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  1. RHB

    Lloyds cuts a further 3,000 jobs and doubles branch closure plan

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-36911896 Anyone caught up in the fall-out of this or Lloyds earlier closures? There appear to be a variety of reasons for these latest cuts so it would be unfair to lay it at the door of one thing, but I do wonder what those customers that don't use on-line...
  2. RHB

    So who gets all the dosh?

    The latest financial Authority fine imposed against Lloyds Banks is £117million http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-33018200 Anyone know what happens to all these fines collected, there seems to be some pretty big figures being accumulated.
  3. steveo

    Break the silence; Lloyds boss gets £11m

    Lloyds chief executive, Antonio Horta-Osorio, is set to receive a total remuneration package of £11m, consisting of basic pay of £1m, an £800,000 bonus and the payout of a three-year long-term incentive plan, which gives him 535,083 shares Not heard much whining about this yet? Anyone got a...
  4. onlyonekingkevin

    Latest Rumours Matt Lockwood

    just heard from "my mate" down "David Lloyds" that we are signing Matt Lockwood. :winking:
  5. onlyonekingkevin

    Breaking News According to Mark Phillips...

    i was down David Lloyds the day talking to Mark Phillips about contracts and a few other things . before talking to him i was under the impression that Himself , Barry corr and Chris Barker were all out of contact , especially Barry Corr. but according to Mark the 3 of them all have contracts...
  6. A fitness update

    Freddy Eastwood's fitness appeared to me looking good in the pool at david lloyds this morning. if he retains this or betters this it'll be like a new signing and feels he'll be given more opportunities next season. back from his hols and straight back into it. effort looks llike being there...
  7. Tangled up in Blue

    UK Banking customers switch their accounts

    http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2012/dec/22/banking-thousands-customers-switch-accounts As a long term Co-op. Bank account holder(Southend High Street Branch)I feel entirely vindicated. "The Co-operative bank, which will treble the size of its network next year when it takes over 632 Lloyds...
  8. southchurch

    Financial Advice from Wickford Shrimper

    'Anyone with any spare cash sitting in the Bank earning 1 or 2 % interest PA really needs to buying today LLoyds Group at 46p and RBS shares at 31p In 12 months you will double your cash :-) make... ' Nearly 2 years since this was posted Todays Price. RBS 20.2 lloyds 24.5...
  9. Napster

    Sports Journalist awards

    Henry Winter picks up top sport journalist honour 26 August 2010 By Press Gazette Telegraph football correspondent Henry Winter, voted number one sports journalist in the UK by Press Gazette readers, was presented with a mounted set of the Sport Top 50 pages at our offices last night. Other...
  10. OldBlueLady

    Bit of financial advice please...

    In a position where I need to liquidate some investments, now, position is that foolishly, over the years, I put all my trust in my erstwhile husband and he handled all the investments apart from occasionally and begrudgingly listening when I requested particular shares (yes did very well out of...
  11. pickledseal

    Backlash against the Bankers

    I know we may have one or two on here, but just wondered what, if any campaigns people have signed up to... Firstly we have Billy Bragg's NoBonus4RBS - "If you pay tax in the UK, you are a major shareholder in several banks - Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), Lloyds and Northern Rock - who were...
  12. steveo

    Time to Boycott Lloyds

    They are keeping open their overseas operations. So Southend shuts, India stays open. Vote with your feet people, Natwest closed their overseas call centres a while ago and now have people in the UK answering their phones. I just cancelled my house insurance with the Lloyds group. That'll get...
  13. Ron Manager

    Lloyds to close all C&G branches

    A company that was a big part of my life and where I spent the best years of my working life (before a couple of miserable ones when it all started to go wrong with LTSB). Many of my former colleagues now face redundancy with 1,500 jobs at risk. Back in 2007 were the first round of job cuts and...
  14. Eurovision

    So, on a scale of "nil poi" to 10, how extremely dull and dreary is the UK's entry by Jade whatsherface, written by Sir Andy Lloyds-TSB Onionhead? I forecast the UK finishing below a Romanian song about donkeys and a Finnish song that goes "boom-ba-ba-KLONK" over and OVER again until your ears...
  15. pickledseal

    Loan 'Deals'

    Now I don't want to go into every penny of my finances, but I had two loans worth combined about £12,000 from buying my car, deposits on renting, paying off credit cards/overdrafts etc all post-uni One was due to expire in July 2011 and the other July 2012. I got a nice letter from Lloyds TSB...
  16. Harold Bishop Killer

    The Boss

    Mine is up her own arse, mid-30’s Aussie female who loves never better than do patronise me. The one thing I hate most in a personality. The way she conducts herself and speaks to me feels like I am back in infant school when you had to have her hand held to cross the road and they give you...
  17. Rockstar by Nickleback

    After spending a delightful evening in a Lloyds Bar in Central MK on Friday, this track must have been played about 5 times in the space of three hours or so... Now I can't get the sodding thing out of my head. I can't decide whether this is a terrible bit of American Rawk or one of the...
  18. * ORM *

    A rare Friday night out for Mrs ORM

    Due to a train fatality near Rayleigh Mrs ORM was forced to pick up yours truly from Wickford. Apparently it was suicide. One of the C2C mob was so depressed that the services on their line had been fully restored. Turfed out at Wickford along with the usual "helpful" information...
  19. Vange Shrimper


    I need to get content insurance for when i go to uni, but am having problems getting some as i've never searched for insurance before and wouldnt know where to start. Just tried to get a quote from Lloyds, but they wouldn't insure me as i'm a student. Anyone know any good insurers...