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  1. leeblue

    Pre-Match Thread Rochdale v Southend United

    Another game coming on Tuesday....a decent pitch too. I think Powell is in a squad assessment mode at the moment. Hence Wright getting a full game, ladapo starting a few along with Harrison. My team for dale. ..............oxley Demi Turner Anton Coker Macca dru mantom kightly...
  2. Floval Flyer

    Any Toyota or Diesel Specialist Mechanics on here?

    Not sure if this is the right area, so mods please move if needed... I need help with my wife's Toyota, it is a MY2008 Verso T180 D4D About a year ago we started experiencing problems with v.poor MPG, and poor performance with the car eventually going into 'limp' mode. I booked it into a...
  3. Rob Noxious

    Football Stories

    Dean Saunders, in good raconteur mode, about Brian Clough's efforts to sign him in the early '90s. In this link is a link to a radio podcast about it ... worth the effort > http://www.walesonline.co.uk/sport/football/dean-saunders-reveals-how-brian-11837688
  4. RHB

    Quiz time - Do you know your European road signs?

    I managed 7/7, smug mode (I did guess two) http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-36925675
  5. BOT 90s Albums: The Bends - Radiohead v Violator - Depeche Mode.

    The Grouty one vs Toby Esterhause.
  6. BOT 90s albums: Violator - Depeche Mode v Attack of the Grey Lantern - Mansun

    We continue..... Violator - Depeche Mode (Toby Esterhase) v Attack of the Grey Lantern - Mansun (Clinton Baptiste)
  7. wally4pm

    Pre-Match Thread Fly Bury airways

    I see that Bury players are paying their own air fares to fly to and from Pompey this Saturday so that they can return home quicker and fresher for their 'cup final' against the mighty Southend on Tuesday, which lets face it will be a real six pointer. As we have two long away vital trips...
  8. Petrolheads - Silverstone driving experience thing

    Got a voucher for my birthday to go to Silverstone and drive a fast car. Choice is between an Aston Martin Vantage, a Ferrari 360 Modena, A Lotus Exige S or a single seater. Leaning towards a single-seater, but think you get less time actually on the track. Anyone done one and got any...
  9. begining to wonder

    Now we are 3 weeks into the summer brake and watching clubs sign this player and that player .And apart from the lad we brought in before the season ended and of course Barnard . but apart from the Otoole talks nothing seemes to be happening .Now its either Phil Brown is in world cup mode for 5...
  10. Mad Cyril

    Engine diagnostic/fault codes

    Ahoy, I was out in my motor last night and the engine suddenly went into limp mode with no turbo and the glow plug light started flashing. Restarting the car seems to have resolved the issue and the turbo now kicks in but I would like to get to the bottom of the problem. On VWs this is a...
  11. Tangled up in Blue

    Beast mode on

    http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2013/mar/22/ade-akinfenwa-northampton-town An interview with the beast.
  12. Rob Noxious

    The Original Rude Boy

    "It's a bit like what Charlie Watts said about the Stones ... five years playing, twenty years waiting around." Sir Buttz Yoddles spoke wearily as he was in discomfort from a horrific abscess for which he had just started taking analgesic medication. His weariness was not helped by the...
  13. Jam_Man

    X-box 360 4gb Flash memory model

    Anyone got one of these? Buying a Dell Ultrabook and getting a free Xbox, which is pretty pointless as I have an old 20GB Xbox 360. Am I right in thinking its a cut down version of an X-Box 360? Reckon it will go straight onto Ebay to subsidise the Ultrabook anyway...
  14. Slipperduke

    Britain's Next Top Model

    I made the mistake of allowing Mrs Slipperduke to use the TV controller last night and paid for my lapse by being exposed to this horrible, nasty programme. Did anyone see it? It appears to be some kind of talent show, though it's anyone's guess what the 'talent' is. You knew there was a...
  15. Southminster_Shrimper

    Southend Utd Ladies vs Harlow Town Ladies (Match Report)

    Match: Southend Utd Ladies vs Harlow Town Ladies Venue: Eastwoodbury Lane, Southend Date: 9th March 2008 Kickoff: 1:30pm Conditions: Windy and Cold SZ Reps: “bluesbloke” and “Southminster_Shrimper” With rain forecast for later and the current windy conditions, it could...
  16. Referral

    On the profle part of your thingy what is the referral bit?.sorry to be dumb but i just dont know,also whilst in stupid mode what does BBW stand for.Thanks.
  17. Winkle

    Just the worse Interview!

    It always happens to me..Why.....?f**k nows. Had to be up early today for an interview in Brentwood,so before leaving home I quandered wether or not to have the proverbial dump as Knowing my system I am regular as big ben. Usually after about fifteen to twenty minutes after getting up I get that...
  18. Winkle

    Could you rough it?

    Just walked my dog monty down by the river (and no he didnt get bashed up the dirt box) and as it was just drawing into dusk, I thought, If there was a nuclear war,and I survived, could I rough it? What I mean buy rough it would be going into "hunter gatherer mode". Could I build a shelter...
  19. Firestorm

    'Puter help

    Just a quickie before I pack the thing into the car and put it into PC world for an eternity (under the extebded warranty) On bootup, I get the "did not close down properly" message with the Safe Mode; safe Mode + network; Safemode + command prompt; last Safe config and Normally options. What...
  20. J

    Rude Guardsman...

    Quality clip.. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=3uSAbttIHvI&mode=user&search=