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  1. fbm

    The fbm view

    Well, I couldn´t see the game as I was about 2000 miles away in Fuerteventura but I did spend what turned out to be a very happy afternoon in a bar with large amounts of lager and whisky watching Sky Sports News (no volume though) seeing the scores come up and the goals go in!  A very nervous...
  2. Another Shrimper born ....

    Natasha Rose Campling was born today at 3.42pm weighing in at 6lb 6oz. Born at home in Shoeburyness (login name needs updating :we moved last year!) - in a record time of 3 hours labour. Mother and daughter doing well and tucked up in bed upstairs. The army grows and I look forward to...
  3. Xàbia Shrimper

    Danish Embassy On Fire

    Lebanese protesters have set the Danish embassy in Beirut on fire in protest at the publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad. Thousands of people rallied outside the building and security forces fired tear gas in an attempt to keep them at bay. But smoke was later seen rising from...
  4. southend4ever

    Hot Cakes

    Brentford away Tickets Huge game for the Blues. The way Martin Allen goes about his business I am pretty sure a repeat of the 4-1 defeat for his brentford team wouldn't do his heart rate any good. What a tough game and one I am sure we will feel with shrimpers? How many do you think will...
  5. Slipperduke

    Top 5 Signings of 05-06

    Thanks for all your help and ideas on this feature, guys. You may recognise a few phrases here and there. This, I believe was the first article published in a national broadsheet (Eire) that was co-written by the Southend Messageboard. Scott Parker (Chelsea – Newcastle, £6.5 million, June)...
  6. fbm

    How much do we want Tilly/Brush to stay?

    Lets sort a few things out here. Is there a fan of this club anywhere who believes, on balance, that Tilly and Brush have done a poor job? I seriously doubt it. In fact, is there a fan who does NOT want Tilly and Brush to remain as the management team? Again, I doubt it. So when Tilly and...
  7. swansea have sold 2000

    Well it appears that the game will be a whole lot bigger if you believe what is being posted in jack army net. Just been on there and they had sold nearly 2000 today with tickets still on sale tomorrow until mid day. Its heading for the best atmosphere in ages. Come on you blues
  8. Constantine and husbands

    As both of them are now playing for port vale and if they keep scoring they will properly be playing against us on the 26 th what sort of reception do you think they will get from the travelling army? personally i wont be slagging of leon as keeped us in the league with his goals, not to sure...
  9. Redknapp

    I think old 'arry at Southampton is living a bit of a dream. He has tentatively linked himself to the Eastwood Appreciation Army (EAR) but should remain loyal to the Comedy Redknapp's Angling Party (CRAP). He's fishing without bait. How times change. Once I would have believed that...
  10. fbm

    We know we are a good team

    ...we have been dumped out of the LDV by a league 2 minnow. We did the same to QPR and Luton 2 years ago and look where they are now! Blue Army!
  11. Arcade theme questions

    It was a scroller, it was based in street - city environments including a subway. It involved kicking and punching many opponents who hid in doorways etc. You could pick up baseball bats and bins and throw them? This game was a firstperson shooter i only saw in arcades, it was a huge stand up...

    there are a few ex soldiers on here what do you reckon of this program.. ok its based on national service from the 50's and not the modern army but does it bear scrutiny? .. to be honest i'd watch it just to watch the estate wide boys slowly realise that nicking mobile phones and giving...
  13. canada shrimper

    how boring

    Steak on the barbie champagne to drink and a pretty boring game ARE YOU FLUCKIN KIDDING GET IN THERE YOU SUPER SHRIMP ARMY.
  14. Pre-match drinking in Cardiff

    Is there one particular pub where the Blue Army congregates?
  15. fbm

    Today's the day...

    By 8:30 tonight we will know whether we are in for league 2 football again or if our agony has been prolonged a further week. But if we win - don't go over the top.  Unless we win in Cardiff as well it will mean nowt, so keep the champagne on ice. However, crack it open if we lose and toast...
  16. fbm

    Why we are so downhearted

    Because - correct me if I'm wrong - it feels as though we have been relegated. In fact, with a few minutes to go on Saturday, a chap on my right was trying to encourage the team to show some urgency and get the winner, but by that time they were slowing the game down. He then, despairingly...
  17. fbm

    Normal service has been resumed...

    Listening on the radio, I must admit I was worried when they went 1-0 up. But as soon as we equalised I was convinced we would win it. Onwards then to Oxford. A win there and the right results in other games will almost certainly settle promotion and another win against Yeovil will clinch the...
  18. southend4ever


    After the incident today at Newcastle with the fighting that broke out between Lee Bowyer and Kieron Dyer I have to congratulate the geezer Peter, who phoned in, and was at the game last night. He said I have something to cheer you up Alan, the geezer presenting the show, and said SOUTHEND...