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  1. Crawliano

    Helpful link

    http://www.guardian.co.uk/ Call it a bigger version of Shrimperzone's Pub forum, not only do you get to see the "highlights" but they also offer: News Sport Comment Culture Business Money Life & style Travel Environment Tech TV Video Dating Offers Jobs Who'dathunkit? So you can come here...
  2. Mohave Shrimper

    Question Would you buy a Wembley DVD?

    Been thinking about this today, if you'd asked me on Monday I would have said no. But now I think I would, afterall it's the only time our team has got to Wembley. If it had highlights of Sunday, plus lots of the coverage from tv of outside the ground, plus the road to Wembley and Ayrshire &...
  3. TV Highlights JPT Final

    We really didn't play well as we know, Straker & Mohsni out of position, definate penalty on Britt in first half, how the ref waves it away is unbelievable. The second pen claim ain't as convincing & the foul on Mohsni for second goal, seen them given but he should really be a bit more aware of...
  4. Soccer a.m.

    Just did a high speed hunt through for the highlights. Thats 2 minutes of my life I won't see again... Haven't seen it mentioned anywhere else - any one know who our fans were? And in the Shoot out, we scored 2 to Crewe's 1.... Good Omen or Tempting Fate? :unsure:
  5. Memory Lane The LDV Vans Trophy Finals

    As we all know, Sunday will be our third Football League Trophy final after the two games at Cardiff in 2004 and 2005. Obviously we lost those games but they were still both amazing experiences and a real taster for what we will see on Sunday at Wembley. So with that in mind, what are people's...
  6. Rotherham highlights

    Great goal from Hurst, followed by a scrappy goal at best at the end...... :blush: 1hr 6 1/2 mins ish http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01r74by/The_Football_League_Show_2012_2013_02_03_2013/
  7. TV Highlights Wycombe 1 Southend United 2

    For more than 30 seconds of highlights from the bbc, here's Sky's 2 minute's worth http://www.skysports.com/video/inline/0,,16479_8521959,00.html
  8. TV Highlights Southend United 2 Leyton Orient 2 (AGG:3-2)

    Here are the highlights :happy: http://www.skysports.com/video/inline/0,,19599_8514927,00.html
  9. HIghlights Starting on Sky Sports 1

    Just incase anyone wants to watch the magic again....think ill enjoy it more now i know the result lol C'mon the Shrimpers!!!!!
  10. Pak Power

    Southend v Cobblers highlights

    are on ahttp://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01qxzrz/The_Football_League_Show_2012_2013_16_02_2013/t 56:58
  11. TV Highlights Southend vs Cheltenham

    Highlights As I thought at the time, Britt well onside for the disallowed goal.
  12. Sgorio

    Is a Welsh language footie programme shown . It's normally on Mondays @ 10.00 & I get it via Virgin Channel 167 (S4C). I find myself strangely drawn to this show with a mix of pot-bellied keepers ex football league players & pitches that premier league players would'nt park their cars on (As...
  13. The Leonard "nudge"

    One or two posters have referred to Leonard getting away with a foul as he scored our winner against Oxford. I hadn't noticed anything at the time but I thought I'd suspend judgment until I saw the highlights. Well, I've now looked at them. Over and over again. It looks to me like a classic...
  14. TV Highlights Chesterfield 0 Southend United 1

    Highlights can be found here http://www.skysports.com/video/inline/0,,12606_8446681,00.html
  15. daggers highlights

    Anyone got highlights of the game?
  16. WightShrimper

    Question Was the match televised?

    It's got to friday and no sign of seeing any highlights of tuesday's match. I know there weren't many during the game but I'd love to see the penalties!
  17. yogi bear up the cagire


    Had to wait until this morning to view them, although they were posted late last night.............all 1minute thirty-eight seconds of them! A few handshakes.......the penalty incident.....it did look like a push in the back as Cresswell and the attacker went up for the cross........the...
  18. Johnstone Paint Trophy Highlights

    Is there a link to where we can watch highlights for the JPT .I know Blues Player has them but I'm not subscribed.I dont want to seem stupid but i cant seem to find them anywhere.Thanks in advance :thanks:
  19. TV Highlights Southend 2-2 Barnet

    Sky Highlights Here
  20. TV Highlights A Tale of Two Substitutes

    Extensive highlights from Sky Must say I wasn't happy at the highlights shifting from the Beeb but my cynicism was unjustified, Sky are providing good coverage so far.