sale_hitch_in_football_club_stadium_dream/?ref=rss
  17. OldBlueLady

    Ron's Blog 6/5/09

    Haven't seen this anywhere else yet...... Chairman's Blog What a good day Saturday was and with nothing to play for I thought that the team performed well and remained committed to the cause right to the end. It was also a day to celebrate the success of the Club’s youth policy which, I...
  18. TrueBlue

    TrueBlue's Real Food Heroes Part 1

    I am bored so I am going to do a shot series on who the real food heroes of the world are. Today I give you none other then.... COLONEL HARLAND SANDERS Kentucky Fried Chicken, pioneered by Colonel Harland Sanders, has grown to become one of the largest quick service food service systems in...
  19. Elbow Playing at the Cliffs

    I know there are a few Elbow fans who visit this forum, so I just thought I'd give a 'heads up' on the fact that they are playing the Cliffs Pavilion next year March 1st (a Sunday I believe). My tickets already safely acquired - can't wait.
  20. shrimperman


    Unfortunately another unashamed request for help! Was trying to help fix my sisters computer, shes tried updating Itunes to the new version. In the process of doing so, her computers crashed so the update has got half way through and stopped. Now her computer won't allow her to sync her ipod...