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  1. Jam_Man

    Breaking News Fossetts Farm has a direct competitor

    In todays Echo, http://www.echo-news.co.uk/news/14116241.Huge___50million_Southend_seafront_cinema_complex_to_be_unveiled_to_the_public/?ref=mr&lp=1 Its clear from that the developer wants to get his application approved before Fossetts is agreed, if he does that is going to be a massive blow...
  2. SS3

    Breaking News Fossets Farm Developer to be chosen..........

    .... Soon Echo Article, Apologies if this has already been covered on annother thread. http://www.echo-news.co.uk/news/11041575.Developer_of_Southend_United_new_stadium_to_be_chosen/?ref=var_0
  3. Question Companies House latest

    Probably not much relevance to this is but let's face it Ron doesn't normally do something for nothing, unless the nothing is pay tax. Geoffrey King Now all over the place as he has just been appointed as director of an additional number of Ron's companies (he's already on the board of SUFC &...
  4. MrB

    Blog Post

    Some rare news! Good to see Allan is still interested.
  5. Why I didn't enjoy my day at Wembley

    The Echo want me to write 1,000 words on why I enjoyed my day at Wembley. I agreed to do it in advance, but it's going to be tough. I was so disappointed by yesterday and I think the reason for that was it confirmed to me a lot of things that have been in the back of my mind for a while but I...
  6. Worrying comments from Bernie Friend? (Southend fan and reporter)

    He may even be on here - but seen some worrying comments from his timeline this evening online... People and Mirror reporter and Southend fan, based in Leigh.
  7. Roots Hall chicken or Fossetts Farm egg?

    Firstly I would ask the mods not to move this to the FF forum as I believe it is more encompassing than that. I say Roots Hall chicken or Fossetts farm egg as i believe it is important to know which came first. I firmly believe and have stated many times that the move to FF is our only hope of...
  8. Firestorm


    time to pack the fags up I reckon 5% above inflation rise from 6 tonight, So thats about 8% or 56P on a 7 quid packet !! Good to see the tax loophole for high end property has been closed though, In the multitude of RM threads I have mentioned that its cheaper for a company to own a building...
  9. Cricko

    Stadium and The Council

    From today Echo: Stadium won't figure in next council budget. Council finance bosses believe work on Southend United's new stadium will not start for at least another 7 months. Finance chiefs at the Civic Centre are not banking on getting the £7.7 million as part of the Blues stadium deal...
  10. Cricko

    New Football PC game

    I am only putting this in "chit chat" to give it maximum exposure for our members to join up if they wish. I will move it to the Games forum after a few days.It is free so this is no real advertisement. Email received today. Hi Shrimperzone Administrator(s) As the leading forum for Southend...
  11. brigadista

    FAO all Ron Martin believers, apologists, apathists: why I shall be voting option 5..

    Posters on this forum such as mcnasty & pboreham have questioned what a protest against ron will achieve & questioned the commitment of those participating, whilst also taking enjoyment from lampooning poor jack in the process. I don't claim to have the right...
  12. The Idiot's Guide to Shrimperzone and SUFC

    Welcome to the Idiot's Guide to Shrimperzone and SUFC. There is a clear need for this guide, as we have so many "newbies" (see guide) joining, and many of our regular members seem to have become confused as to the purpose of Shrimperzone. This is guide is intended to be expanded, and people are...
  13. League 2 - what RM always wanted ?

    I have always thought that RM had an upside to relegation in mind - an upside for him that is - now that he has successfully stripped out the squad and undermned Tilson in every way possible its feasible our local property developer might have always had a vision of reducing his liability...
  14. What has Ron Martin ever built?

    This is a genuine question; not necessarily a pop at Ron. I was just wondering what Ron has ever built as I am yet to see his name or Martin Dawn linked to any development I have ever come across. Everyone seems to defend Ron by calling him a "property developer", so what does his portfolio look...
  15. My Take on RM

    I know it's all been said before. But still. I've being involved in the business community of Southend for 25 years and I did not know Ron in his early days as a property developer. He was a photocopier salesman and then a partner in the estate agency HPC. He drove a bright red Lotus Elan...
  16. SUFC Forever

    Ron Martin...

    So all the rumours of our financial problems and possible administration have now been confirmed as true then. As one of the "mug punters" conned by Martin and his cohorts into believing that we could help our club by buying shares in it, with promises of a wonderous future and sparkling...
  17. * ORM *

    Pops - Week whatever the hell we are

    Graham Caulfield - 22 yo, BT Rating=41,413 RH Batsman, RH Spin Bowler. He is a steady player with strong leadership skills and strong experience. He currently has superb batting form, respectable bowling form and lively fitness. Stamina: proficient Wicket Keeping: respectable Batting...
  18. J

    The Decline of the Southend Movement..

    It all started, when the chief of the Southed Ureichted movement, Commander Ronaldine, started releasing weekly propaganda. The material was known as "Mein Kampf Bling," It was a story of how a small developer wanted more. His Henchman included, Jeffstein Kingsfritz, and Herr Davichberg...
  19. * ORM *

    Pops 28/3

    Eddie Thelwell - 20 yo, BT Rating=23,802 RH Batsman, RH Spin Bowler. He is a destructive player with proficient leadership skills and mediocre experience. He currently has superb batting form, superb bowling form and sublime fitness. Stamina: respectable Wicket Keeping: worthless Batting...
  20. bluebrian

    My Take

    on matters at the club are as follows: RM is and always will be a developer. Developers are in business for the sole reason of making serious money on land opportunities - hence this is the only reason he purchased the club. Is this a bad thing? well not necessarily. I for one believe we...