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  1. smudger66


    Hope you all enjoyed the balloons in the upper today !!!! Thinking of doing it again at either Birmingham or Stoke. We need to keep the atmosphere going as it was at Barnsley. Thought it was a bit disappointing today. See you all on Tues in better voice. We really must sing a thank you to Ron...
  2. lee_sufc

    Official - Eastwood to Fulham

    0.00 Start out at Eastwood,Leigh-On-Sea A1015 Show on a map 0.00 0.10 At mini-roundabout turn right onto Rayleigh Road - A1015 (signposted Southend) Entering Southend On Sea A1015 0.10 0.43 At traffic signals turn right onto the A127 (signposted London) A127 Show on a map 0.53 0.40 Warning...
  3. lee_sufc

    Official - Eastwood to Fulham

    0.00 Start out at Eastwood,Leigh-On-Sea A1015 Show on a map 0.00 0.10 At mini-roundabout turn right onto Rayleigh Road - A1015 (signposted Southend) Entering Southend On Sea A1015 0.10 0.43 At traffic signals turn right onto the A127 (signposted London) A127 Show on a map 0.53 0.40 Warning...
  4. DTS

    Best Arnie film

    As a kid growing up everyone at school seemed to love an Arnie film. Basic format was Arnie had about 10 millions bullets and seemed unable to be killed despite having a small army shooting at him at any one time. He had to of course get hold of some ropey old bint and or course get his...
  5. DTS

    Att - Singers

    Lets keep the songs fairly simple tonight hey lads. At Luton the "Blue Army" chant was fantastic and allowed everyone to get behind the blues. Some of the "On the first day of Christmas" stuff that sections were trying to get going were never going to work as they are too...
  6. Carling Cup- Tottenham

    What is the best way to get to Spurs? What train route is everyone else taking... Tube or Mainline? Blue Army!
  7. Xàbia Shrimper

    Away Numbers

    Could someone be kind enough to post the away figures for all matches since Barnsley (17 Oct) for both those travelling fans at Roots and our travelling army at other grounds? I believe the matchday programme has been producing such numbers? ¡Muchas gracias!
  8. Colchester and proud!

    Parking on Saturday

    Hello guys, just a warning about parking on Saturday. If any of you park on the area known as Abbey Fields the army land just off Butt Road please be aware that at present you cannot drive up Circular Road West from Butt Road to gain access. You will have to drive into town and then up Mersea...
  9. DTS


    First off I must say that I cant knock the club for making an effort to get in more fans. The kids are the life blood of the club and if we can get them in young we can keep them for life. I think we are tremendos at this and long may it continue. However - I have got to say whoever booked...
  10. shrimp and two veg

    the wonder that is tilly

    At the tender age of eight my father took me to the Hall.The waft of cigarrette smoke,old boys with their collars turned up,those misty,freezing winter nights warmed by tea and hot pie.Stepping away from the wall running along the front of the west stand so that i could see over it,i would...
  11. GregStarz

    Will, Why & Is

    1) Will Ronaldo get booed everytime he touches the ball? 2) Why dont we get a chant like "Steve Tilsons, blue army (clap clap cla clap) circulating the ground non stop like pompy do? 3) Is Fergie the most succesful manager to ever grave Roots Hall?
  12. KrustyTheKray

    The Bluetones

    Absolutely fantastic! What a top band! Didn't even know they had a new album coming out, not heard them much on the radio recently (XFM or Virgin Extreme). Very low key album release this one. Go get it! BLUE ARMY!
  13. Shrimpergarry

    A plea for help from a fellow shrimper!

    My mate Richard, a fanatical St Mirren Supporter and converted to a shrimper when he moved to Essex, flew out to Zambia the day after attending the league 2 play off final in Cardiff (what a send off!). He has not been back to the UK since, which means he completely missed seeing both his...
  14. C C Csiders

    Chelmsford City Friendly

    Just a bit of information for those interested: The Chelmsford CAMRA Beer Festival is taking place that week (the last day being Saturday 15th) at the Moulsham Mill Sports Field (very close to the Army and Navy Flyover). It might pay to give this a visit pre and post-match. Loads of Real...
  15. J

    We can take on anyone

    With people like this defending our country! great soundtrack as well chadded? Sucked into this one
  16. Players Songs

    OK so we are right near the end of the season, and the only player songs I hear are Freddy Eastwood Dur Dur Dur Dud Freddy Eastwood! Right so heres the plan, I think all our players derserve to have there names sung especially if they win promotion tomorrow! Remember back in July-...
  17. Bring back hooliganism to SUFC

    Anyone remember the 80's, when the CS Crew, the most feared and respected firm in Essex, where at the height of their notourerty? Well I'm trying to back that fear back to the terraces. The CS crew will now be known as the CS army, and are going to be well organised, organisation has...
  18. shrimptank

    The reason we SHOULD be loud...

    Sing your hearts out for the lads!!! the PLAYERS want us to sing. Last week at Barnsley we were awesome and helped the players..We need to do the same tomorrow for our boys to get that additional rush. Footballers love noise, atmosphere etc...thats why they are footballers and why...
  19. Pitch invasion

    If we get promoted at home next Saturday will there be a pitch invasion.All other teams do it so we should as well.Only us in south upper might not get the chance unless we jump over the railings.BLUE ARMY
  20. Up the Shrimpers

    Roll call for singing at Bournemouth

    O.K. here goes. I think more people sing away from home for obvious reasons. So for once the majority of us will be under cover and I know you can make alot of noise at Bournemouth. Bournemouth fans have been very quiet lately (source AFCB message boards) even against Yeovil (who also...