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  1. * ORM *

    Can any woman please explain?

    Woman at work 42, in a reasonably strong position career wise and is strong at work, divorced. 'Boyfriend' of 14 years, also divorced. I say bf under advice. Publicly he treats her like dog poo to the extent that people have told him publicly. Privately he has hit her in the past, she has been...
  2. The divorced mate conundrum

    All, Me & Mrs MK have a group of friends that we go out with every so often....trouble is one is now seperated from his wife and going through a divorce. What would be the ettiquette here? 1) Send out the invite and make him feel bad that his marriage is in the process of ending. 2) Don't...
  3. shrimperjon

    Pre-Match Thread Dagenham vs Southend United

    Looking ahead to Tuesday and the state of our pitch and others in league two, and the up and coming weather, does anyone think the game is in danger, I'm thinking there is a strong possibility. Don't recall their pitch being that great in the past.
  4. fbm

    Something for separated or divorced Dads maybe? Or just to laugh/sympathise?

    After over 4 years of separation my divorce finally came through just before Christmas. Everything is now sorted and I can move on. However, something I find quite cathartic is writing... so I have penned a blog. I intend to update every 3/4 weeks and will share some gems from the...
  5. DTS

    Question Mediums and Psycics.

    Where do you stand? The Mrs is out at the moment with one of my old work mates (a woman I should add) and our respective daughters. Now this girl I used to work with used to go to a medium all the time so she could speak to her dead grandparents and get guidance. She swears by it. One her last...
  6. DTS

    What would you rather get hold of?

    Had this debate with a mate the other day. What would you rather get hold of right now if you were single - a saucy teenage (legal I must add) bird or a slightly older vixen MILF? Think at my stage MILF's are two a penny if you can be arsed as most of the women you see out at divorced. However...
  7. Andy_Shrimp

    Where do you draw the line?

    I have been away for 4 months or so and came back last week. Was really looking forward to going to to the Peterborough game as I live less than 30 mins from their ground. Anyway after getting back and seeing my children I get a call to take me away again - this time for a few days to "tidy...
  8. Winkle

    Question Would you sleep with your "Boss" to safeguard your job?

    Hi all, its been a while since I posted anything worthy of late as I dont get much chance to gaze abandatly on the "Shrimperzone forums much"anymore but me and my mate was discussing the credit crunch yesterday and he is dead worried about loosing his job. He went so far as to say that he would...
  9. Andy_Shrimp

    I am lucky as my mortgage is now paid.........

    but................................................ I am 37 this month and its gone. Made the last payment today. I am divorced and my ex gets the benefit. My children now have an asset. Ex gets to live rent free but that is what I want. As the house is and will always belong to the kids...
  10. DoDTS

    Preview of New Book PART TWO

    Life as a Shrimper PART TWO 1976 to 1997 This is the second short review of PART Two of the newly published Book “My life as a Shrimper” The story of my personal journey supporting Southend United. So I had moved to Leicester married and had two children, and all this time in the wilderness...
  11. Vange Shrimper

    How cool is this?

    Iranian to pay 124,000-rose dowry "An Iranian court has ordered a man to give his wife the 124,000 roses that he promised in her dowry, after she filed a complaint to claim it, reports say. The woman said she was claiming the dowry because her "very stingy husband" would not even pay for a cup...
  12. Napster

    TV's Top 25 put-downs

    TV's top 25 put-downs published Lord Blackadder spent most of his life devising witty 'put-downs' Insults by Captain Mainwaring and Lord Blackadder have been named among the top 25 put-downs in TV history, as chosen by the Radio Times magazine. "Stupid Boy!" uttered by Dad's Army's Captain...
  13. shooter mcgavin

    Helpful advice

    When I was 14, I hoped that one day I would have a girlfriend. When I was 16 I got a girlfriend, but there was no passion, so I decided I needed a passionate girl with a zest for life. In college I dated a passionate girl, but she was too emotional. Everything was an emergency; she was a drama...
  14. J

    Tilson in talks with Charlton

    I have this on good authority from My mate, who's names asif, who's Pre arranged marriage partner's brother, who saw someone called toby, who used to live with Mohammed, who currently lives with Jess, who also went to the same school as dave the shrimper, who i met once, and he wore...