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  1. Napster

    Bilel with Tunisia

  2. Yorkshire Blue


    I'm sure I've missed out a few but feel free to list them below and I'll add them in and lets see if we can get the definitive list of Southend hattricks. If you've got youtube highlights I'll add those in as well Cox v Pompey (H) Sat 16 Feb 2019 3rd division Theo v Franchise FC (H) Sa 21...
  3. The Eternal Optimist

    Question Centre Back Solution, knee jerk reaction or the ramblings of a madman?

    If Bilel Mohsni was available to fill in at centre back would you welcome him back? 1) Yes, welcome back Bilel all is forgiven :Worthy: 2) Yes, but only on a short term deal to get us out of a hole :thumbsup: 3) No, we are not at rock bottom just yet :stunned: 4) No, no, no, keep that maniac...
  4. Blues4LifeDan

    Mohsni managed by Brown.

    With the cobblers coming up, I was just nostalgically thinking about old Bilel. It was one of the best performances by a Southend player I had seen in that 5-2 win against them. So it got me thinking, where do you think Brown would play him, if at all? Do you think his management style would...
  5. yogi bear up the cagire

    Allez tfc!

    No play-off excitement with the Blues this year but plenty of thrills and stress in the French League 1. A win tonight for Toulouse Football Club (tfc) at Angers (Bilel's old club) will ensure tfc of League 1 football next season and provide the GREAT escape...........anything else and we have...
  6. Rattus Norvegicus

    Best moments - last 5 years

    Well, getting out of the bottom division proved to be harder than I thought it would be. Mind you, the club was in poor shape at the time of being relegated (May 2010) - large scale financial difficulties, a new manager and very few players on the books. There were fears of the club going out...
  7. RobM

    Most entertaining eleven!

    Ignore their footballing ability - or possibly more importantly lack of - which eleven gave you most entertainment? I nominate; Shirt number 1. Mel Capleton - the only 'keeper I have ever seen make a diving header 25 yards from his own goal Shirt number 6. Who else but Bilel Mohsni? feel...
  8. Bilel Mohsni called up to Tunisia squad

    That will be interesting
  9. Rattus Norvegicus

    Last time a defender smashed in a header?

    I was wondering when was the last time we (S.U.F.C.) had a defender come forward for a set piece and thump in a header? In recent years we have had Philips and Cresswell (dare I mention Bilel? :nope:) and before that a number of defenders such as Shane Westley that you knew where a threat. And...
  10. Phil Brown's squad

    While watching the Stanley game I realised of the Blues on the pitch ONLY Hurst played at Wembley in the JPT starting 11. That for me showed how much the squad has evolved over the 12 months. And that Phil has done it quietly, without fuss. When we make Wembley and win how many are going to be...
  11. Those were the days.

    For all our Bilel lovers/haters check out sky2 right now,could be interesting if nothing else,always assuming he hasn't gone missing somewhere!!!:nope:
  12. Barling Magna

    Anyone Else Noticed Bilel's Achievements in Bonny Scotland...?

    I know he's yesterday's man, but I was interested to see that the crazy Tunisian has now scored five goals in six matches for Rangers. The opposition is pretty lowly, but at least he seems to be behaving himself.
  13. Good omen

    To lift the spirits a little I can confidently predict that we will win at Burton on Saturday and implore all zoners to 'lump on'. Tomorrow the family embark on our annual October trip to Centre Parcs in Elveden and I cannot recall the Blues ever losing, indeeed we mostly win, when we visit...
  14. shrimperslad

    Bilel Mohsni

    Impressed in there 2-0 win, Ally McCoist said I would imagine that if he puts in another performance like that, he won’t have to do much more to get a contract http://www.rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/item/4407-mohsni-makes-his-mark
  15. When did it go wrong last season?

    When did it go wrong last season? Pre season with poor prep and half a fit squad? Not getting a settled midfield until we had Timlin, Laird, Tam and Hirst with it breaking down when loans finished? Not sorting out PS's future as is normal aroung Xmas so leaving all in limbo? Cressie being...
  16. Mohsni

    About to sign for Rotherham according to Twitter. The poor sods, I almost pity them.
  17. Over-zealous?

    I appreciate that it has been the ambition of a mod or mods to move Bilel to ex-shrimpers at the earliest opportunity, or even before that, but to move the threads which lists which players have been released to ex-shrimpers on the same day the news is posted is just silly. What are you going to...
  18. Romford Shrimper

    Thank you Bilel.

    Bilel Mohsni has gone, what a legend. Thank you for all your hard work.
  19. OldBlueLady

    Suarez....flawed genius

    Think of Bilel Mohsni, then multiply that maverick attitude to a world class player, and there you have Louis Suarez. His behaviour in the Liverpool v Chelsea game today, biting an opponent, was nothing short of disgraceful, and yet, the skill of the player leaves you wondering what the heck...
  20. Alf Tupper

    I had a chat with Ron last night

    I don't normally post, but I thought you chaps might be interested. I attended a charity bash in London last night at which RM happened to be sitting on the table next to mine, so I took the opportunity to have a quick chat with him and this, in brief, is what he said... He is confident that...