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  1. essexshrimper

    EU Army

    Whats people thoughts on this so called Euro Army if we stay in EU?? From my postion i see it be a bloody shambles as only 3 countries in Europe have decent standing Armies....:unsure:
  2. Mad Cyril

    'Classic' TV shows you hate

    Fawlty Towers Dad's Army
  3. Breaking News ShrimperZone's Very Own Ron Manager's Media Fun

    I am that some of you have heard the news that amongst the Shrimper's travelling army yesterday was our very own Ron Manager who has flown back to see his family from Brisbane, Australia. When the news of the match's postponement was announced the interweb was flooded with messages about...
  4. Massimo Giovanni

    The Great British Bake OFF

    I love this programme, it has been interesting and mildly amusing IMO. I have checked contestants and from Essex there is a Lithuanian female body builder! ( Not too much British in her then). Standard seems to be 6 men, six women, some old, some mums, some grans, token...
  5. BoyWonder2

    Army Assault/Obstacle Courses in Essex

    I'm looking for some army assault/obstacle courses based in Essex that can cater for a football team. We begin pre-season next Sunday, and looking to try something different to mix it up. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
  6. Supa Shrimpa

    Blue army !!

    Let's forget about the Yellow that was forced upon us in the Play Off Final and make the seafront a "sea of Blue" this lunchtime. Dig out your blue SUFC shirt, scarves, flags, hats, wigs etc, to create an awesome atmosphere for our heroes. Blue Army !!!!
  7. Breaking News Bomb at Wembley

    With less 48 hours to go until kick off, parts of Wembley are closed due to a unexploded WW2 bomb being found in Empire Way
  8. Hotman


    What a result for the blue army. Wasn't expecting this. This is for the good of England, Great Britain and the United Kingdom. Socialism cannot and will not be tolerated under our watch. People deserve opportunity, choice about key decisions, and strong leadership. Labour couldn't deliver and...
  9. RHB

    This made me laugh

    Came across this on Wiki when looking for something else. So descriptive it's untrue: Egg Banjo Egg Banjos are so ingrained into the life of the Army that they warrant an entire thread on ARRSE; Egg Banjo's, God's Own Food A sandwich made from (usually) half stale white bread, spread on both...
  10. Cricko

    Day 5. Christmas Quiz . Cryptic 2

    CRYPTIC DRINKS: 1. Yeoman of the guard? - Beefeater 2. M D C L X 1 V? - 1664 3. Left on board ship? - Port 4. Newborns pork? - Babycham 5. 23rd letter phonetically? - Whiskey 6. Stringed instrument? - Harp 7. Deceased Labour party leaders tipple? - John Smiths 8. Sounds like my mates smart -...
  11. Any Army, ex army on here? Can you tell me why?

    Just watched a programme on the Afghan war. So they are out on patrol, and have a fire fight with 4 taliban. The kill 3 of the taliban and the other escapes and they can't see him. So they call in the Apache helicopter. They fire one smoke flair to show where the taliban fighter is, and the...
  12. londonblue

    Dad's Army

    The cast has been announced for a new film: BBC Could be good, could be a disaster... over to you.
  13. Napster

    Wars and SUFC

    Just had a read of this. Wonderful stuff http://www.wickford-war-memorial.com/Images/News/Articles/Blue_Army2.pdf
  14. The Big Shrimp

    Sea Of Blue

    I know most people wear colours of some kind, but can we all make sure we are all wearing blue tomorrow. With the fantastic numbers we are taking to Burtons tiny stadium, a mass of blue will give our team a huge lift. Blue Army
  15. fbm

    Fan Power

    The last 2 games show what we, as fans, can do. On Saturday I think we played a huge part in cheering the players forward after Hurst was sent off and this must have a positive effect on the team. When a player is cheered and encouraged they will often dig deep to find that extra ounce of...
  16. Suffolk Shrimper In Dorset

    Moyet 'Blue Army' Chant

    From tonight, about 46 mins 15 secs in:loyalsupporter::loyalsupporter:. Won't v up 4 a pre-match ditty though:thumbdown:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imFXZqo24Ug
  17. danburyshrimper

    Get fortress roots hall rocking!

    Come on !!!!!! Lets make more noise than ever before on saturday + shout us to the top of the league ! ..... We need some new songs for our players to get the place pumping + give our players a massive boost. How about saturday we try this one for our new + improved Anthony Straker : The...
  18. * ORM *

    Bill Pertwee RIP

    Anyone have him? Good supporting role in Dad's Army. Is it just one left ?
  19. OldBlueLady

    RIP Ray Harryhausen

    Visual effects master, creator of "stop motion" animation, died today at the ripe old age of 92. Clash of the Titans, Jason and the Argonauts, the 7th Voyage of Sinbad and a host of other great films which succeeded due to his amazing talents. Hugely influential on the careers of Tim Burton...
  20. Kevin Hogg

    Phil Brown's Blue Army.

    A new era starts today. Anyone who actually supports Southend United will be wishing him well!