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  1. RHB

    The Brennan B2

    I'm thinking of investing in a Brennan B2 and moving our entire CD collection onto it. http://www.brennan.co.uk/ The starting model is around £380 and whilst that isn't mega money it's enough to make me ask if there is anyone on the Zone that has got, or used, one. Alternatively, does anyone...
  2. Who will be the crock this time ??

    The club will surely continue with their usual sign an old injury plagued on the downward spiral player probably chucking a 2 year deal in his direction,like the many before it never works. Currently they are trying to persuade Noel to remain:stunned::nope: Who do you reckon will be the next...
  3. DoDTS

    Congratualations and Commiserations

    I hope you have all enjoyed the Prediction League this season and may I give my congratulations to those that have done well and my commiserations to those that have not done so well. If you haven't done well don't get despondent you will probably find you will do the opposite next time. Some...
  4. PB comments

    I am sorry but I am totally fed up with PB constant whining and complaining. His constant excuses after every defeat are becoming boring now. He always complains and today was another example whenever a decision goes against the team and his comments after the game today concerning the penalty...
  5. Shrimpergarry

    Attendances 2015/16

    Now we've played our final home league game, it is confirmed that our average home attendance for this season has been 7,001. This compares very favourably with last year's average home gate of 6,024 and shows just how important it is to maintain at least league one status. With one home game...
  6. Napster


    Is Mooney off to Bolton? This from Linkedin just now... David Mooney likes this Dean Holdsworth Business consultant at 'Sports Shield' Consultancy NEED AN INCOME FROM YOUR SAVINGS? HOW ABOUT A MONTHLY INCOME FROM YOUR SAVINGS? SPORTS SHIELD PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT...15 YEARS OF MONTHLY...
  7. manor15

    Next season - what do we need?

    The play-off push looks increasingly more like a distant dream, and our inconsistency has cost us. So, where do we need to strengthen most? Obviously it will depend on departures, but we can assume that Dan will be off and most of the others who are still at the club will be staying.
  8. yogi bear up the cagire

    Totally beyond belief????

    http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-35773649 No, this is not about the veracity or otherwise, of these leaked papers..........it's a more important question than that. We live in a western democracy........freedom of the press and all that b******s. So, from that point of view and...
  9. Mad Cyril

    Best Pot Noodle flavour.

    For me it has to be Chow Mein although I haven't tried some of the newer flavours. I am a big fan of instant noodles, especially the cheap ones from Chinese Supermarkets where you have to guess the flavour from the picture on the front and those ones that come in flying saucer shape plastic bowls.
  10. SUFC_Ross

    Rent deposit

    Received a letter from my old landlord saying I wouldn't be receiving any of my previous deposit back, I'm not a bad tenant at all however I knew I would be charged for some minor repairs and redecorating as quite frankly I was too lazy to paint a flat I was leaving, however on this letter, it...
  11. Southend fans 4 - 2 Coventry fans 2

    Whilst we was all tucked up in bed at 4.30, Coventry fans were getting up to play a fans games at Garons. As we was warming up and we see them enter the pitch you could see they was the same side that beat us earlier in the season 9-1. Having a squad of 15 really helped but with no goalkeeper I...
  12. After the Millwall Match----- Gt Wakering needs you.

    For those of you who fancy 2 matches on Monday Great Wakering Rovers are at home immediately after the Millwall match. (Blatant plug)
  13. Division 1 Results Today

    Yes we slipped down a position today (without playing) it could have been alot worse in hindsight, but some results went in our favour in terms of not slipping to far away from the other pack that are also chasing the play offs at nearly the half way stage. Before Kick Off: Namely Blackpool...
  14. Shrimpers are Magic

    Some Happy News

    One of the murderers of Lee Rigby lost two teeth whilst being "restrained" by prison officers. Hopefully someone will cut off his thumbs next. Who's says prisons are too soft? Lets hope the murdering scum is in lots of pain and in constant fear for his safety.
  15. DoDTS

    A Review of the Current session

    Just one set of fixtures left in the current session and thought that perhaps time for a quick review of where we are: The first thing that strikes me is that predicting is down to luck with just a bit of common sense, for instance Oxford v Carlisle top v bottom, although in the JPT had to be a...
  16. Tangled up in Blue

    Oldham by election

    http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-35003152 A black eye for UKIP methinks,in more than one way. Also (and more important) a ringing endorsement of Jeremy Corbyn's Labour party.
  17. Streaky

    Help for Hullbridge

    Afternoon SZ'ers If you get 2 minutes can you please vote to help Riverside Primary School receive £25,000 to repair, refurbish and reinvent the school swimming pool. By fixing the swimming pool we would be able to offer swimming lessons to all of the children at the primary school as well as...
  18. wally4pm

    Southend United FC Pennant Wanted

    I am trying to get hold of a Southend pennant but the club or the shop do not have any. Is there anyone out there that has got a spare one I can have? It doesn't have to be in mint condition as long as it is fairly presentable. Please PM if you can assist me. Many thanks
  19. At Training Today.

    They had a very full on intense training match. The hardest working in my opinion was Jack Payne, although his shooting needs working on, and Gary Deegan who was my star of the show. He looks like he's busting a gut to get into the team. Best goal was from McLaughlin. Unfortunately, Kevan Hurst...
  20. DoDTS

    IMPORTANT next Saturdays Predictions No 7

    Two fixtures have been postponed from next Saturdays predictions, they are: Port Vale v Millwall Sheffield United v Colchester They have been replaced by Oldham v Bradford Walsall v Bury 22 have already predicted so these last two matches need to be amended. I will send pm to those...