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  1. Good Stats / Bad Stats

    It is raining and I'm still hacked off at our unlucky defeat yesterday. Now we all know that putting a different spin on things can sometimes distort the reality ever so slightly , so in the spirit of equality , I will do a bit of both. Bad 1. Bottom 4 2. Equal fewest League 1 goals ( with...
  2. Greebosan

    How much coffee?

    Been having a discussion at work, after my colleagues expressed their shock, and, no doubt, considerable awe at the amount of coffee I drink in a week. I think that the other week I worked my way through a 200g jar of Tesco instant (strength 3). By way of explanation, I only drink black...
  3. Uk charity staff salaries

    CAN YOU ALL PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE THANKS UK CHARITY STAFF SALARIES TO: GOVERNMENT + CHARITY COMMISSION Campaign created by david west FACEBOOK TWITTER EMAIL Put a cap on all UK based Charity's staff and consultants where their salary can be no more than the PM. Why is this...
  4. 2013/14 Accounts -Interesting bits

    just downloaded the accounts for 2013/14 and they make interesting reading. Aside from the news that losses and debts have increased :'( some really interesting bits (to me as an accountant anyway) Gate receipts (incl season tickets) = £1.225 M down from £1.551 previous year. This is despite...
  5. Napster

    Ben Smith

    Read the few pages he wrote on his time here. Firstly, he got injured early - and had to face the wrath of John Gowens, who had a go at him for turning up an hour late one session, but after a while he and Gowens got on well. Secondly, he liked to drink. He said one morning, he had to call...
  6. * ORM *

    For those collecting tickets at Wembley. May be IMPORTANT.

    Hope you all read in the confirmation email that the cardholder who paid for the tickets is expected to be there with the card when the tickets are collected. I would honestly hope it is not an issue if someone else paid who wasn't coming or if you didn't bring card with you but you never know...
  7. Wycombe warning

    So, you play the mighty Wycombe Whingers synchronized diving team, eh? Some of you will know this but, for those who have not had the "pleasure" of watching Wycombe, you are in for a dreadful shock. Their stock-in-trade is to dive and feign injury on a truly industrial scale. Astonishingly, they...
  8. Never mind

    Who has been released by who .At present the only to important questions are ONE which league will we be playing in .And Two will Phil Brown still be our manager .Once those two questions have been answered we can then look at who we or cant sign . UTB
  9. Helllooo, Yellloowwws, Yelllowwwsss!

    HeyShrimpers, Nervous,very nervous! No, not at the very easy process of joiningShrimperzone, but the longing hope filled gazes at my phone. Waiting,waiting... will the ticket office call back with Morecambe tickets?! Is'ntit great that an essentially simple sport and supporting SUFC (I'msure we...
  10. BoyWonder2

    Referee & Assistant Referee Required

    I'm hoping the good folk of Shrimperzone would be able to help me. As most of you know, I'm organising a Charity Football Match and Family Fun Day on Sunday 17th May in support of Essex Air Ambulance http://www.shrimperzone.com/vb/showthread.php?83649-Charity-Football-Match-amp-Family-Fun-Day...
  11. TrueBlue

    Classic scam emails

    My honorable friend, Sorry for intruding your privacy, I am Barrister Coetzee Viljoen from S.C.P.M.A law firm in Lome, Republic of Togo and an Attorney at Law and acted as a personal advocate to (late) Engr. Daubert, a citizen of your country who lived and worked here in Togo, for many years...
  12. yogi bear up the cagire

    "we're in the money!"........????

    Chris Phillips @CJPhillips1982 · maintenant il y a 37 minutes Brown: "We couldn't compete with John-Joe's wages in the past but we're now in a much stronger financial...
  13. RHB

    Management ******** Generator

    A mate of mine who still works pointed me towards this site: http://www.buzzwords4u.co.uk/. For all of you that suffer bollocks speak in meetings give this site a visit. It will give you instant access to a bull**** statement that you can amaze your business colleagues with. Alternatively you...
  14. SUFC Match Blogger

    Dear all Zoners, my wife has recently purchased the website Leigh on Sea.com website and would like someone that invariably goes to all games - home and away. The latter being the important part. Whilst I am a season ticket holder, I don't get to many away games now as I used to, due mainly to...
  15. thenobster

    Goal of the month

    Isnt it sad that t FIVE goals available o vote for in Augusts' goal of the month, includes Lee Barnards' penalty? Not enough others from free play to makeup the numbers. Also, how many included Corr in the set up, for all you knockers. he's still an important part of the team.
  16. Heading the ball

    With the latest studies suggesting constant heading of the ball can be dangerous I would like to see all under 16 games having headers outlawed. I introduced sponge balls to training sessions 4 year's ago as I did not want the under 11s attacking the ball which had normally been pumped to...
  17. DoDTS

    The Last 12 months of the Prediction League

    In the brief pause between the World Cup and the start of the new season I thought it me worth a quick review of the last eventful twelve months and gave praise again to the winners. It was a year ago that the Prediction League was split into four sessions each one of about 13 matches. First...
  18. Smiffy

    Breaking News Todays Sun...

    Page 7. Full page article about Phil Brown allegedly ditching his pregnant mistress. Great.
  19. davewebbsbrain

    Tenants rights

    Bit of help needed from the legal eagles amongst us. My Brother-in-law and family have just been told by their landlord that they have to get out in 8 weeks. They are looking at their contract as it's yearly to see when the year is up but is there any legal period of notice a landlord has to...
  20. steveo


    In or out for the next game? The BBC guys had a brief debate about it, which if you didn't see it went something like Rio saying we should play him in his best position, Shearer saying that would be where Sturridge played and he scored, so Ferdinand says play him in the No 10 role, countered by...