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  1. Benfleet A1

    The UK Towns & Cities With The Highest And Lowest Wages

    It's on the BBC News website ( could someone kindly chuck a link up please) And sitting pretty rock bottom is......... Southend. What needs to be done to improve the fortunes of the 'old girl'.
  2. Tommy2holes

    Jack Paynes return

    Just wondered what sort of reception JP will get Saturday. For me personally I think he acted quite poorly. Yes he had a decent season at Huddersfield but as the season progressd he appeared less and less and finds himself back at league 1 Oxford. I know He made us some money but after 1 year...
  3. Blueronron

    Aaron Lennon

    My sincere best wishes to Aaron Lennon, who last night was taken into hospital, re Mental Health issues. Many people will think or comment, why ? He has money, cars, a wonderful life style many of us would want, but just because he has these finer things of life, does not mean he is happy...
  4. Napster

    Steve Williams

    hahahahahaha http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/golf/tigerwoods/11972102/Steve-Williams-finds-himself-slighted-at-every-turn-but-is-it-any-surprise-after-latest-slavery-comment.html
  5. londonblue

    Echo RSS Feed

    Am I the only one that finds this a bit frustrating? For example, at the moment we have two threads with the same title, which is: "Echo News RSS: Southend United manager Phil Brown" Because of the restriction in the length of the thread title that's all we get, and therefore have no idea what...
  6. Wedding drama

    Tell me your stories! My friend Baz just returned from panama with this story: Maeve also caused drama with one of my mates when we went to Baz's wedding. Not a good wedding without some form of family drama or dispute.
  7. Cricko

    Lying in Parliament

    Just something I saw on TV last evening on BBC3. "An Idiots guide to politics". I never knew and it sounds totally bizarre, but it is apparently totally legal for MP's to lie in Parliament. People cannot lie in a court of law without committing perjury, but the heads of our country and so...
  8. Phil Brown says we need a 20 goal striker, Lol.

    Just listened to Phil Brown and he said it's unforgivable to miss so many chances this season. He said we need a 20 goal a season striker. Some of us have been telling him that 2 months ago. He said until he finds one, the players in the final third have got to start putting the ball in the net...
  9. Danny Hylton

    For weeks now we have been banging on about the lack of a natural goalscorer. Today we face one in Master Hylton, someone who scores for fun, has a few under his belt already this season and quite often finds the net against the Blues. I have posted on here before about us signing him but, alas...
  10. The divorced mate conundrum

    All, Me & Mrs MK have a group of friends that we go out with every so often....trouble is one is now seperated from his wife and going through a divorce. What would be the ettiquette here? 1) Send out the invite and make him feel bad that his marriage is in the process of ending. 2) Don't...
  11. How honest (or dumb) are you?

    So a woman finds £60K floating in a river in Lincolnshire and hands it to the police. Turns out she'll probably not get a penny of it and legally she could have kept it. Me - that'd go in my bank account, even if it has come from nefarious means. You?
  12. Ricky Otto

    Question People's issues with Brown

    I really get the impression that, as a whole, the fans aren’t willing to give the Brown the time and patience they afforded Sturrock and I’d be interested to know why? Most of our supporters were willing to give Luggy time to build in the 1st season and nobody was that disappointed with a mid...
  13. Napster

    Mohsni turns up for training

  14. Education Outcomes - A New Study

    There is a fascinating new report investigating education outcomes as a function of a number of variables. You can find the full report here. I haven't read the full thing but I have looked at the section on per pupil funding. The report finds that there is no correlation between pupil funding...
  15. DTS

    If you found out your partner...

    The wife and I really enjoyed a recent BBC drama called Public Enemy starring Anna Friel who I am now in love with. I won't ruin it for anyone that has Sky+ it but basically the plot is a lad murdered his girlfriend when he was 17, he serves his time and then has to come out and rebuild his...
  16. Rusty Shackleford

    Iran threaten to boycott games in the name of anti-Semitism

    So the 2012 looks like Zion. And the Jews are running the whole show as normal. Very good analysis in Robin Shepherd's blog: In an anti-Semitic slur that would not have looked out of place in Germany in 1935, Iran has launched an official complaint over the logo for the London Olympics in 2012...
  17. Tangled up in Blue

    Searchlight poll finds huge support for far right 'if they gave up violence'

    http://gu.com/p/2ncmc "Large numbers’ would support a far-right party(anti-immigration,nationalist party), if it was not linked to violence". I wouldn't.Would you?
  18. The Guardian, Tax Avoidance and Hypocrisy

    Giving that The Guardian is an oft referenced publication on this forum, I thought it would be worth highlighting some hypocrisy in their editorial stance. We know that they are very much against tax avoidance, especially the use of offshore trusts and entities. Surely they would never use...
  19. Spain/Portugal 2018/2022 World Cup Bid Investigated

    http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2010/oct/22/portuguese-fa-fifa-investigation Over allegations of collusion with the Qatar 2022 bid. Interesting to see how this pans out and whether it works in England's favour, or against it. If there's a thorough investigation which finds nothing, I can...
  20. I know Barker's a great player, but don't you think...?

    Yes he's a great player for us, but wow! He must be the best looking player we've ever had!! Is it just me who finds him seriously attractive or are any other women (or men) in agreement with this?!