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  1. Palmyra

    For months we have been told this ancient site has been systematically destroyed by IS. Today it has been revealed the actual damage is....virtually zero! Western propaganda at it's finest,trying to scare everyone in the western world that IS will kill us all ! For the record I personally...
  2. Rusty Shackleford

    Ancient Mars could have supported primitive life

    Ancient Mars could have supported primitive life, NASA says How primitive I wonder? Like Barnaby primitive? Interesting stuff.
  3. C C Csiders

    A Southend United XI who all played for another club

    See if you can come up with a Southend United XI where the players have all played for another particular club. I would think the Southend XI who have also played for Crystal Palace would take some beating: John Burridge Gary Stebbing Leon Cort Adam Barrett Chris Powell Barry Silkman Glenn...
  4. Razam

    Interesting Article On New Stadiums


    Ten Artists .. Ten Tracks

    An old classic that needed reviving IMO .. 1 Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb 2 The Dogs D'Amour - The Bullet-Proof Poet 3 Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven 4 Simon & Garfunkel - Bridge Over Troubled Water 5 John Lennon - Imagine 6 The Jam - Town Called Malice 7 Nirvana - You Know You're Right 8...
  6. CC51DAS

    Breaking News BBC to resurrect High Altitude programme next winter

    BBC Two Programme Policy 2009/2010 Television: Select television statement policy BBC One BBC One Scotland BBC One Wales BBC One NI BBC Two BBC Two Scotland BBC Two Wales BBC Two NI BBC Three BBC Four CBeebies CBBC BBC HD Service remit BBC Two's remit is to be a mixed-genre channel...
  7. Blues fan spotted in Albania!

    Just been on the bbc news site and there was a story about an historical site in Albania that has just got UNESCO recognition..... not interested I hear you say... But when flicking though the photos, what do I see on number 7?.... A blues fan wearing the GKC communications home shirt.... Now...
  8. OldBlueLady

    Update on Cinderella

    I hope you like this, and it's not too ancient a one! Cinderella is now 95 years old. After a fulfilling life with the now dead prince, she happily sits upon her rocking chair, watching the world go by from her front porch, with a cat named Bob for companionship. One sunny afternoon...
  9. canveyshrimper

    Harry's Nostalgia - York (Dec 92)

    Please forgive this old git a bit of self indulgence, but as this is my 10,000th post, and before I get back to working for a living, I decided I would do another away day article. For the purpose of this article I have chosen an away trip to York in December 1972. As ever my memory played...
  10. sosman

    Barry Fry's interview in match programme

    Did anyone read with interest the interview with Fat Barry in the programme? It was surprisingly honest - I suppose he thinks that what happened in '93 (or whenever) is all ancient history now, which I suppose it is. He said -and this was the honest bit- that he used "the situation" with...
  11. C C Csiders

    Who would win?

    With the desperate call-up of Darren Pattinson (leve space for edit 10-wicket Darren Pattinson), it got me thinking who would win in a straight match up between the English Aussie XI and the English SeffAfrikaan XI in a one-off Test match? The line-ups are based upon being born, or extensively...
  12. * ORM *

    National Express rocks !

    I hope all those defectors from C2 are enjoying the journey on our crowded, comparitively ancient and non a/c trains today. Sharon and Tracy talking about their sex lives haven't found their way onto my carriage fortunately. If this unexploded bomb has been there 60 years why the big panic...
  13. TV Pick of the day 08-May-2008

    FIRST COICE Midnight Man (ITV1, 9pm) James Nesbitt has played some dark characters but he’s always likeable. His latest incarnation has something of the night about him – a journalist who is afraid of daylight. And some earlier scandal in his career has reduced him to rifling...
  14. Yorkshire Blue

    The Olympics

    I went along this afternoon to see the Olympic Flame pass through our nation's fine capital. I for one, am excited about the prospect of the Olympics coming to Britain in 4 years time. For me there is something special about the Olympics going all the way back to its roots in Ancient Greece...
  15. Slipperduke

    Sun Benitez

    Liverpool finally joined up with their compatriots in the last eight of the Champions League on Wednesday morning and sent out an ominous message to the rest of Europe in the process. Inter Milan will complain bitterly about another harsh red card, but the truth is that they have been absolutely...
  16. Interpol Shrimper

    UK chooses 'most ludicrous laws' - from BBC News

    A little-known law which prohibits people dying while in the Houses of Parliament has been voted the UK's most ludicrous piece of legislation. Another law which states it is treason to use a postage stamp upside down was placed in second place by those polled by UKTV Gold. The most absurd...
  17. C C Csiders

    A face that needs to be spanked

    Marky Gower mentions on another thread that Roy "Chubby" Brown has one of those faces that you want to smack. I cannot disagree with him on this. However, there are other deserving cases, such as Jamie Oliver and that smug ancient, colostomy-bag wearing Christian, Cliff Richard. There must be...
  18. fbm

    QPR match - it's Top of the (Karate) Chops!

    <cue Top of the Pops music - Whole Lotta Love riff> Dada-dada-da dadada - dadada Dada-dada-da dadada - dadada <cue Jimmy Saville> Following on from QPR's interesting "unfriendly" against the Chinese Olympic team on Wednesday, we have a completely new top ten on this weeks "Top of...
  19. Xàbia Shrimper

    The Most Annoying Album in the World

    OK, if we had to create an album of the most annoying tracks in the world, what would be your choice? I mean songs that really make you cringe, not necessarily tacky commercial songs like Mr Blobby or Bob the Builder. My nominations are: - Brim Full of Asha : Cornershop - Dancing in the...
  20. C C Csiders

    My visit to the Doctors

    Firstly, I apologise in advance for sharing this with you (you may feel it too much information&#33;). However, I now feel I know, in a virtual sense, you all on here. Indeed, for what I am about to shar e with you, I could say that I have shared the SZ urinal with you with DtS one side...